Revolut Introduced Gold Balance [Complete Guide]

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Revolut recently introduced Revolut Gold, which is a tradeable lifetime gold balance that gives Revolut users flexible and unique benefits such as Revolut Wealth and Revolut Trading.

Revolut is the new online banking application that has revolutionized how people use money. It is similar to PayPal in allowing users to transfer funds around the world at the touch of a button, but Revolut also allows more than just transfers.

Revolut fees are among some of the cheapest you'll find on any budgeting platform and Revolut card payments are accepted by more than 36 million traders, a number that is growing all the time.

Revolut has been expanding rapidly since it was first founded in 2015 and has been widely acclaimed as one of the fastest-growing fintech companies in the UK. Revolut serves nearly 2 million customers worldwide and continues to grow as it attracts more Revolut users every day.

Revolut is only five years old but has already become a household name in the finance industry, revolutionizing how people use their money all over the world.

Revolut is a much more secure way of managing your money, especially compared to outdated banking methods. Revolut allows users to create highly customizable budgets, schedules, and alerts so you always know exactly how much you have available in Revolut.

Features Of Revolut:

  • Easy to use Revolut app.
  • Use the Revolut card to shop or withdraw at millions of traders worldwide, or just send funds between Revolut users.
  • Free Revolut cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Block your Revolut card with the Revolut app if you lose it or feel someone is using it.
  • Grab Revolut's premier card and enjoy the best Revolut perks and benefits plus added extras such as Cashback which pays you to back up to 5% on your Revolut card purchases each month.
  • Free international money transfers worldwide.
  • Revolut allows Revolut users to create highly customizable budgets, schedules, and alerts.
  • Revolut also offers interest on your savings.
  • Overdrafts are also possible when using Revolut.

What Does Gold Mean To The World?

Gold is the world's most trusted store of value. Gold is a universal currency and has been traded as such throughout our history. The stability of gold makes it an ideal holding for long-term savings.

Physical Gold's supply is limited and only a certain amount can be mined every year. This means its value is not subject to the whims of central banks or other financial institutions. Gold has been a valuable asset for thousands of years, and it continues to be an important form of currency in modern society.

Revolut wants you to feel safe knowing that your Revolut account is secure. Revolt's Gold plan ensures that investors do not lose money because Revolut has a minimum monthly interest rate, offering a unique opportunity to Revolt users to own a diversified portfolio with Gold being one of the investable assets.

Why Did Revolut Introduce Gold Balance?

Gold is a historical safe haven for all Revolut users, as it has been throughout history. Revolut introduced gold because of its flexible and unique benefits:

  • Revolut Gold is tradeable and can be traded straight from the Revolut app. Revolut Gold can be used to invest in the Revolut asset fund or you can simply purchase physical gold bars for aftersales storage at Revolut's vault, which is located in Switzerland and holds over $20 million worth of gold.
  • Revolut Gold lets Revolut users feel safe about their financial future and gain access to Revolut's unique features such as Revolut Wealth and Revolut Trading.
  • Revolut Gold is the perfect way for Revolut users to diversify their Revolt asset portfolio, with excellently priced gold bars ranging from 0.1g of gold up to 100g of gold. Revolut Gold is a great investment option for Revolut users looking to have a more diversified portfolio.

Why Do People Invest In Gold?

People invest in Gold when they believe that the Return on Investment (ROI) will be larger than the inflation rate.

What is the inflation rate?

It is the rise in prices over a given period of time. If you buy Gold, say 100g today for Rs 10,000 and if next year inflation rose by 5 percent then your investment value would be Rs 10,500. What that means is that Rs 500 or 5 percent ROI was eaten up by inflation.

How do you prevent this loss of value?

The answer is simple. Keep an eye on the interest rate and control your purchase price to keep the spread between your buying price and selling price over a period of time ideally more than the inflation rate. That is, you must buy Gold for Rs 9,000 and sell it next year for Rs 10,500. What that means is that you will be making an ROI of Rs 1,500 or 15 percent.

Revolut Gold lets users experience both these benefits - control inflation and earn interest (15 percent ROI based on Revolut's Revolt asset fund).

Capital at risk:

Revolut does not accept any responsibility for investment decisions made by Revolut users and encourages Revolt users to do their own research before investing in Revolt. Revolut will not comment on Revolt Gold's performance over any period of time. Revolut advises Revolt users to check the price of Revolt Gold in real-time on the Revolut app.


Revolut introduced Revolt Gold to make Revolt users feel safe about diversifying their Revolt asset portfolio. Revolut customers can instantly buy Revolt Gold bars, which are stored in a vault located in Switzerland and hold over $20 million worth of gold. Revolut Gold is tradeable on the Revolut app, making it easy to buy Gold bars.

Revolut Gold lets Revolt customers diversify their Revolt asset portfolio, earn interest, and control inflation by buying Revolt Gold cheaper than the selling price. Revolut does not accept any responsibility for investment decisions made by Revolut users. Revolt users should do their own research before investing in Revolt Gold.

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