Top 5 Linguistics Scholarship and Fellowship 2020

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By definition, linguistics is the scientific study of languages to identify it’s meaning and its context. The linguistic field of study is very important in many aspects such as for teachers for teaching English or any other language to non-English speaking students, co-operating with foreign cultures and countries for lateral ties, and even for linguistics forensics in a criminal investigation.

The linguistics scholarship aims to provide financial aid for such students who are pursuing their career in the linguistics field to cover their dissertation-related expenses including research related traveling, presentations, data gathering, etc. Here is the list of scholarships and fellowships for the students studying linguistics in social sciences and humanities.

Top 5 Linguistics Scholarship and Fellowship Detailed Guide

Linguistics Scholarship and Fellowship

1. Dissertation Fellowship in the Cognitive, Clinical and Neural Foundations of Language

The William Orr Dingwall Foundation awards scholarships to doctoral applicants specialized in cognitive, clinical, and neural foundations of language. The award is of $ 30,000 for only 12 months so that students can focus on their studies in specialization, academics, and merits.

The scholarship is currently available for two fellowships, which may or may not be renewed after one year. The eligibility criteria for applicants is that the applicant must be pursuing a dissertation topic in language, the applicant must be nominated by his Department chair, Graduate director, or Program head and the student should be a candidate in the dissertation in the United States.


Scholarship committee
P.O. Box 57088
Washington, DC 20037

2. Boren Fellowships

The fellowship is for U.S. graduates who are pursuing further studies in the linguistics field for selected foreign languages for U.S. interests. The fellowship awards up to $25,000 based on its duration weeks. The Boren Fellowships are granted on behalf of the National Security Education Program and administered by the Institute of International Education (IIE) to learn and strengthen the U.S. economy, security, and cooperation.

The applicant may detect the school’s available language flagship initiatives such as African, Indonesian, and South Asian, but the student could choose their own regional language.


Scholarship Committee
1400 K Street, NW
7th Floor
Washington, DC 20005

3. Institute for Humane Studies Hayek Fund For Scholars

The Hayek Funds aims at helping faculty and students who are researching and teaching ideas in social sciences and humanities. The Scholarship awards $5000 in an academic year on a rolling basis and by re-applying for the same will get a maximum of $10,000 during an academic year.

The applicant who is currently engaged in social sciences and humanities at an accredited university and also who wants to contribute to classical liberal intellectual tradition can apply for Hayek Scholarship. The funding is only granted for academic expenditures such as traveling for archival studies, teaching, presentations, and many more, but it is not for personal expenses, and for that one can apply for Humane Studies Fellowship.

For scholarship, the applicant has to submit an application along with a CV and 300 words essay describing your proposed project or fund expenditures.


Scholarship Committee
Institute for Humane Studies
3301 N. Fairfax Dr., Suite 440
Arlington, VA 22201-4432

4. Khyentse Foundation of Translation Studies Scholarships

The scholarship aims to help students who are in advanced studies and who want to become Buddhist Dharma and philosophy translation in the future. The scholarship awards $5000 which can vary depending upon the applicant’s interest.

For applying for the scholarship, candidates must have some translation experience and must be studying in advanced studies such as MA or Ph.D. and those who are not eligible can also apply for Ashoka Grants.


Khyentse Foundation
P.O. Box 156648
San Francisco, CA 94115

5. The Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship in Women’s Studies

The fellowship is for women to crosses the regional and cultural boundaries for pursuing a Ph.D. in social sciences and humanities. The fellowship awards $5000 to women for their final year dissertation writing in Ph.D. addressing the topics of women and gender. The applicant must be from institutions in the United States.

The application needs to define the work of the applicant in the field of social sciences and humanities and also needed to show strong dedication and interest in solving women’s or gender issues. The fellowship grants the award to eight fellow applicants which can vary each year and the granted award must be used for completing their dissertation such as research, data gathering, traveling expenses.


Scholarship Committee
5 Vaughn Drive
Suite 300
Princeton, NJ 08540-6313
tel: 609-452-7007
fax: 609-452-0066

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