Petal Credit Builder Card Review 2023 [Tested By Experts]

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Petal is a credit-builder card that reviews the spending habits of cardholders and then increases or decreases their line of credit accordingly. Petal was recently acquired by Capital One but will continue to provide services separate from its main benefactor. Petal has been available in most states since 2015 and is subject to change in terms and conditions at any time.

Petal's website advertises its services' ease of use, stating that it takes less than two minutes to establish a Petal account and receive your card in the mail. Petal is available in three packages: Petal Builds Credit, Petal Boosts My Score, and Petal Protects My Score.

Petal is not a free product; Petal is currently challenged with the problem of high account closing rates and has seen a temporary decrease in credit limit amount offered to cardholders. Petal's accounts show an average decrease of $80 after only one month, and this decrease increases as time goes on.

Petal advertises that by creating your Petal account you will receive a Petal card with a $300 limit, but Petal has been drastically decreasing Petal credit limits upon account creation.

The Petal team has issued a statement stating that Petal's changes are the result of lawsuit allegations from Capital One and have nothing to do with Petal itself.

Petal is a great credit card for anyone looking to establish or build their credit. Petal's increasing and decreasing Petal credit limits make it easy to control your Petal score and avoid overspending.

Petal has no fees and Petal provides its own FICO score free of charge, making Petal an ideal choice for Petal applicants with limited credit history. Petal has an average interest rate and Petal's maximum late fee is at Petal's Petal minimum payment, which Petal also recommends your Petal monthly Petal payment be.

Petal provides its users with free access to their FICO score, making it easy to keep an eye on your Petal credit Petal score. Petal also offers Petal cardholders access to Petal's website, where Petal's team provides Petal users with updates and news on Petals services and Petals credit-building plans.

Features of Petal Credit Builder Card

  • Petals $8 monthly fee

Petals' $8 monthly fee makes it easy to compare Petals services and its competitors'.

  • Petal FICO score

Your Petal credit score will be provided to you free of charge and free access to your FICO score is available on Petal's website.

  • Petals credit-building plans

Petal offers plenty of options for its users to choose from when it comes to their different credit-building plans. Some of the various plans are offered by Petal are Petal Cards Petals, Petal Petts which are great choices if you're looking for a Petal card, and free Petal scores.

Let's Review Petal's Pros & Cons

Pros Of Petal Credit-Builder Card

  • Petal provides Petal users with a Petal card, Petal FICO Petal score, and Petal website

If you're looking for a Petal credit card that offers its users great customer service and various plans Petal can be the right choice. Petal is a great choice for Petal credit builder users looking for a Petal card, FICO Petal score, and free access Petal Petals website. Petal has Petal's own FICO Petal score available for Petal users, Petals account closing rate is high, but this issue seems to be resolved in Petal's statement about Petal services. With a Petal credit limit of $300, it can be difficult to keep track of your finances making Petals Petal services very useful to Petals users.

  • Constantly updates users

Petals team provides constant updates and news on Petals services and Petals credit building plans to its Petal users. Petal users to stay up-to-date on Petals latest services.

  • Allows for spending limit control

Petal allows its users to control their spending limit. The petals credit limit is $300 which means that Petal cardholders can control their spending without Petal cards' difficult to spend limits, making it easy to keep track of your finances.

Cons Of Petal Credit-Builder Card

  • Can become complicated for first-time Petal users

Petal can be difficult for those who use it for the first time. Petals' website may seem complicated at first and Petals services can become complicated as it is not just a one-time fee. Petal may be difficult for Petal users who are not sure of what they are getting themselves into, but once you understand Petal's website and Petals plans it becomes easy to use.

  • Petal rates are similar to Petals competitors' rates

The rates Petal has are similar to Petals competitors' rates making it easy to compare between Petals services and Petals competitors'. It requires users to pay an $8 monthly fee. Petal demands its Petal users to pay Petal Petals an $8 monthly fee if Petal wants Petals services.

  • Petal's account closing rate is high, Petal's credit limits decrease significantly after opening Petal's account

The biggest issue is the rate at which Petal card owners must pay Petal fees. Petal users have issues with Petal's high account closing rate, but it seems that the temporary decrease in Petal credit limits has been resolved by Petal's statement about lawsuits from Capital One.

Petal Mobile App

The Petal mobile app allows Petal users to transfer money from Petals savings into their checking account which can be used with their Petals credit card. Petals users can view Petal's Petals credit card balance, Petal Petts score, pay Petals bill and Petal credit card bill.

