N26 Bank Review 2023 [Accounts, Budgeting & Products]

Updated On: 09/21/2023
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Looking for a banking option that keeps pace with your on-the-go lifestyle? Have you ever thought about how convenient it would be to carry out most of your financial transactions right from the palm of your hand?

In this N26 Bank review, we will unpack everything you need to know about this unique banking option that could be the solution you've been waiting for. Navigating the financial world can sometimes be like learning a new language.

It’s filled with confusing terms and trends that make it difficult to determine the best options. That’s why we will deliver this comprehensive guide on N26 Bank in plain, ordinary English - no jargon, no complicated terms. It's just straightforward, helpful information specially designed for you.

N26 Bank Account Types

N26 Bank Account Types

When it comes to choosing a bank account that suits your needs, N26 provides a variety of choices. Let's delve deeper into the various account types offered by N26.

Their range includes personal accounts, with options like Standard, Smart, You, and Metal, and business accounts such as Business Standard, Business Smart, Business You, and Business Metal.

Personal Accounts

These accounts are designed with the individual in mind. Whether you're trying to manage day-to-day finances or planning for long-term investments, there's an option that will suit you.


The Standard account is your basic tier option at N26, offering a virtual card and all the standard features you would expect from a mobile bank account. The highlight is that there are no maintenance fees on this account type.


The Smart Account steps things up from the standard account with an N26 You card in Petrol color. This level offers more benefits than the standard tier and is best suited for people needing extras like travel insurance and other benefits.


N26 You take things up another notch. The You account provides an N26 You card in Rhubarb color and additional features to help you manage your money better.


The Metal account is their premium option. Along with an exclusive metallic Charcoal Black card (yes, it's made from metal), this level comes packed with even more perks, including priority customer service support and extensive insurance packages.

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Business Accounts

For business owners, freelancers, or self-employed individuals, N26 provides four types of accounts with features catering to your specific needs.

Each account offers a distinctly unique feature set and benefits, so read through these options carefully before deciding the one that’s right for you.

Business Standard

The no-frills Business Standard account by N26 may be a good starting point if you're testing the waters of digital banking.

It offers you a virtual N26 You Business Card in Rhubarb color. Like all business accounts this bank offers, it enables business spending and saving in one place.

It comes with zero maintenance fees and offers 0.1% cashback on all purchases made with your card to help reward and boost your spending power.

Business Smart

Taking things up a notch is the Business Smart account. Enrolled customers are treated to an N26 You Business Card in Ocean color.

This tier adds some useful tools designed for more dedicated budgeters. For a small monthly fee, you get access to shared Spaces - sub-accounts allowing organization of projects or taxes - and 24/7 customer support.

Business Smart also includes insurance benefits such as mobile phone and purchase protection courtesy of Allianz.

Business You

If you need something more robust with additional travel and insurance coverage perks, consider opting for the Business You account.

Along with an exclusive black-colored N26 Business Metal card, you'll enjoy free ATM withdrawals worldwide without any foreign transaction fees. This account provides extensive coverage, from travel insurance to purchase warranty extensions.

Business Metal

Ultimately sitting at the top-end among N26’s offerings aimed at business users is their flagship account: The Business Metal.

Apart from getting a high-end metal card oozing sophistication and class in Charcoal Black color, you'll avail unlimited dedicated customer support, exclusive partner offers, and comprehensive insurance coverage.

Your Budgeting Assistant: The N26 Insights Feature

Your Budgeting Assistant: The N26 Insights Feature

While traditional banks offer myriad services, they rarely provide a feature as useful as N26's Insights. This feature lets you track your spending habits, enabling you to understand where your money goes.

Whether planning a trip or saving for a down payment on a house, insights can help you manage your finances more effectively.


N26 brings an innovative approach to budgeting with its 'Spaces' feature. Consider Spaces as digital jars where you can store money away from your main account.

This intuitive tool allows you to create up to 10 spaces, which can be allocated for various purposes such as groceries, rent, or holidays. This way, separating your funds becomes easier and smoother.

Shared Spaces

Do you have joint objectives with friends or family? The 'Shared Spaces' feature allows multiple account holders to contribute towards common financial goals.

This is a perfect solution for keeping all transactions clear and transparent, from planning group vacations to splitting monthly utility payments.

Split Expenses

The old-school method of remembering who owes what after a group lunch is passé now! With N26's 'Split Expenses' option, you can easily divvy up costs amongst friends and family right from the app – hassle-free and straightforward.


N26 Bank aids in helping you maintain financial discipline through its robust budgeting tools. You can easily auto-set monthly spending limits for each category and receive alerts if you exceed the limit. It ensures that overspending becomes a hard-to-do task.

Using a Debit Card Abroad

One stellar benefit that sets N26 apart is its highly favorable foreign exchange rates when using the debit card abroad.

You don’t need to worry about those annoying foreign transaction fees anymore. It’s simple economics - more savings equate to happier traveling.

Online Banking

Online banking with N26 turns chores into mere taps on your smartphone screen. Everything from transferring funds to bill payments or setting up direct debits can be executed seamlessly through your mobile device.

