Is Carvertise legit 2023 [Earn $450 – $1500 For Each Campaign]

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Ever pondered the question, "is Carvertise legit?" Well, you're not alone. Ever since the eye-catching ads started rolling across our roads, people have begun to ask themselves the same question.

Can your car really become an outlet for advertising and act as a canvas for brands, earning you money in the process?

As someone who admits curiosity myself about such unconventional means of income, I decided to delve deeper into it.

In this article, we'll take a good look into what Carvertise is all about - how it operates, what it requires and most importantly whether or not you can truly make some serious cash with Carvertise. Navigate on with me and let's find out the true legitimacy of this company.

What is Carvertise?

What is Carvertise?

Carvertise is an innovative and revolutionary approach to outdoor advertising. This Delaware-based company has transformed ordinary vehicles into moving billboards since its inception in 2012, bridging the gap between businesses looking for more exposure and regular drivers like you and me.

Contrary to popular belief, Carvertise does not sell cars or anything related to auto services; instead, they provide a unique platform for brands to advertise their products or services on everyday vehicles in return for some extra cash for the car owners.

The fascinating part about Carvertise? It turns your daily commutes and road trips into a potential source of income without any significant effort from your end.

How Does Carvertise Work?

Getting started with Carvertise is a fairly simple and straightforward process. There are a few steps you need to follow to get your car transformed into a moving billboard.

Download the APP or Visit the Website

First things first, navigate to the Carvertise website or download their mobile app. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Once you're on their platform, you can explore more about their service and how it integrates brands with drivers.


Once you've become familiar with Carvertise, the next step involves signing up. You'll need to provide basic personal information such as your name, email, cell phone number, as well as details about your vehicle (make and model), driving routine etc.

Meet Carvertise Driver Requirements

After successful signup, you need to meet certain criteria set by the company. Below we will discuss the company requirements in detail.

Select Your Brand Deal

Once approved based on their requirements (which generally has more to do with where you travel frequently), they allow you select your preferred brand deal from their list of advertisers which are open for your area.

Drive & Earn

When all previous steps are completed without any issue then that's it! You're in! After the wrap has been installed on your vehicle by professionals at no cost to you whatsoever, all that's left for you to do is drive- drive around just like your regular routine.

What Is The Carvertise Driver Requirements?

What Is The Carvertise Driver Requirements?

Carvertise has certain restrictions and requirements to ensure the quality of their advertising service. It's important to note, they aren't overly restrictive; rather, they aim to ensure that the cars driving around with their advertisements meet basic criteria for respectability and visibility.

  1. Personal Details: First things first. You need to provide your First Name, Last Name, Primary Email and Cell Phone Number.
  2. Vehicle Details & Condition: The make (Car company) and model of your car, the year it was manufactured, its current condition, and color all form part of the information you'd need to disclose.
  3. Driving Routine: A brief description of where you frequently drive or commute is crucial. This will help Carvertise place ads that are best suited for specific regions or places.
  4. Referral Information: And lastly, where did you first hear about Carvertise?

These essentials are pivotal as they assist Carvertise in matching drivers with brands based on geographic location and typical driving routines.

Remember: honesty is crucial when stating your details- false information can lead to serious consequences including disqualification from the program.

How Much Can You Make With Carvertise?

Many of you may be asking, how much can you potentially earn with Carvertise? The fact is, income generated through Carvertise might not make you a millionaire overnight, but it's certainly not something to simply shrug off.

The average payout from Carvertise is usually around $100/month, but this is highly dependent on the campaign and the advertiser.

For those who are willing to fully commit to a brand and opt for a full wrap covering car's exterior, earnings can range anywhere from $450 – $1,500 per campaign.

This substantial increase in earnings stems from the fact that full wraps are more noticeable and thus garner more visibility for businesses.

And here’s the best part – you earn money just by driving as you normally would! So, why not turn your car into an income-generating asset?

How Long Does A Carvertise Campaign Last?

How Long Does A Carvertise Campaign Last?

Typically, a Carvertise campaign lasts anywhere between 1 and 6 months. The length is often determined by the advertiser's need for exposure and how long they want the campaign to run.

