Top 5 Public Health Scholarships 2020 [Ultimate Guide]

What is Public Health?

Public health as a field is concerned with the protection and promotion of good health conditions of people living in a community. People in the medical profession, doctors if you may are responsible for treating people who have fallen sick.

On the other hand, the duty and responsibility of the people working in the field of public health are to prevent people from contracting any sort of disease, promoting healthy behavior, habits, and lifestyle in the community, prevent and control the outbreak of plagues and epidemics.

The job of a public health professional includes conducting scientific research and also educating the people in the respective community about the practices that would help them in leading a healthy and sickness free life. Develop nutritional programs for school children which will ensure that the kids have a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Vaccinate the people in the community to prevent the spread of diseases and also control the outbreak of plagues and sometimes viral diseases in the community.

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How Can You Become A Public Health Professional?

In order to pursue your career path in the field of public health, one has to have a degree in Masters of Public Health also known as MPH.MPH (Masters of Public Health) is a non-thesis, skill-based graduate degree which aims at training individuals to protect and improve the health of communities and also the entire population as a whole bu conducting researches to find out ways to improve the health of the entire population at large, educating the communities about the ways in which they can improve their health at an individual level, educating people about the long term ill effects caused by the consumption of intoxicants, creating policies to maintain and improve public health, etc.

The MPH (Masters of Public Health) degree is not only confined to the traditional view of health care but it has applicability across various other disciplines. People working in the field of Public health not only work towards improving the health of the communities but also improve the social, environmental, and economic conditions of the people in the community.

What Are The Career Paths For An MPH (Masters of Public Health) Graduate?

As mentioned above the MPH (Masters of Public Health) degree has applicability across various other disciplines such as technology, science, law, business, pharmaceuticals, etc. Public health professionals can work with private organizations, Non-for-profit organizations, NGOs, hospitals, state as well as federal government agencies.

Here are some of the common careers that MPH (Masters of Public Health) Graduates opt for.


The job of an epidemiologist is to study the patterns of diseases, carry out research programs regarding the same, help in the policy-making procedure to tackle an outbreak of a disease, educate the general public about the precautionary measures to be taken, collect analyze and communicate the data about the same to the medical professionals and the policymakers.

Registered Nurses

Registered nurses administer the various medicines and tests on the patients, keep track of their symptoms and report about the same to the doctor in charge, collect test results and analyze them, care for the patient, support them and their respective families emotionally and morally.

Healthcare Administrator

Healthcare administrators look after the operations of the hospitals, healthcare facilities, research labs, etc. They perform the functions of the manager at the place they are working. They set the goals, manage the operations and budget of their workplace.
Substance abuse, behavioral disorder, and mental health counselors.

They counsel and help the people who have suffered from mental health issues, behavioral problems, and substance abuse to get back on their feet and start anew. They also recommend the patients to treatment programs, support groups, and suitable job placements.

Dieticians & Nutritionists

Dieticians and Nutritionists collect information about their client’s current diet, eating habits, and their health condition after analyzing the collected information they create a personalized diet and meal plans for their clients according to their fitness goals or medical requirements.

Why Should One Get An MPH (Masters of Public Health) Degree?

The individuals working in the field of public health are not only paid well but also have a great impact on the society they are associated in the noble task of bringing about the betterment and improvement of the communities and giving back to the society. Public health professionals are considered to have high rates of job satisfaction.

The Public health sector is growing at a rapid pace and hence the demand for well-qualified Public health professionals is increasing day by day creating many job opportunities for MPH (Masters of Public Health) graduates.

It is not necessary to go for a full-time MPH (Masters of Public Health) degree, people who are working part-time or are busy with other jobs can opt for an online MPH (Masters of Public Health) degree and study at their own pace from the comfort of their respective homes.

In the field of Public health developments and advancements are taking place on a daily basis hence people working in the field have something new to learn every day and are not bored easily.

Top 5 Public Health Scholarships List

Public Health Scholarships

Opting for an MPH (Masters of Public Health) degree can be financially straining for some. The benefits of the MPH (Masters of Public Health) are unmatched and it provides the individuals with a great learning opportunity and through their work, the public health professionals are able to support and improve the community and give back to society.

If the students choose to go back to college to forget their MPH (Masters of Public Health) degree, it requires some financial investment but this problem can be solved with the help of Public Health Scholarships which can offset the cost of the MPH (Masters of Public Health) degree.

Some of the Public Health scholarships are provided by businesses, educational institutions, not-for-profit organizations, the government, etc.

The top 5 Public Health Scholarships are mentioned below.

AAPHP Graduate Student Scholarship

AAPHP graduate student scholarship also known as The Association of Accredited Public Health Programs is a scholarship for graduate and undergrad students who are looking forward to studying and work in the field of biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, social and behavioral sciences, and health care administration. Through this scholarship, the students receive an amount of $5000 approx as the scholarship grant.

HIMSS Scholarships

HIMSS scholarships are provided to the students who are looking forward to pursuing healthcare information and management degree. Both graduates and undergraduate students can apply for the scholarship. The grant amount that the student will be receiving through this scholarship might vary.

North Carolina Public Health Association Scholarship

The North Carolina Public Health association scholarship is open for all the students who want to pursue an education in public health. The grant amount of the scholarship is $1000 both graduates and undergraduates who want to go for an MPH (Masters of Public Health) degree can apply for the scholarship.

UTHealth School For Public Health Scholarships

The UTHealth school for public health scholarship is a scholarship open for all the graduate and doctoral students of the University of Texas Public Health students. The grant amount of the scholarship varies for different students.

ACMPE Scholarship Fund INC

The ACMPE scholarship is especially meant for graduate, undergraduate, and doctoral minority students who are going to pursue a career in medical practice management and public health. The maximum grant amount received through this scholarship is $5000.

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