3 Ways To Buy Bitcoin On Cash App in 2022 (Quick Guide)

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By: Michael Restiano
Updated On: December 30, 2021
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Cash App is a payment application that was created by Square Inc. It has grown in popularity due to its convenience and the ability of users to transfer money through their bank accounts or debit cards. It was first introduced by Square Inc. in 2015 and it became available for a number of users in 2017.

The Cash App is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. It also has an Android version that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The app requires iOS 8 or later versions or Android 4.4 or later versions to work properly on your device. To use the application successfully, you need a debit card linked to a bank account or have the ability to send payment from a linked debit card.

A Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that can be traded for goods or services with vendors that accept this form of currency.

How can I buy Bitcoins on the cash app?

There are 3 ways to buy Bitcoins on the cash app:

1) Using the in-app purchase option, which lets you buy with your debit card or bank account.

  • Verify your identity by uploading your ID's front and back, taking a selfie of yourself with your I.D., or adding your name, birthday, address, and social security number.
  • Go to the "Balance" tab after you've verified both of these items.
  • From there go to "Send", then choose "$10 Cash" and put the number of Bitcoins you'd like to purchase.
  • Select "Use debit card" and click "Next", then follow 3 prompts and 2 verification steps, and your Bitcoin is purchased.

2) Buy with your Cash App balance:

This process is simpler, as it doesn't involve uploading or adding personal information. All you have to do is send the right amount of dollars in your app.

  • Tap on "Cash" at the bottom of your screen.
  • Select how much you'd like to send to yourself, priced in Bitcoin (to find out how much this is go to www.coindesk.com/price) and tap "Next".
  • Tap "Use balance" and tap the wallet you'd like to use.
  • Enter the amount in USD that you'd like to send, then hit "Next."

3) Ask a friend:

  • There's an option at the top of your screen where it says "Your Cash Tag". Tap this, then click "Invite Friends."
  • Find friends by using your phone's contact book or their phone number.
  • Send them a link via text so they can download the app, and ask them to send money once it's installed.

What are the benefits of buying Bitcoin on Cashapp?

  • Secure way:

If you guard your 3rd party site or 3rd party app username and password closely, no one can access it.

  • Easy to use:

Cash App is very easy to use. Just go into the Cash App and do a 3 way call with yourself and swipe right on the screen to buy bitcoin. It's pretty simple.

  • Trading in stocks and Bitcoins:

You can also trade in stocks on 3rd party sites like them too. So you could be trading stocks and bitcoins at the same time if that's something you're interested in.

  • Cheaper fees:

A small amount is taken out of your bitcoin for 3rd party escrows, but the fee is usually much less than 3rd party sellers. 3rd party fees range from 3-8%.

  • Faster:

3rd party sites offer to expedite 3 confirmation process for a small fee, but the 3 confirmations can take as little as 3 hours if you want them to. 3rd party sites also require 3rd party verification and sometimes cash app offers instant transfers.

Some Related FAQS:

Who are eligible to buy bitcoin on the cash app?

You must have a United States bank account to use this feature of the app. Also, you must be 18 years old to buy Bitcoin.

If you don't, you can still buy Bitcoin on 3rd party sites like Coinbase or LocalBitcoins.

Can you buy bitcoin with a credit card through the app?

Currently, this is not an option on the app. You must use a debit or bank account for in-app purchases.

How is the price of Bitcoin calculated when buying via Cash App?

The price of Bitcoin is determined at check out by multiplying the amount of BTC desired by the market price of BTC at the time of the transaction.

How do you sell bitcoin on Cashapp?

  • To sell your Bitcoin, go to "Cash" and select the wallet where you hold your bitcoins.
  • Click "sell" next to the amount you'd like to cash out and hit "Next".
  • Go through 3 steps: selecting your withdrawal method, the amount you'd like to cash out (in USD), and confirming your bank account.

How long does it take to complete a transaction on Cash App?

When buying with a debit or bank account, 3-4 days usually pass before your Bitcoin is deposited into your wallet. With 3rd party sites like Coinbase or LocalBitcoin, it takes 3-4 days for your Bitcoin to be sent to you after the deposit.

How many confirmations does it take before I can access my Bitcoin?

Before your Bitcoin is available in your wallet, 3 confirmations must be made on the blockchain. This usually takes around 3 hours or less (24 maximum). The 3 confirmations verify that the Bitcoin is valid and has been sent.

Can you speed up the 3 confirmation processes?

Yes, many 3rd party services offer to expedite this for a small fee.

What happens if I cancel my cash app purchase before 3 confirmations (1 hour) are made?

If you cancel your Cash App purchase 3 hours or less before 3 confirmations, you will receive an email notification that the order was canceled. You can then restart the 3 confirmation process by verifying your identity again on the cash app or trying to buy bitcoin on 3rd party sites (ex: coinbase).

What is the daily limit of withdrawal after 3 confirmations?

The 3 confirmation processes can take a maximum of 24 hours. After 3 confirmations your Cash App will not have a daily limit on withdrawals. However, if you withdraw more than $10,000 in a week you must be verified to remove certain restrictions.

What are 3rd party sites?

3rd party sites are 3rd party businesses that have their own wallet where you can send your Bitcoin to. Coinbase is one of the most popular 3rd party wallets, but there are many others available.

To do this, enter www.coinbase.com in your mobile browser and click on "Sign Up". You will be prompted to create a new account or login with an existing account (or use your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, etc. accounts) and can then transfer it from your Cash App directly over to Coinbase.

What 3rd party sites should I use?

We recommend Coinbase for buying and selling Bitcoin. It's simple, effective, secure, etc. If you're nervous about security issues with the 3rd party site, only store a small number of bitcoins with 3rd party sites.

But any 3rd party site is fine as long as it works for you and your purchasing/selling needs. You can also go straight to 3rd party sellers like Localbitcoin.com or Coinbase if you want to sell your Bitcoin and don't need a 3rd party site to buy Bitcoin on. 3rd party sites are 3rd party businesses that have their own wallet where you can send your Bitcoin to.

What do traders need to consider before trading?

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This also lets traders make trades faster and more efficiently since they don't have to worry about trading fees. The second thing traders need to consider is the risk they want to take when making a trade.

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Best Alternatives:


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Revolut allows users to buy up to 1000 USD/EUR per week through the Revolt App, without additional fees. You can also make unlimited exchanges from BTC or ETH to another cryptocurrency for free.

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Revolut currently only offers a select few cryptocurrencies to buy and sell, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and Monero. Revolut will be adding more cryptocurrencies to this list as they grow their stable of cryptos.


CoinBase is a service that allows you to store, send, and receive Bitcoins. CoinBase operates as an online wallet where you can quickly buy or sell Bitcoins from the CoinBase account itself.

CoinBase also offers a "market" for buying and selling Bitcoins, however, it is fairly expensive to use CoinBase as a middle man. CoinBase also has a CoinBase wallet, which you can send Bitcoins to.

Coinbase also allows for instant withdrawals directly to your bank account! CoinBase offers some insurance, although it is unclear exactly what goes on under the hood.

CoinBase comes with all of the features that are expected from any Bitcoin service these days, including two-factor authentication and encrypted email. CoinBase is, overall, a good choice for those wishing to buy and sell Bitcoins as well as those looking for an online wallet.


In this article, we have seen 3 ways of buying bitcoin on the cash app. These 3 ways let users buy bitcoin on cash app with low fees so traders can trade buy and sell bitcoin on cash app with less risk, lower fees, and instant payments.