Monthly Budget Calculator

To help manage your finances more effectively, N26 offers a monthly budget calculator. After feeding in your monthly earnings, expenses, and savings, it’ll clearly show how much disposable income you have left for non-essentials.

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50-30-20 Calculator

N26's innovative '50-30-20 Calculator' is a brilliant tool that helps you plan your budget based on the popular 50/30/20 rule - i.e., spending 50% of income on needs, 30% on wants, and saving the remaining 20%.

This clear division fosters smart spending habits that help you achieve long-term financial stability.

Open Bank Account Online

Opening an online bank account with N26 is fast, easy, and secure. You can complete all required steps from the comfort of your home without any paperwork—a big plus for those who value convenience and digital efficiency.

N26 Bank has revolutionized digital banking with its user-friendly features tailored for today’s tech-savvy generation.

If you like to stay atop all their financial transactions while enjoying top-notch convenience, N26 Bank might be right up your alley.

N26 Financial Products: A Close Look

While N26 redefines traditional banking with its user-friendly design and optimized features, it goes beyond being ‘just a bank’ by offering you a range of financial products.

Here, we delve deep into two such dynamic options provided by N26 - Crypto and Insurance services.

N26 Crypto

In the digital age, cryptocurrency has become increasingly popular due to its decentralized nature, providing users with a flexible alternative to conventional financial transactions.

Ease of Use

N26 Crypto stands out as it integrates the world of cryptocurrencies into your everyday banking needs within a single application. With an easy swipe on your phone, you can instantly buy and sell cryptocurrency.


For beginners and pros alike, an encouraging factor is that you could start dealing with cryptocurrencies on the platform at as low as €1. The trading fee for Bitcoin is 1.5%, while other cryptocurrencies attract a fee of 2.5%.


A unique feature that adds to the appeal is the opportunity to track top performers and directly keep up-to-date statistics on the constantly changing financial market landscape in the app itself. You can even build your watchlist according to your interests.

With options to search and filter through various cryptocurrencies, you have all pertinent information at your fingertips!

N26 Insurance

Accidents are unpredictable; unexpected events can be financially hard-hitting if unprepared.

That's why N26 also offers insurance coverage right at your disposal through their app - from electronics insurance, bike insurance, and home insurance to pet insurance- all made available with zero paperwork.

You could sign up for electronics insurance with N26 from as little as €4 per month.

Instantaneous Coverage

Whether it's a sudden need for phone coverage or pet health emergencies, their 'on-demand' service ensures prompt availability of necessary services.

Assortment of options

From protecting your electronics, ensuring bike safety, safeguarding home belongings, and caring for your furry friend - N26 insurance covers everything under one roof.

With seamless integration of banking and insurance in a singular app, you save precious time, energy, and resources - giving comprehensive financial solutions.

N26 stands out with its cutting-edge approach to traditional banking methods that integrate modern financial services like Crypto and Insurance into their repertoire. Greater accessibility, fewer complications, and instant services at an affordable cost - that's what N26 stands for!

With all these features that stretch beyond conventional banking norms, it’s no wonder why more and more people are drawn to N26's robust financial ecosystem.

Please make sure you go through all terms & conditions and thoroughly understand them before signing up for any financial service; only ever invest as much as you're prepared or can afford to lose. Specific details may vary depending on individual N26 products.

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N26 Payment Options

N26 Payment Options

N26 Bank provides a buffet of payment options, making it easy for you to transact in the best way that suits your lifestyle. Here, we examine each of these in detail:


With an N26 Bank account, you can own a Mastercard debit card. Ordering and delivering this card is seamless and quick. Once you have it, you can make payments locally and internationally with just a swipe or insert into a payment terminal.

Also noteworthy is that the N26 Mastercard comes with zero foreign transaction fees, so it's perfect if international shopping is something you do often.

Apple Pay

Are you an iPhone user? Great! Alongside having your physical N26 Mastercard, you can also set up Apple Pay on your device.

When out shopping, leaving your card at home will not hinder your spending abilities - hold your device up to a contactless reader at checkout.

Google Pay

For those with Android devices, don't feel left out. The analogical convenience to Apple Pay for iPhone users is Google Pay for users of Android devices.

Load your N26 debit card details onto your phone and pay at contactless terminals quickly and easily.

Virtual Card

What if physical cards are not your thing? Well, here's where the N26 virtual card shines through.

This virtual version of their card is issued instantly upon opening an account — no waiting time necessary! Probably one of the most attractive features of this virtual gem? It can be used online immediately.


N26 has joined forces with Wise, previously known as TransferWise — meaning you now have an efficient way to send money internationally at reasonable rates right from within your N26 app!

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Instant Payments

What happens when quick isn't quick enough? Then we go instant! If another friend, family member, or anyone else is also an N26 Bank customer, you can swiftly transfer money between accounts through the N26 app's "instant payments" function. It's as simple and as time-efficient as sending a text!

The feasibility of fluttering from a physical card to conventional payment methods and digital options empowers you with control over your finances.

N26 Bank, through its Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Virtual Card, Wise integration, and Instant Payments options, grants you this monetary freedom.

