McMoney Review 2023 [We Expose The Harsh Reality In Our Review]

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Are you curious about unconventional ways of making money right from the comfort of your home? Welcome to my McMoney review comforts, where I share my experience with this unique mobile application that has been creating a buzz in the realm of passive income.

When you say "McMoney," it begins to sound like a character straight out of a comic book, doesn't it? This app couldn't be more real though.

Before we go any further, let me clear up one thing, this isn't an app that will make you rich overnight, but it will surely provide some extra padding to your wallet.

Dive in as we explore the pros and cons, uncover the truth behind its operations, and wonder whether this app is worth storage space on your smartphone.

What is McMoney?

What is McMoney?

McMoney is a creative, engaging mobile application designed to generate passive revenue for users by simply receiving text messages.

This Android-only app emanates from a tech company named CM Telecom, based in the Netherlands, leveraging the novel concept of enabling mobile carriers globally to test their service routes and pay users for participation.

It differs fundamentally from prevailing monetary apps that often require complex tasks; with McMoney, your role merely involves receiving text messages.

These random texts contribute to testing and maintaining the efficient functioning of worldwide communication systems.

The app's quintessence is simplicity; hassle-free usage blended with an opportunity to earn some extra bucks without proactive involvement truly gives it an edge.

You won’t get rich, but you may accumulate sufficient funds for an extra coffee or two each month by lending your 'inbox space'. Incorporated in 2015, McMoney continues winning users' trust and global appreciation.

How Does McMoney Work?

How Does McMoney Work?

The operation of McMoney is exceptionally straightforward. It may seem too good to become real - earning some extra bucks just by getting text messages, right? That’s the core functionality of this app.

Let's dive deeper into every step.

Download The APK

To initiate the process, you first need to download the APK file for the McMoney app, since it isn't available on Google Play Store or App Store.

Visit the official website of McMoney and tap on the “Download Now” button. Next, save the officially provided APK file on your phone.


Installing an APK file outside the Google Play Store requires changing your device’s settings. Navigate to Settings > Security (or Privacy) > Unknown Sources, and turn it ON. Afterward, open your downloads folder and proceed with a simple installation by tapping on the downloaded .apk file.

Sign Up

Post-installation, open up McMoney to kick start your journey towards pocket money earnings. When prompted, enter your mobile number via an OTP (Time Password) for verification purposes. Thereby sign up with an authentic email address and set a strong password for security objectives.

Receive Text Messages

After successful registration, you are ready to roll. The app will sporadically send you test text messages you don't have to reply to or interact with.

You can delete them at any time. The frequency may differ daily as per testing requirements from telecom companies worldwide. Remember, each text increases your earning potential – so keep them coming.

Get Paid

Earnings depend on the number and frequency of texts received. You won't be notified every time they credit money, as it is usually done in small cents accumulated over time (around $0.01-$0.06 per message). But worry not because tiny streams ultimately form a mighty river.

Although earnings vary significantly between countries (partly because SMS costs differ), significant patience is required since it's not intended as a hefty source of income but a nifty way to supplement existing ones.

A simple 5-step process puts you on track towards cashing in on text message targets. Could this get any cooler? No more turning down those extra guacs at Subway or favorite macchiatos at Starbucks; let McMoney take care of those.

Is McMoney Legit?

Is McMoney Legit?

Before you proceed, it's natural to inquire - "Is McMoney legit or just another scam?" To put your worries at rest - yes, McMoney is indeed legitimate.

Since its inception in 2015, McMoney has gained a trustworthy reputation among users across the globe for its unique approach to generating real cash rewards.

It's particularly commendable because of its transparent operations and precise privacy policy.

Respect for User Privacy

Often, with such income-generating programs, privacy is a huge concern. But in this case, fear not. McMoney takes your privacy seriously; they do not access your private messages or other personal data.

It is designed to read their test SMS only. This makes it a safe and secure choice for those who are skeptic about their information being accessed.

Secure Payment Method

McMoney uses PayPal, a widely trusted global online payment system, for all transactions ensuring that the process remains encrypted and secure – a reassuring sign that you're dealing with an authentic program.

Quality Global Service Provider

Moreover, it's worth noting that the app is developed by CM Telecom, a renowned tech company known for reliable communication solutions worldwide – reinforcing confidence in McMoney's credibility.

