Walmart Money Order Limit [Complete Guide]

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Walmart has instituted limits on how much an individual can purchase with money orders. This limit is $1,000 per money order. There are several reasons why these limits exist.

Some of these include preventing loss to the company due to counterfeit or stolen money orders; protecting against fraud and minimizing opportunities for money laundering.

The loss to Walmart from counterfeit/fraudulent transactions using money orders is around 3%.

What is Walmart?

Walmart is the largest retailer globally. The company has around 11,000 stores across 27 countries including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China (including Hong Kong), Japan, India, and the United States.

This article will focus on Walmart U.S.A., which operates more than 4,400 facilities throughout 3100 counties in the United States.

What is Walmart Money Order?

A Walmart Money Order is a money order that can be used to purchase goods and services from Walmart, Sam's Club, any U.S. office of the global money order company Western Union as well as Walmart-Western Union counters in Puerto Rico. In some locations, the money orders are called electronic benefit transfers (EBT) or food stamps.

The following are some of the reasons why Walmart has instituted limits on how much an individual can purchase with money orders:

How to get a Money Order from Walmart store?

The individual walks into a Walmart store and requests a money order for the amount they want to send or spend.

The customer then pays with cash, debit card or credit card if they desire a receipt for the transaction.

If the customer uses cash, the Walmart employee gives them a pre-printed money order and the customer is on their way.

If the customer wants a receipt, then the Walmart employee does one of two things:

The customer requests a new money order and pays with cash. They will get a fresh pre-printed money order which they can use to send or spend at any store location (within the limit).


The customer requests a receipt for the transaction. If they want a new money order, they pay with cash and get another pre-printed money order. Or,

The customer pays with debit or credit card. If they want a new money order, they must provide ID and sign the back of the original money order so Walmart can match it. The money order is invalidated and the transaction cannot be reversed once it has been signed by the customer.

Once they have their money order, the individual takes it to another store location and cashes out via Western Union or Money Gram online or at a counter in that store (within 2 hours of purchase).

Walmart Money Order Limit

Walmart employees are not allowed to cash out money orders for customers.

The customer is only allowed to buy $1,000 or less per day and $5,000 or less per month using Walmart Money Orders.

The individual cannot purchase more than 5 money orders at once. They can buy as many as they want in separate transactions but all money orders must not exceed $1,000 and 5 of them combined cannot exceed $5,000.

What documents are needed for Money Order?

Walmart Money Order locations will ask for a government issued ID from the customer. This is to ensure that they are of legal age and identity theft has been avoided by verifying their real name.

The money order itself does not require a photo ID because it cannot be transferred - but this would ensure accuracy in recording and checking personal details on the customer's ID.

Can you refund your Money Order?

Yes, you can refund your money order by visiting the Walmart store where it was purchased. This transaction will be treated as a regular cash refund so the total purchase amount must not exceed $1,000. There is no time limit on when this money order needs to be refunded - customers are not obligated to do so within a certain period of time.

What is the legality of Walmart Money Order?

Walmart has the legal right to limit how much their customers can spend with any one transaction if they so desire.

This policy is in place to ensure that no individual or group can take advantage of Walmart's money order services for fraudulent purposes such as laundering money, sending money overseas and depositing money into foreign financial institutions.

The limit was put in place due to the fact that Walmart can be held accountable for losses incurred if their customers use stolen or counterfeit money orders at any store location (within the Money Order limit).

Walmart Money Order Limit has been tested by several organizations and is legal according to U.S. law.

Walmart Money Order Limit ensures that Walmart is not liable for any losses incurred by the customer while using their money order service.

If a person or organization wants to send a large amount of money through a third party, they would need to use a bank transfer rather than a Walmart money order transaction.

Counterfeit or Stolen Money Orders

Money orders are at risk of being counterfeit or stolen. To prevent loss to the company, preventing money order purchases is a way they reduce these risks.


Money laundering is an illegal practice where dirty money, which is usually obtained through criminal activities, is made to appear like legitimate money by mixing it with clean money. Money laundering helps transform ill-gotten gains of crime and corruption into ostensibly "legitimate" capital. Money order purchases can be used as a way to make dirty money appear clean.

To prevent this from happening, Walmart has decided to place limits on how much an individual can purchase with a money order. This is one of the ways they reduce fraud and money laundering by lessening opportunities for such activities.

Protecting against Fraud and Money Laundering

Since many individuals who use Walmart Money Orders are in the lower-income bracket, there is a need to protect them from fraud and money laundering. These individuals are more likely to be victims of these illegal activities. For this reason, Walmart has decided to place limits on how much an individual can purchase with money orders.

Protecting Employees

By instituting limits on the amount for money order purchases, Walmart is protecting its employees from the risk of loss. If a money order purchased is found to be counterfeit or stolen, the company's liability for this loss ends once the limit has been reached. The company will no longer replace money orders after this point.

Protecting Company Assets

Walmart limits how much an individual can purchase with money orders by placing a cap on the amount spent per order. Money orders are easily available at Walmart so it is possible for someone to buy hundreds of dollars worth of money orders without limits. This makes it easy for individuals to purchase large amounts of money orders and send them overseas or deposit them in bank accounts which could result in loss to Walmart if the money orders turn out to be counterfeit or stolen.

Why does Walmart have this policy?

There are many possible reasons Walmart has a limit on the number of Money Orders which can be purchased with one payment.

One reason is that not all money orders are from trusted sources and there have been cases where individuals will counterfeit their own fake money orders with inflated amounts to avoid suspicion.

Another reason for this policy is because it becomes hard to keep track of multiple Money Orders from different locations if an individual is purchasing a large amount.

Finally, it may be a way of deterring money laundering/laundering schemes since Walmart will not be held responsible for losses incurred while using their service.


Thus, money orders are a simple and effective way of sending large amounts without the need for third party involvement.

Money Orders can also be purchased at Walmart both in-store and online. Customers should bear in mind the amount they will be able to purchase should their preferred method of payment not fall within these limits.

If you need more information about Walmart Money Order Limit, you can visit their official website.

Walmart Money Order Limit is constantly being updated by the company which may differ from location to location but this should not affect your purchase in any way.

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