Is Skrill Safe in 2022? Outlining How Safe Skrill Is To Use

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By: Michael Restiano
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One of the biggest concerns for anyone who is concerned about their safety and privacy online is whether or not Skrill, one of the world's most prominent money transfer services, is safe.

What is Skrill?

Skrill is a money transfer service that lets you send and receive payments around the world. You can send money in just a few simple steps and keep track of all your past transactions.

Skrill supports over 100 currencies and offers free and fast bank transfers to more than 200 countries, regions, and territories. It also accepts PayPal, Neteller, and cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

You can send and receive money from your computer, mobile phone, or tablet using a credit card, bank account, or cash via Moneybookers PayPoint locations.

To use Skrill you need to have a UK bank account with a BSB number. You can then either choose to link your bank directly to Skrill or complete the transfer using your debit card.

If you need help with Skrill, check out their FAQs page or submit a request to their customer support team.

How does Skrill work?

To send money with Skrill, enter the amount you want to send and add a description of who it's for, either manually or by using their secure contact list.

You can then enter your recipient's email address or phone number to complete the transaction, or choose to send a referral code if you want it to be sent by post (optional).

Once the payment is processed, you'll get an email notifying you that your transfer is complete. You can access all of your previous transactions on the main page of your account.

The recipient will then get a notification letting them know they've been sent money and can claim it in their own currency.

Pros and Cons of Skrill:


  • Prepaid Card: Skrill offers a prepaid card that you can use to withdraw your money in over 200 countries and regions. You can load your account directly or with a bank transfer and access it easily in shops and online (with low additional fees).
  • Free Bank Transfers: Skrill's free direct bank transfers are an excellent way to transfer funds when you don't have the cash available. This also allows you to transfer money in real-time so it's ready for your use right away.
  • Multiple Currencies: Skrill lets you hold several currencies at once so you can easily change your local currency when traveling abroad. This makes it easy to manage different spending habits in different countries without taking a hit on your budget.
  • Cashback Rewards: Skrill lets you earn cashback rewards on all your purchases in the form of points. You can use these points when shopping online anywhere that accepts Skrill payments, so it's like getting discounts when you shop for things you were already going to buy.


  • Limitations in some countries: Skrill does not accept users from the USA, Iran, and North Korea.
  • Customer Service: Skrill's customer service team can be difficult to get in touch with and they don't operate around the clock so you may need to wait a while for responses.
  • Slow verification process: Skrill's verification process can take several weeks to complete and they require a lot of personal information before you can get started.

How safe is Skrill?

While it might seem like an obvious answer, we'd say yes — Skrill is definitely safe to use. As long as you keep your account secure and follow the rules for how to use it, you won't run into any problems.

Today I'm going to outline why Skrill is safe to use in three big ways: security, privacy, and reliability.


It goes without saying that any service on the internet today, including Skrill, is susceptible to attacks; however, the biggest claim against Skrill's security is its lack of two-factor authentication.

Naysayers of Skrill like to point out that without this extra layer of protection (usually via text message or phone call), hackers can access their accounts more easily. While this is true, Skrill has taken a more proactive approach to stop hackers before they have the chance to do any damage.

In addition to being secure from a technical standpoint, Skrill's security team constantly monitors transactions and flags anything that looks suspicious. If there's even a whiff of a problem with your account or recent transactions, Skrill will freeze your account until you can verify the transaction.


The privacy of its users is paramount to Skrill, so much so that they have a dedicated page outlining their commitment to privacy.

As far as third-party services go, Skrill has one of the best track records for not selling or sharing customer information with other companies, which is pretty standard for a company that doesn't deal directly with customer transactions.

Skrill has never sold user data to third-party advertisers and has only disclosed information that was required by law or court order.


As a transfer service that's used by millions of customers all over the world, Skrill holds up under some of the heaviest traffic online.

If Skrill can handle millions of customers all over the world, it should be able to hold up for anyone who wants to use its service for a few transactions a month.

In addition to handling high volumes of traffic, Skrill's platform is constantly being monitored by both automated and manual security measures to detect and stop any suspicious activity.

The most important thing to remember about Skrill is that it's constantly updating its platform, adhering to international security standards, and investing in top-notch customer service.