Thus, in conclusion to your primary concern - Is McMoney legit? The answer is a resounding YES. Although it may not replace your full-time job earnings, using it wisely and consistently over time can help you accumulate some extra pocket money without risking anything significant.

The McMoney App Availability

The McMoney App Availability

While I was very excited about the potential of this app, the downside struck - it's availability. Unfortunately, McMoney is currently an Android-only app. So for my fellow iOS users, you'll have to sit this one out.

If you're an Android user, simply download the .apk file from the official McMoney website directly onto your device.

Remember, since it's not available on Google Play Store, you'll need to change your security settings to allow downloads from 'unknown sources'. But once that’s done, you’re all set to start making some extra cash.

Do You Receive Money for Every Test Message?

Do You Receive Money for Every Test Message?

Yes, with the McMoney app, you absolutely do get paid for every test message you receive. Now you must be thinking, "How does this work, and how much money am I actually making per text?"

Each message received from McMoney amounts to revenue earned. There's no action required from your end - no need to open the text or reply.

The McMoney app sends periodic text messages for testing purposes; these can vary in frequency depending on the number of tests being conducted at a given time by network providers.

Interestingly, the payment associated with each text message is typically a few cents, varying between $0.01 to $0.06 per text. While it might seem meager at first glance, remember that these small earnings accumulate over time.

Let me assure you that there are no loopholes or hidden norms related to receiving money for each text - it's as simple as it seems! So sit back, relax, let those messages roll in, and watch as your pocket money grows daily.

How Much Can You Earn From McMoney?

How Much Can You Earn From McMoney?

Now that you're familiar with the process, another looming question would be, "How much can you earn from McMoney?" I must steer your expectations in the right direction before anything else. Spoiler alert - McMoney is not a significant income generator.

The earning potential varies per country due to varying SMS costs worldwide. When I initially started, I had tons of questions myself! After a while, I realized that patience was the key here.

Throughout my experience and others reported online, users typically earn between $3 and $7 Monthly. Though this might seem diminutive - consider that all you're doing is receiving texts. There's no active effort required on your part!

In essence, it provides a unique avenue to get some marginal monetary return for something as simple as getting a text message.

Remember, though, this shouldn't be viewed as an income replacement resource but more of a little boost to your pocket money with zero effort.

So, if making extra greenbacks while being occupied elsewhere seems like an enticing prospect, go ahead – let McMoney experiment with its functionality by sending you promotional tests while you indulge in what matters most to you.

What Is The Minimum Threshold Cash-out Limit?

What Is The Minimum Threshold Cash-out Limit?

Before cashing out your hard-earned money, you need to know about the minimum payout threshold in McMoney. This threshold varies depending on the country you live in and local operational costs.

Upon signing up and opening McMoney for the first time, you'll see a pop-up message on the start screen, which will inform you of the minimum payout limit specific to your region.

Why is there a Minimum Threshold?

The minimum threshold exists principally to cover processing fees linked with each transaction. Minor payment requests can lead to high processing expenses, making the transactions uneconomical.

Meeting the Threshold

Striving consistently towards meeting these limits isn't a hassle; instead, it keeps your burgeoning McMoney account in check and guides you towards your next payout.

Remember - consistency is key. Do remember that once you hit this amount or more in earned rewards, cashing them out becomes available and fairly simple.

As always with these apps, patience is paramount. Let those cents accumulate over time into dollars before letting that anticipation get to you.

How Can I Withdraw My Money from McMoney App?

How Can I Withdraw My Money from McMoney App?

Withdrawing your earnings from the McMoney app is as easy as 1-2-3. As soon as you reach your country-specific minimum cash-out threshold, the options to either Cash Out or Donate get activated. Let's walk through the steps:

Cash Out or Donate

Log in to your McMoney app and access your dashboard. Here, you will see a round button at the bottom of the screen labeled '€0,00'.

When your earned amount equals or surpasses the threshold, this button changes into two buttons - 'Cash Out' and 'Donate'. The 'Donate' button allows you to donate your earnings if you so choose.

Enter Your PayPal Email

Select 'Cash Out' to transfer funds into your account. You will be directed to a screen where you need to enter your PayPal email ID.

Point To Note:

Ensure that this email matches your official PayPal account email address; otherwise, the pay-out may not function properly.

This step is crucial because PayPal is their primary means of transaction, ensuring secure and reliable transfers.

Once you complete these steps, wait for the validation process. Your venture into effortlessly making money right from home couldn't get any simpler.

