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You may have googled a lot about this and would have known many sites provide guest blog posting sites that are ideal for SEO writers. Here, we are providing some of these opportunities to you so as to join our community. You will get ample knowledge about it and could have research work for that.

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We are also aware that the guest bloggers learn the guest posting opportunities very often. So, there may be questions in your mind about this aspect a lot. Therefore, you can feel free to ping us anytime you want, and we would clear up all your doubts as soon as possible.

Guest Post | Write For Us: What We Are Looking For?

Basically, we are searching for people who have a great idea and creativity to work being given. People who have a good role in research work and put their thoughts into it would be best for this work.

Most importantly, we are looking for SEO content writers who have great knowledge to give out to people. Those who are very interested in writing content for the latest updates and latest awareness to the tech will be very fruitful for the community.

The people who would provide us with the finest content, and then we will build up with our team with the best bloggers. They will be great tech bloggers to be nourished.

We are only looking for those who are capable of doing this particular work at their best and will accept the posts from those bloggers. If you think you can fulfill all the required things and can write the finest topics about the latest updates which will seek our attention to your post, then start with it as soon as possible.

A point to remember, make sure you go through the entire details which we are providing before submitting any of your posts. We will be very grateful if you do so.

Content Submission Guidelines

Following are some of the guidelines you must follow before publishing your posts on our websites.

At first, you will have to select some of the content which you think of writing to your post. After that, you’ll have to send us some of the topics which you selected, and then we will decide and provide you with 2-3 topics on which you can write on.

Original Article

Before pitching us, think about what you’d like to write for us and pitch us the idea. This is the most crucial part of writing your article, which is your content should be an ideal one.

This means that don’t provide us with the articles from any other sources or copy them from any particular sites. You can very well have research work before starting your content but make sure there is no plagiarism. Also, please do not provide us with any content which shows to endorse any of the brands.

Length of Article

Your content must contain a word limit of 1000-2000 words.

Topic Submission

Now discussing your topic content, your topic should cover all the important information and the latest updates about the technology. Also, the content should have posts relating to the tech news, Gadgets, electronics, etc.


Formatting your article should be the key thing to your content. This means your article should look appealing and attractive to us. This includes making your headings and sub-headings with the proper alignment with all the required optimizations.

Sponsored Content

Now a day’s sponsorship has become very common in many sectors. So, if you want, even your articles can get sponsored on our site. This will be in the form of a paid guest post and will have a Do-follow link.


Generally, when you write your article, you would put some pictures or images in it so that it looks attractive. But make sure when you put the images, it should be the original images and not from any other sources. If so, then provide us with the source link.

Editorial Rights

While checking up your content, we ensure that everything is at a perfect level, which means the editing can be made to your article. Checking all the minor details and editing them is our right to handle. Therefore, you must agree to our point of editing your content which you have written.

How To Submit

It is a very important thing to know about you, which is the first step involved. We treat each one of you as a part of our team. This means it will be very grateful to us if we know about you and your experience.

So, you will have to provide us with a simple and short bio of yours with not more than 70 words. You may also share some of the articles which you have published before. You may be thinking, why we are asking this from you.

So, this is not a mandatory thing to be done, but this brings you a step closer to get your approval done. This means, if your application gets selected, then you will soon get a response from us with some more important instructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some questions that are asked frequently.

1. Is there any chance if you admit free submissions?

No, we don't accept free guest posts.

2. What will be your link follow?

It is very simple; if you apply for a paid guest post, then it will be a do-follow link.

3. Will you admit link exchanges?

No, generally, we do not admit any link exchanges.

4. If my content is great with all the creative and unique ideas, then can I get the Do-follow link free?

No, there are no such priorities given. If you opt for it, then you must get the do-follow link via paid post.

#NOTE: We only accept Piad Guest Post. Please don't email us for free the guest posting. Currently we are not accepting free guest post.

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