The Lowdown on N26 Online Banking Web Options

Instead of spending time in line at a physical bank, you can manage your money wherever you are with N26's online banking web options. It's convenient and offers a range of features that can make budgeting and saving easier.

Sending Money and Getting Paid

You have access to instant money transfers right from your device. You can send money to friends, pay bills, or even receive your salary directly into your account—no more extra trips to the bank or post office.

Keep Track of Your Account

N26 also provides real-time push notifications for all transactions. This means you're always in the loop about your account status.

It provides detailed statistics on how and where you're spending your money. With the structured monthly insights provided by N26, it becomes straightforward to identify where your monthly paycheck is going.

Another super handy feature that makes N26 stand out is the ability to immediately lock or unlock your card straight from the app in case of suspected fraud or if your card is missing.

Dark Mode

It is a favorite feature among many users due to its visual appeal and ease on the eyes, especially during late-night checks on their finances.

Whether a night owl or day tripper, with dark mode, you can handle financial management anytime without straining your eyes. This mode changes the traditional light background color on devices to black—making it easier to read at night or in low-light conditions.

N26 Bank Security: What You Need to Know

N26 Bank Security: What You Need to Know

When it comes to your money, security is non-negotiable. The N26 Bank understands this and has ensured its platform is highly secure.

They've taken several measures to protect your money, including basic techniques like two-step verification. Each time you log in or make a significant transaction, you must verify it's you - not some scammer.

Phishing and Card Fraud Protection

N26 has protocols to safeguard you against common threats like phishing and card fraud. They use cloud security for your data, which makes it harder for anyone to get unauthorized access.

Travel Scams Protection

Planning on traveling? N26 protects against travel scams by monitoring and notifying you of any suspicious activity on your account.

Advanced 3D Secure

A feature not found everywhere – 3D Secure (or 3DS) protection by N26 adds an extra layer of verification during online payments. This helps thwart instances of online card fraud even better.

In the event something unforeseen happens, don't worry. Your money at N26 bank is protected up to €100,000 by the German Deposit Protection Scheme - a strong customer safety net.

This may seem like a lot, but don’t fret - N26 ensures each security process is user-friendly and effectively safeguards your finances without unnecessary hassles.

N26 Additional Features

N26 is more than just a digital bank; it is a financial powerhouse packed with advanced features designed to make managing your money simpler, faster, and more secure.

Let's delve into some of the additional features that make N26 an optimal choice for tech-savvy users who demand more from their banking experience.

Invite Friends

Forward-thinking as ever, N26 offers an intriguing invite friends feature that makes banking a team sport. When you refer a friend to N26, you both get rewarded.

Yeah, you heard right! The bank will credit your account with real money once your friend signs up and completes the necessary steps - saving has never been this mutual.


How sweet would it be to see your money working for YOU in unimaginable ways? One of the outstanding perks of banking with N26 is their selection of partnered offers and goods discounts.

These benefits are continually updated and tailored to suit various lifestyle needs and preferences. Activities like traveling and shopping can be rewarding when done right through this innovative bank.

Banking Terms

Understanding financial terms can sometimes feel like decoding an alien language. Regarding N26, you needn't worry about acclimating yourself to extravagant banking jargon only used by finance experts on Wall Street.

They provide all essential banking terms in plain English, making the process user-friendly and easily comprehended.

For instance, words like 'Account balance' aren’t described as "The total amount of money in your account at a given time." It's put - "how much money you currently have in your account." Now, that's something we all can understand.

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Crypto Glossary

As part of their mission to make banking more approachable, N26 also provides a Crypto Glossary - a helpful guide for those interested in getting involved in cryptocurrency markets.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum carry their technical vocabulary, which can deter potential investors. But fear not! With the Crypto Glossary from N26, demystifying these terms becomes simple for everyone involved.

FAQs About N26 Bank Review

What is N26 Bank?

N26 Bank is a digital banking service provider allowing customers to manage their accounts online. It was founded in 2013 in Berlin and operates through a fully digital interface.

What services does N26 Bank offer?

N26 offers various financial services, including checking accounts, savings accounts, investment products, insurance products, and personal loans.

Is my money safe with N26 Bank?

Yes, funds in N26 bank are protected up to €100,000 under Germany's Deposit Protection Scheme as it is a member of the Compensation Scheme of German banks.

In which countries is N26 Bank available?

N26 Bank operates in several countries across the European Economic Area (EEA), the United States, and Switzerland.

How can I open an account with N26 Bank?

To open an account with N26 Bank, download the application from your mobile store, sign up with your details, and verify your identity using a valid ID, depending on your location.

Can I get a physical card from N26 Bank?

Yes, despite being a fully digital bank


To wrap things up in this N26 Bank review, it's safe to say that N26 is a game-changer in the banking industry.

It offers a variety of accounts suitable for both personal and business use, flexible payment options, handy budgeting tools, and innovative features like 'Spaces.'

Best of all, N26 is designed for those who prioritize convenience, user-friendly interfaces, and cutting-edge digital tools.

If you want to experience the future of banking today, visit N26. Forge with N26 and redefine your banking experiences one tap at a time.

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