Keep receiving texts while letting those cents turn into dollars upon reaching that minimum target.

How Much Time Does It Take To Receive My Cash-out Payment?

How Can I Withdraw My Money from McMoney App?

Now comes an important and exciting part - withdrawing your money! When you finally hit that cash-out button, what's the waiting period?

You've kept your end of the deal by receiving texts diligently. So when does McMoney deliver on its promises?

With the McMoney App, payouts are scheduled once every four weeks. This means they make payments every Thursday following a prior request.

However, after requesting a withdrawal, expect to wait 24-48 hours for the funds to appear in your PayPal account.

This is standard processing time as transactions worldwide gather and schedule collectively for this stipulated timeframe.

Can I make money through Mcmoney's Referral Program?

Can I make money through Mcmoney's Referral Program?

Indeed, another avenue for gaining bucks with McMoney is the referral program. This provision gives you and your friend a bonus when you introduce them to the app.

How does the Referral Program work?

When you share the McMoney app via a unique referral link provided by the application itself, and your friend installs it using the code, both of you stand to benefit from the referral.

When does the payout happen?

However, remember that the bonus won't reflect immediately in your accounts. Your friend needs to reach their cash-out threshold limit to initiate this transaction.

Once they touch this limit—which varies by region—the application credits your account. You can extend this opportunity to as many friends as you want, further bulking up your rewards.

This feature escalates McMoney’s appeal as an effortless income generator while fostering camaraderie through shared profits—a win-win!

Pros & Cons Of McMoney

The McMoney app, like every other tool, has its positives and drawbacks. This no-fuss application sticks to its core premise of letting you earn by simply hosting its SMS messages. However, the limited earning potential could be a deterrent for some.

Here's a brief look at the pros and cons:

  • Legitimate App
  • Privacy Respected
  • User-friendly UI
  • Limited Earning
  • Android-only Access
  • Payment Timeframe

A comprehensive evaluation of these pros and cons can help you make an informed decision about whether this app aligns with your expectations or not.

McMoney App User's Reviews

McMoney App User's Reviews

Customer reviews indeed reveal the authenticity of any product or service. Let's consider what users of McMoney have to say about their experience.

I was skeptical at first, but this is genuinely a moneymaking app. Though the earnings are not astronomical (and that's okay for me), it's still extra cents adding up in my account.

The simplicity of use and straightforward process are added benefits. Definitely recommend McMoney for some easy pocket change.

Having used numerous such apps before, I found McMoney quite refreshing with its no-brainer approach to passive income generation.

It doesn't replace my regular job earnings by any means; however, those few extra dollars do add fun to my occasional indulgences.

While I like the idea of effortless money-making through text messages with McMoney, I'm not entirely convinced yet.

The staggeringly slow accumulation of funds is quite frustrating for me as someone who values quick profitability; hence this might not be everyone's cup of tea.

These contrasting responses show what sets McMoney apart from other conventional passive income-generating apps; however, it's clear that patience and long-term usage are critical for a successful experience here.

McMoney Alternatives

McMoney Alternatives

While McMoney might pique your interest, it's crucial to consider alternatives that function similarly but might offer distinct benefits. Hence, I've briefly compared five prevalent SMS-based apps for your convenience.

Money SMS

Money SMS shares a similar formula with McMoney: you get paid for receiving text messages on your phone. The difference in operation? The rate of payment! Money SMS offers to pay almost double of what you earn with McMoney.

Albeit, the frequency of messages may be lesser. So, if you're seeking higher per-message compensation and don’t mind fewer texts – give this app a whirl.


A more recent entrant in this domain is SmsProfit. This app thrives on its user-friendly interface and seamless navigation mechanisms. A minor drawback?

It's available exclusively in Europe and Asia, leaving users from other continents out of the purview. However, for those who can access it - it provides an easy way to earn passive income!


Next up in line is ControlMySMS. Though not as popular as others in this list, ControlMySMS has positioned itself as an efficient yet understated player.

Apart from earning through receiving messages, users can earn via surveys and contests—a unique aspect conspicuously absent in most similar apps.

Stepping away from the conventional 'receive-SMS-and-earn' structure is This platform provides SIM card-based passive income – enabling telecom operators worldwide to send automation tests on their network routes.

Users will need more than one active sim card, but the earning potential skyrockets compared to regular SMS apps.