Features Of The Petal Mobile App?

  • The Petal Mobile app is made for Petalgae (the company) customers only.
  • Limits to certain Petals Petts services.
  • Petals credit card balance, Petal Petts score, pay Petal bills and Petal account information all in one place.
  • The app is available for iOS 8.0 or later and works with the iPhone 6s, 6 (plus), 5s, 5c (plus).
  • Downloading the Petal app is free for Petals customers.
  • App for Petalgae (the company) Petals credit card users only.

Petal’s Leap Program

Petals Leap program provides Petal customers to build credit scores by getting Petals card members to apply for Petal cards. Petals Leap program was made with the purpose to help its Petal customers build their credit scores by lending money via peer-to-peer loans through the Petals Leap platform. Petals members who pay Petals bills on time for over 12 months are offered the chance to apply for the Petals Leap program. Petal members can earn up to $600 Pettt loan limits for their good credit history.

Petal 1 Vs. Petal 2

The Petal One card is now available for Petals users. The Petal 2 card provides the same services as Petal 1, but it has a different interest rate, rewards program, and sign-up bonus. Petal 2 has Petal's same Petals services, but Petal offers a different interest rate, rewards program, and sign-up bonus for Petals users.

Petal’s Interest Rates & Cashbacks

1% fee on all transactions over Petals daily spending limit.

3% and 5% options for Petals credit cardholders to choose from.

Petal interest rates are Petals' money back program for Petals users. Petal cardholders can earn a percentage of their purchases returns at the end of each month. Petal's 3% cashback rate is offered to everyone, but only those who maintain a Petal account for at least 90 days and 5% cashback on all monthly purchases as long as they pay Petal's bill on time.

How Do I Apply For A Petal Credit Builder Card?

  • Petal applicants must be at least 18 years old to apply.
  • Petals application can be filled out online or downloaded in pdf format and mailed Petal Petals Petalgae credit card.

Why Is It Unique?

Petal premiums, Cashback, and credit scores are forever changing the way people build credit is what makes it so unique from its competitors. Petal's competitors' have higher interest rates than Petals does, which is what makes them seem more attractive than Petal.

Can I pay my petal credit card bill through the app?

Yes, you can pay your Petals bill through the Petal app.

Are there Petals credit card fees?

Customer service is Petal's number one priority and their Petals fee structure reflects that. For example, Petals monthly charge is a small price to pay compared with the 0% transfer fee on Petals credit card users. Yes, there is a $15 fee for balance transfers and cash advances. Petals credit card users must pay Petals balance transfers. Petals Fees for balance transfers and cash advances are $15.

What are my payment options with a petal card?

Petals credit card users can set up an auto-payment plan through the Petal app. You have to pay your bill in full by Petal billing due date so there are no Petals fees or interest charges.

Is it possible to downgrade my Petal credit card?

No, you cannot downgrade your Petal credit card. The Petal One and Two cards are Petals credit cards. Petal's credit card is the only product that Petal offers to its members.

Is the Petal Credit Builder Card worth it?

The Petal Credit Builder Card can build your credit score while also providing you with cashback rewards which can save you money on everyday items. If you are looking to improve your credit score the Petal Credit Builder Card is worth it. A petal credit card can be used and managed all on the Petal app which makes life easier for its users.


Petals credit card is the perfect solution for those who want to improve their credit score. Retailers offer these cards in the form of a line or store card, through which they advance funds that can be spent at their stores.

The product works on an 800-pound gorilla system, wherein the retailer is better off if you default and they get their capital back from insurance policies with higher levels of coverage than buyers have with most issuers.

Two major drawbacks for holders: their credit scores suffer when they use them, so it's important to keep balances below 30% of your limit, and any unpaid balance at month-end is reported as a late payment during these months on your credit report once every eight.

These disadvantages aside, the petal is designed with a comfortable, flexible 16.9% APR and all the premium features of a rewards card, the Petal Credit Builder Card offers an easy way to improve your credit rating so you can qualify for lower interest rates on other loans in the future.

In addition, the no annual fee benefit eliminates the hassle of paying for things twice because they don't charge you anything just to have it around.

Plus if this irresistible offer is not enough--you'll earn 3% cash back at restaurants on spending over $5 and 10% on purchases made through Chase's Restaurants Program (great news for foodies).

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