Things To Consider Before Buying A Gaming Keyboard

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For gamers, it is very important to get all the important things that are required. There is no second option for them to replace a particular component with another.

Talking about the keyboard is a very important component for gamers as all the functions are made from it. All the switches are required to play a game for them. Therefore, it is necessary that all the switches are at a perfect level so that there is no harm while playing.

It is necessary to select a good keyboard for that aspect. This means what are the key features which you should consider before buying a keyboard for gaming purposes. So, let’s get to know some of them.

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Features You Should Check While Buying A Gaming Keyboard

Keyboard Size

It is very necessary to check the size of the keyboard which you tend to buy. Keyboards come in different sizes for people working in different areas.

You should consider the main thing before buying, which is checking on if the keyboard is a 100% board or tenkeyless Keyboard or 60% keyboard. These are all the varieties of keyboards which are present in the market.

The descriptive behavior of 100% keyboard is that it comes in full-sized, meaning every switch is present in it. They do not have a keypad in tenkeyless keyboards, and no switches of arrow or function buttons are provided.

In 60% keyboard, the arrow keys are represented by the letter keys, and many more shortcut keys are present in it. A full-sized keyboard is the majority choice of the people out there as all the buttons are provided on it.

For gamers, it is very helpful to have a full-sized keyboard as all the buttons are present, starting from media controls and the macro keys. These are the requirement for the size of the keyboard. It is very well recommended to go with the full-sized keyboard for gaming purposes.


Talking about switches, these give us the idea of the technology with is under each key. They are distinguished into two main forms, naming, mechanical, and membrane.

Generally, mechanical switches are recommended as compared to membrane ones. They come with three different varieties naming, Linear, clicky and tactile.

Gamers mostly use these for a better experience to actuate weight and sensitivity. If you are more concerned about your gameplay, then mechanical keyboards are the best choice for it.

Another type of switch which is most common in the market scenario is Cherry MX. These are some of the oldest switches which are still working.

So, this can also be a perfect match for gamers. Therefore, switches also play a vital role while selecting a good keyboard.

Lights, Macros and Media keys

Not only about the functioning but also for the style, it is important to look for it. Many keyboards come with the LED lighting, which looks very attractive and dazzling for gamers.

There are keyboards that have RGB backlights in the keyboards with a single LED provided. If you do not like it too much, you can also turn off the settings' lightning port.

The keys are also a very crucial thing and come with media and macro controls. Media control directs you with all the additional keys required for your system, like sounds or the volume control is handled by these.

Macro keys are very different and are generally not provided on every keyboard. Therefore, you must check on it first before buying. Just remember that if you are searching for it, then it will cost you more.

It is very obvious that the more functions you will have, the more it will cost you. Therefore look on with your requirements at first.


Keycaps are also a necessary thing which one should consider. There are some keycaps with a plastic covering; they may be good but for a shorter period of time. Therefore, it is necessary to look on with it at first.

Custom keycaps that are provided are a good option for your keyboard. They are durable and also come with attractive colors, styles, and fonts.

Make sure before buying it, they are compatible with your device, which includes the layout of your keyboard and the switch type. Therefore, choose wisely with the keycaps.

Wired or Wireless Keyboards

Nowadays everything is getting wireless which is very advanced and running a lot in the market. These are mostly avoided for gaming purposes.

As people out there require the fastest response, and the wireless keyboards do not offer that reliability. Wireless technology is advancing, but most gamers still use wired keyboards for competing at a top level.

Do make sure that wireless components may cost you a lot and may not work in a proper way at some point in time. Therefore, a wired keyboard is recommended.


This is the most important thing which one should look at before buying it. It is pretty obvious that different keyboards have a different price range as every other shows varying features and functions.

So, this may be the first step you should look at; your budget should be made so as to reach a particular decision. Moreover, if your budget is not an important part, then you can surely look on with your requirements.

Most of the gaming keyboards cost you more as compared to the normal keyboards used for work purposes. They will generally cost you around from $100 to $200 if we talk about the good ones.

Suppose you are price concerned, then it may startup with $50. You may be aware that, more the price better is the quality and vice versa. Therefore, check on this first before getting to any conclusion.


Gaming keyboards offer many things just you have to look at with the features you desire to have. These were some of the important features mentioned above. Now, it depends upon you which all things you want to consider.

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