Skrill prides itself on being one of the safest money transfer services available today.

This said, like all services, Skrill is not perfect.

For example, Skrill's customer support isn't the best, which means it can be difficult to get help if your account becomes compromised by hackers.

Also, there are some conditions that you need to meet before you start using this service like the minimum age of 16 years old and proof of identity (driver's license, passport, or bank statement).

However, the general opinion is that Skrill is safe to use.

 What other safety measures does Skrill provide?

  • Two Factor Authentication: A feature that makes sure you're always logged in securely with an extra layer of protection. Two Factor Authentication by SMS is available for free to all Skrill customers.
  • Limits: Limits are imposed on accounts to help prevent fraud and ensure account security, but they can be lifted if you need to use your account for larger transactions.
  • Passcode: A unique security feature is given to each Skrill wallet user when they first create their account. When you sign in to your Skrill wallet for the first time, enter your passcode.
  • Out-of-Office Message: You can set up an out-of-office reply message that will send automatically whenever you're logged in but away from your computer.
  • Emergency Access: Skrill allows an emergency contact to have access to your funds if you're incapacitated or unable to refresh your out-of-office message. To set this up, just enter a few details and share the information with someone you trust.
  • Identity Verification: Certain restrictions are enforced on transactions in order to prevent Money Laundering. To verify your identity, upload a government-issued ID when you first set up your account and then enter the details when prompted by Skrill.
  • Anti-Money Laundering Policy: All Skrill users must accept this policy before they can send or receive funds with the service.

How can I keep my Skrill account safe?

1) You can also guard against malicious attacks by keeping your account safe with a strong password and only allowing verified users to make purchases.

2) If you want to protect yourself even further, consider setting up a prepaid card so no one else has access to your main spending money if it's stolen or lost.

3) The best way to keep your Skrill account secure is to use two-step verification. This requires you to enter a code sent by text whenever you log in or set up an out-of-office reply when you go on holiday. A good way to keep your Skrill account safe is to set up Two Factor Authentication.

This protects you by making sure that any login attempt - or withdrawal for that matter - cannot be made without the right access codes.

We always recommend our readers turn on 2FA, so follow these steps if you haven't already done it:

  1. Ensure you're signed in to your Skrill wallet and go to the 'Security' tab on your account.
  2. Click on Two Factor Authentication and then follow the steps to activate this feature for free using either SMS or an authenticator app such as Google Authenticator.
  3. You'll receive a notification when 2FA is activated and you can start using it.

Remember: Never share your 2FA passcodes with anyone, not even Skrill!

4) You can set up an out-of-office message to keep your account secure while you're away from your computer too. This can be useful when you leave your PC for lunch or go on holiday.

  1. You can activate this feature from your 'Account' page.
  2. In the 'Security' section, click on Out-of-Office and enter a message and an alternative email address for emergencies.
  3. I recommend turning off Skrill's push notifications too as these can be used to log in to your account without using your password. Just go to 'Account' and click the cog icon.

How do I report a problem with my Skrill account or wallet?

If you need help or have a question about your Skrill account, it's best to contact customer support as soon as possible for a speedy response. To log a query, just go to Support in the header menu.

If you have a Skrill wallet issue, select 'Skrill Wallet' in the drop-down menu and then choose the specific problem in the second drop-down box.

When reporting an issue or making a complaint using this method, it's best to include as much information about the problem as possible.

Before contacting customer support, try to find the answer on our site as we may have already covered your question.

Is Skrill regulated?

Skrill works within the legal framework of all the countries it operates in to create a secure, fair, and convenient way for you to send and receive money.

Skrill works under regulatory supervision from bodies such as Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the UK, FSA in Japan, and FinCEN in the United States.

Is Skrill a bank?

No. Skrill is not a bank and doesn't have a banking license. Instead, it's an e-commerce business that works with financial institutions to provide safe and efficient money transfers worldwide. That means Skrill can deliver faster payments worldwide than traditional banks, but never holds funds for its customers.


To conclude, Skrill provides a safe and reliable way to make low-cost payments worldwide. It's regulated by many different authorities from around the world and works closely with our financial partners.