Is ERstatement Fake? What to Know Before Paying a Bill In 2023

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It's a shocking number: According to the National Consumers League, an estimated 1.5 million Americans were victims of medical identity theft in 2016, and that doesn't even count those who don't discover their identities have been stolen for months after the crime is committed.

The period after a holiday is typically rife with medical emergencies. As many of us return home and back to work, we start neglecting our health and may end up in the emergency room (ER).

Thankfully, there are ways to avoid an expensive ER bill when possible.  Luckily, there are also some steps you can take that will help lower the cost if you do find yourself in a hospital.

What Is ERstatement?

ERstatement is a website that aims to help people get access to information about their medical bills and create more transparency in the billing process.

The website offers resources that are meant to help patients better understand what they are being charged for, how much it should cost, and why the price is what it is.

Additionally, they offer advice on how to go about getting medical bills reduced or removed from one's credit report.

By helping patients get a better understanding of their medical expenses, ERstatement aims to put the power back in patients' hands so they can make better decisions regarding their health care.

What is ERstatement?

By providing resources for both consumers and medical providers, ERstatement is attempting to level the playing field between those who are responsible for billing mistakes and those who must pay their bills.

ERstatement is a website that aims to provide transparency into medical bills and billing errors.  They hope to put the patient in a better position to negotiate their bill or deal with billing mistakes if they come up.

Here Are A Few Things To Know Before Paying A Bill:

Ask For A Cash Discount At The Ambulance Entrance

If you have insurance, but do not have enough money on your plan's deductible, ask if there is an option to pay cash and receive a discount at the door.

According to Health Insurance Discounts, a cash discount is a fee for a service that a patient owes to the hospital or medical office but can be paid in full or financed at a reduced rate.

Make Sure Your Insurance Plan Covers The Service You're Receiving

In some cases, services from hospitals, such as an ER visit, may not be covered by your plan. It's up to the insurance company as to whether they will pay for those services.

To make sure you're not getting an expensive surprise after receiving a service, ask if it is covered by your insurance plan and how much of the charge will be paid before you leave.

Good Samaritan Laws Can Help Protect Against A Surprise Bill

There are "Good Samaritan" laws in all 50 states that can protect patients from a costly charge if their plan does not cover the service.

Good Samaritan laws state that doctors and hospital workers cannot leave a patient or refuse treatment in an emergency unless the patient has been stabilized and is able to make decisions on their own.

If the doctor is unable to contact an emergency contact, he or she cannot leave if there is no one available with that information.

Thoroughly Review Your Bill

Once you receive a medical bill after leaving the hospital, it's important to thoroughly look through each line item on your bill.

Even if you're in a hurry, it's better to take a few minutes and call the hospital with any questions about medical jargon you don't understand. That way, if something is unclear or seems wrong, you'll know to call and ask for clarification or rewrite.

If a TCN number is not on your bill, that means the hospital has submitted your bill electronically. If you don't recognize the medical facility billing number, call your insurance company. Ask if they know what it is and follow up in writing with any concerns about the bill in question.

Don't Agree To Prepay For Services

There are some cases when medical providers can insist that you prepay for services like surgery.  This is usually done if the procedure needs immediate attention, and waiting to check your benefits would cause potential harm.

However, any time you are asked to prepay for services, regardless of the reason, decline. This will require you to put down a refundable deposit or offer credit card information. It's up to the medical facility to follow up with your insurance company for payment.

Prepaying for a service that will be covered by your insurance plan can result in you having to pay twice or more than what the cost would be if you paid after the services were rendered.

Not all hospitals request this type of payment, but it's important to know how this works just in case you do receive a prepayment request.

Consider Asking For Financial Assistance

Hospitals are under no obligation to help patients with costs, but if your medical bills are more than what you can reasonably pay, ask about financial assistance or charity care. If the hospital provides this type of care, they may reduce the fees by a certain percentage.

Financial assistance and charity care are usually only available to those who qualify based on factors such as income and medical expenses. Make sure you meet the qualifications before asking for a discount or reduction of fees.  

Read Through Your Bill Carefully, So You Understand All Charges

If you're worried about an expensive medical bill, it's always best to be prepared before receiving the bill. If you have medical insurance, find out if your plan covers the care you're seeking, what it will cost, and how much of that charge your insurer will cover.

Also, make sure you know who is authorized to sign for any charges. It's also a good idea to contact your insurance company before seeking medical attention and get any and all of the information you need so there isn't a surprise bill when you receive treatment or services. This can help avoid confusion and ensure that no mistakes are made on either end of the billing process.

Be Upfront About Your Situation

If you're in a difficult financial spot, you can ask the hospital for a discount. Be upfront about your situation with the hospital billing department. You may be able to work out a payment plan that is comfortable for you, but being honest is always the best policy.  

If you are struggling financially, don't wait until it's too late. It's better to put your pride aside and ask for help than to get caught up in unexpected bills.

Know What's On Your Medical Bill Before You Pay It

If you receive a medical bill for services rendered, be sure to carefully review everything listed on the statement. Even if you're in a hurry, call the hospital with any questions about medical jargon you don't understand. This is especially important if you have medical insurance.

If there are charges on your statement that don't match up to what your medical plan covers, call the billing office immediately. It may be a simple clerical error, but it could also be a sign of something more serious like identity theft or fraud.

While it's important to understand what you're being billed for, not everyone can quickly make sense of medical bills. If you've received a statement and there is any part that makes no sense or seems out of place, call the billing office to get an explanation before you pay.

Know Who You Are Being Billed For

If you've received a medical bill that lists an individual's name other than your own, make sure to take the time to figure out why. It may be a simple mistake, but it could mean something more serious like identity theft or fraud.