Lastly, if you're looking for something straightforward without too much fuss, try using Mobirich, Mobirich follows a similar structure but exceeds peers with smooth payments, offering users a relaxed experience.

These alternatives provide various options differing in functionality, geographical availability, and operations; therefore allowing everyone to find something suitable.

Is McMoney App Worth It Using In 2023?

Is McMoney App Worth It Using In 2023?

As we advance into the bustling digital epoch of 2023, the big question would be - is McMoney still worth trying? Given my experience and the app's underlying operational model, I'd tread lightly.

McMoney operates on a dynamic principle of generating passive income by receiving text messages. Nevertheless, its utility circuitously indicates revealing your phone number to an external entity.

That is to earn no more than $5 per Month. To some, this may not seem a considerable concern. But as we move deeper into this fast-paced digital age, where data privacy and security are paramount, it’s essential to consider sharing personal contact info for such meager earnings.

Furthermore, considering its minimal annual earning potential (which also varies per country), one might argue that it’s not worth the effort in 2023 when numerous other more lucrative gig and freelance opportunities are available.

I feel it’s pertinent here to recall an adage – ‘penny wise pound foolish’, i.e., the idea of making small savings while missing more significant opportunities.

With countless earning opportunities surfacing daily–whether online freelancing or diverse digital marketplaces offering micro-jobs - one might be better off investing their time and effort somewhere with higher returns and safer privacy credentials.

Hence, while McMoney remains a legitimate option for those favoring effortless income generation via their phones, you should gauge whether it aligns with your income expectations, investment of time, comfort level regarding sharing personal credentials, and how these factors will evolve over 2023.

As for me? There seem to be plentiful options that offer brighter prospects without trading privacy for peanuts.

My Verdict About McMoney Review

My Verdict About McMoney Review

Reflecting on my experience with McMoney, my verdict skews towards caution. While the app facilitates a unique passive income mode, the payoff for what you're potentially compromising on doesn't seem worthwhile.

The fact that you can earn money with minimal effort is undoubtedly enticing. However, when you delve deeper and recognize the earning potential, it becomes evident that the prospect isn't as splendid as it initially appears.

Given that your potential earnings amount to a maximum of $7 monthly - an average of under $0.90 weekly - one must question whether the trade-off is viable. I can't even buy chewing gum with that money these days!

On top of that, my apprehensions extend beyond earnings. The red flags have become hard to ignore with rising concerns in this digital era about sharing personal information online.

In this case, we're talking about your contact number – a crucial element of personal data – for gaining scarcely enough to cover one coffee per month. That seems like rather unbalanced scales.

If you're looking for ways to earn some extra cash by leveraging your smartphone or computer, several alternatives offer larger rewards while ensuring stringent privacy measures.

For instance, consider gig economy apps such as UberEats or InstaCart, which provide flexibility plus substantial earnings potential.

Alternatively, survey sites typically pay more and don’t demand much personal information– thus offering an upper hand over McMoney.

FAQs About McMoney

What type of app is McMoney?

McMoney is a unique mobile application which allows users to earn money passively by receiving text messages. The app contributes to global network testing and pays its users for their participation.

How does McMoney's Referral Program work?

Through McMoney's Referral Program, you can share a unique link provided by the app with your friends. Both you and your friend will receive a monetary bonus once they reach their cash-out threshold limit.

Does McMoney access my personal data, like private messages?

No, McMoney does not access personal data such as private messages. The app is designed only to read the test SMS they send for network analysis purposes.

What other apps offer similar functionalities to McMoney?

There are various alternatives to McMoney, including Money SMS, SMS Profit, ControlMySMS,, and Mobirich. Each of them provide users with opportunities to earn passive income in slightly varying ways.

Is it worth using McMoney in 2023 considering the privacy concerns and earning potential?

Due to comparatively low earnings (average $5/year) and potential privacy implications of sharing your phone number, using McMoney may not be as advantageous in 2023 compared to other gig apps or survey sites that offer more rewarding returns.


In wrapping up this McMoney review, the app offers a new slant in earning money from your smartphone. However, it's critical to remember that the returns are relatively scant.

Additionally, personal privacy is a valuable asset to protect in an increasingly connected world. There are numerous other sources where potential earnings far outweigh those McMoney offers without batting an eye at your data.

Dive into this sea of smartphone revenue streams and remember- every penny counts, but it should never be at the cost of compromising your privacy boundaries.

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