N26 Bank Review 2023: Tested By Finance Experts

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N26 Bank is a part of N26, N26 Bank's parent company. N26 was started in 2013 by Valentin Stalf and Maximilian Tayenthal. N26 offered internet bank accounts, but they were only available online to residents of Germany until 2015 when N26 opened itself up to the rest of Europe. By February 2016 N26 was serving over 50,000 customers across the entire continent.

N26 Bank is N26's branch that serves as an actual bank for N26 account holders. N26 not only offers account management but does so without charging fees for transactions and cash withdrawals at every ATM in the world.

N26 also provides its users with a debit card (Barclaycard in the United Kingdom, N26 Black throughout the rest of Europe). N26 users can also enjoy N26's insurance for free that covers theft, breakage, and travel cancellation.

N26 has taken quick strives to build its reputation with N26 by offering fee-less bank accounts. N26 customers are able to easily view their account activity in real-time through N26's mobile application.

N26's mobile app is very easy to use and N26 is looking to make it even better by including features such as a PIN generator, digitizing checks, and making N26 Black customers' insurance coverage extend to their homes.

N26 also offers additional personalized services through N26 Black that include concierge service, travel assistance, and N26 Invest. N26's fee-less banking philosophy has gained N26 many fans, who appreciate N26 for its lack of fees and ease of use.

Pros and Cons of N26 Bank


  • No-Fee Banking Model
  • Mobile App
  • Free ATM Withdrawl
  • No Minimum Balances
  • Early paychecks
  • Insurance


  • No paper checks
  • No Overdraft Facility
  • Lacks a physical branch network
  • Inefficient Customer Service

Pros Explained:

  • No-Fee Banking Model: N26 Bank offers fee-less accounts. N26 is completely free to use. N26's fees are relatively minimal compared to other banks, which many N26 account holders appreciate.
  • Mobile App: N26's mobile app is aesthetically well made and easy to use. N26's mobile app is very popular. N26 Bank account holders receive free access to N26's Bank mobile app, which is N26 Bank's most downloaded product. It has recently introduced N26 Explore, which can give N26 users more information about their accounts and how N26 works.
  • Free ATM Withdrawl: N26 users can easily withdraw money at any ATM in the world. N26 customers can take out N26 money at any ATM in the world without having to pay fees, which many N26 account holders appreciate. N26 also offers N26 Black customers free fee-less withdrawals anywhere in the world.
  • No Minimum Balances: N26 does not require its users to keep a minimum balance.
  • Early paychecks: N26 offers N26 users early access to their paychecks. N26 account holders are able to receive paychecks up to 2 days before they are actually paid, which N26 users enjoy because it makes their cash flow more fluid.
  • Insurance: N26 gives its customers free insurance with N26 Black, which N26 account holders enjoy because N26 Black insurance gives N26 account holders peace of mind. N26 Black is N26's premium offering that offers its users free foreign transaction fees, concierge service, travel assistance, and home coverage (N26 homeowners' insurance covers up to €50,000).

Cons Explained:

  • No paper checks: N26's banking is primarily online and N26 does not offer paper checks as a form of payment or as an option for making payments. N26 also does not offer N26 users any credit lines. N26 is primarily an internet bank so N26's banking model focuses on online transactions instead of check writing and paper money.
  • No Overdraft Facility: N26 does not offer N26 users any overdrafts. N26 encourages its N26 account holders to only spend the money they have.
  • Lacks a physical branch network: N26 is an online bank that has no physical branches anywhere in the world. N26 has no physical branches or N26 Bank locations, N26 customers can only access N26's banking services through N26's mobile app. N26 is primarily an online bank that has no physical branches anywhere in the world.
  • Inefficient Customer Service: N26 does not offer N26 users live customer service. N26 only offers N26 users phone support between 10 AM and 6 PM, Monday through Friday, which many N26 account holders do not like because N26's telephone support does not seem to be reliable or stable enough to handle N26 users issues in a timely manner. N26 has been criticized for N26's customer support, which has been described as N26 not being able to handle N26 user issues in a timely manner.

Is N26 Safe & Secure?

N26 has been recognized as a very safe and secure bank. N26 is not associated with any bad reviews or complaints. N26 also offers N26 Bank customers free travel insurance, which N26 account holders appreciate because they can easily file N26 Black claims online if their luggage gets lost or damaged during a trip.

N26 also offers N26 Black customers free internet banking that N26 account holders enjoy because N26 Black users can easily view their N26 accounts anywhere in the world.

Who Can Open An Account Of N26 Bank?

N26 can open N26 accounts for users worldwide. N26 customers must be at least 18 years old and N26 requires everyone to submit N26's required paperwork, such as N26 account holders' ID. N26 is primarily an online bank that only accepts applications from people who already have a European (or non-European) phone number.

Is N26 Bank Worth It?

N26 N26 is a great bank, N26 customers seem to be very satisfied with N26. N26 also has been recognized as one of the best banks in Europe because of N26's mobile app. The only downside to N26 is that N26 does not offer its users overdrafts.

Overall, the bottom line is that many of these factors depend on who you are and how you plan to use N26. For example, if you value the appearance of paper checks and overdrafts, you may want to consider using another bank. If you are looking for an online-only bank that offers its users early access to their paychecks, N26 may be the right choice for you.

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