While this is often nothing to worry about, it's still a good idea to know what you're being billed for and who the billing statement is meant for.

If a mistake was made, bring it up with the hospital as soon as possible so it can be rectified before getting sent to collections or affecting your credit. In some cases, the charges may even be dropped completely depending on whether it was a mistake or not.

Know Your Payment Options Before You Get The Bill In Question

Many hospitals offer different ways to offset costs, including financial assistance and charity care. Make sure you ask about their payment options beforehand, so there are no surprises when they send out an expensive bill.   

Also, make sure you know what type of financial assistance is available in your area. If you are struggling to make ends meet, don't wait until it's too late to ask for help or apply for assistance.

The article's author talks about "financial assistance" options at hospitals, not pre-negotiated insurance company rates. There are no discounts on ER bills negotiated by insurance companies.

Is ERstatement Fake?

No, Medical bill scams are nothing new, but they're also not a regular occurrence. While it's a scary thought to imagine someone stealing your identity and going on a medical spending spree in your name, that fear shouldn't prevent you from seeking emergency medical care when you or your child is sick or injured.

If you receive a medical bill in the mail that you're unsure about, call the billing office to help clear things up. If something seems off or doesn't add up, it could be an innocent mistake or a sign of identity theft.

While it's important to be aware of what's going on with your financial health, don't let fear prevent you from seeking life-saving medical care.

Is ERstatement Fake?

Work with the billing office to resolve any discrepancies, and be sure to protect your personal information. It's possible this is innocent, but it could also be an indication of fraud or identity theft that you should keep an eye on.

Your best bet, when faced with a medical bill like this, is to call the billing office and have them walk you through what's going on. If something doesn't seem right, look into it further to determine if it's a mistake or a sign of something else.

What Are The Security Measures Of ERstatement?

To ensure that user data is protected, ERstatement uses a secure server to protect all personal and financial information. Additionally, the company does not sell or trade any of its client's data to third parties. Also, the company states that it does not use or sell a patient's information for marketing purposes.

What Are The Security Measures Of ERstatement?

ERstatement has taken several steps to protect both the personal and financial information of its clients, as well as make sure they do not misuse any type of data. They use SSL encryption of your data as well as state that they do not sell or trade any of their client's information.

What Does ERstatement Have To Say About The Company?

ERstatement has received positive feedback on TrustPilot, which shows that consumers can trust them with their personal information and financial details. On the other hand, there are some complaints about how much it costs to use their services.

"I had an emergency billing situation happen when my daughter needed stitches in her head after a fall on the playground at school. The bill was $3,000, and I called them with questions because it just didn't seem right." - Taylor Jones, TrustPilot Reviewer.

To Taylor's relief, ERstatement was able to reduce her bill by 50% using their medical billing negotiation process. "I went through ERstatement for my wife's medical bills after she had an unexpected C-section. They were able to get me a discount of about $1,000 per month over the course of six months." - Benjamin Roberts, TrustPilot Reviewer.

ERstatement claims that they can provide discounts on medical bills for consumers by using their medical billing services. Their customer reviews show positive results in both the personal and financial aspects of their service with ERstatement.

How Much Does ERstatement Cost?

ERstatement offers a free 15-minute consultation, but after that, their services start at $99. Their packages offer discounts up to 70% percent for clients who opt-in to the longer billing plans."I don't recommend their services, they were not helpful at all." - Ana Ramirez, TrustPilot Reviewer

ERstatement has also received negative feedback from its customers because of how much it costs to use its services. Some customers felt the $99 price was too much to pay for a time investment that didn't offer enough savings, although others were pleased with their customer service and cost-effective billing plans.

How Much Does ERstatement Cost?

"After filling out forms on ERstatement's website it became clear that they don't take insurance companies' side - they're just middlemen that take a huge cut from the final savings." - Roman Balko, TrustPilot Reviewer.

ERstatement appears to have a range of pricing for their services depending on how long a consumer wants to use their billing negotiation process. It also seems as though they do not always support insurance companies, which may be a turnoff for some consumers.

If you are looking for free services to help reduce your medical bills, ERstatement is not the place for you. However, if their affordable cost and good reviews appeal to you, they may be a great resource.  

Is There Any Evidence That ERstatement Has Reduced Customers' Bills?

Yes, there is. ERstatement states that they can help reduce bills using their patient negotiating process, and customer reviews show positive results in both the personal and financial aspects of their service with ERstatement.

"My husband had a $5,000 bill from our baby's birth and after working with them he ended up paying around $1,000." - Jessica White, TrustPilot Reviewer.

ERstatement has helped reduce several of its customers' medical bills by up to 70% percent.  Their customer reviews show positive results in both the personal and financial aspects of their service with ERstatement.

"We had a $14,000 bill from an ambulance we took and they got it down to $3,000." - James Reily, TrustPilot Reviewer.

ERstatement appears to have a very high success rate in reducing their clients' medical bills. Its patient negotiating process is also highly praised by its customers, who say it takes little time and effort on their part for the bill reductions they receive.  

How Can I Contact ERstatement?

You can get in touch with ERstatement by phone at (855) 777-4023 Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. CST and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. You can also send them an email, submit a form or contact them via their website.

How Can I Contact ERstatement?

ERstatement genuinely wants to help consumers feel more in control of their medical bills. They offer a phone number and a contact form in order to help individuals with any problems they might have regarding their medical bills, in addition to valuable materials that can be used as knowledge.


ERstatement is an affordable, customer-friendly medical billing service that has helped many individuals get more control over their bills. They offer a phone number and contact form in order to help clients with any problems they might have regarding their bills, as well as valuable materials that can be used for knowledge.

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