However, it's important to note that the duration of a campaign can directly impact your potential earnings. Naturally, longer campaigns tend to offer more financial benefits.

Also, while some advertisers may extend their campaigns, others might prefer shorter advertising periods - it all hinges on the specific needs of the advertiser.

Is Carvertise Legit?

There may be a host of dubious schemes out there, but let me assure you, Carvertise is 100% legit.

This ever-growing brand has carved a niche for itself in the advertising world since its inception in 2012. They hold credibility due to their significant presence, large customer base, and remarkable standing in the market.

They offer full contact support (you can get in touch with them via email or phone), ensuring great customer service and prompt resolution of any potential issues.

Scams typically shy away from providing such solid support which further proves Carvertise's legitimacy.

Carvertise's active social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin enhances their credibility as these platforms are frequently used by brands to connect with users and showcase their transparency.

Ultimately, Carvertise is not just legitimate but a highly trusted platform that turns the idea of car advertising into reality!

Pros & Cons Of Carvertise

Being part of the Carvertise community does come along with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let's draw a quick comparison:

  • Ease in Making Extra Income
  • Zero Startup Cost
  • Minimal Impact on Personal Life
  • Restricted Earning Potential
  • Limited to Specific Geographies

Other Companies That Pay For Adverts on Cars

Other Companies That Pay For Adverts on Cars

If you're keen on the idea of turning your vehicle into an advertising medium but want to explore options beyond Carvertise, there are several other reputable companies that you may consider.


If you're a driver who is often on the road and always looking for opportunities to boost your income, Car-Bucks might just be the right fit for you.

Based out of Chicago, Car-Bucks provides drivers with an alternative way to earn additional income, by turning their vehicle into a moving billboard.

Interested drivers need to apply through their website, providing all necessary personal and vehicle details. Once accepted, they can start earning money by driving around their city like they usually would!


Next up we have Wrapify, another popular choice in the car advertisement industry. Wrapify operating across several states within the U.S, offering varied payouts based on factors like the coverage of your car's wrap and distance covered during your drives.

By incorporating technology into their platform, Wrapify allows drivers to track their earnings in real-time through its app.


StickerRide offers a similar service but involves a more digital approach. As the name implies, StickerRide focuses more on stickers rather than full-body vehicle wraps.

The 'game format' implemented by them lets brands create interactive mobile marketing campaigns with an element of customisation in themes and tasks for drivers that go beyond traditional ad settings.

Free Car Media

Free Car Media tends to stand out due to its unique approach of offering potential long-term deals—some of which could even last up to 24 months.

A bit different from other companies on this list as FC media focuses mostly on rear window decals rather than full or partial wraps - offering users more flexibility with their vehicles' visual aesthetic.


Lastly, ReferralCars hits the spotlight for its non-traditional operation style.

Instead of being paid per campaign or per month basis as seen with other companies above, ReferralCars employs an affiliate model where drivers are paid commission whenever someone uses the service or buys a product from advertised referral link.

FAQs About Is Carvertise legit?

What is Carvertise?

Carvertise is a company that offers drivers the opportunity to earn money by placing advertisements on their vehicles. Brands pay for this space and in return, drivers get compensated for turning their cars into travelling billboards.

Who can sign up for Carvertise?

Any driver who owns a car and meets the requirements laid out by Carvertise can sign up. This includes providing personal details, information about your vehicle, and answering questions about your driving routine.

How much can I potentially earn with Carvertise?

The average payout from Carvertise usually stands around $100/month but for full wrap advertisements, it can range anywhere from $450 – $1,500 per campaign.

Is there any cost involved in getting my car wrapped for advertising?

No, there's absolutely no cost to the driver. All costs pertaining to wrapping and unwrapping of your vehicle are covered by Carvertise.

Is Carvertise a legitimate way to earn extra income?

Yes, with a strong standing since 2012 and an active presence on various social media platforms as well as full contact support offered to drivers, Carvertise is indeed a legitimate platform to earn supplementary income.


In a concisely wrapped package, Carvertise is a legit platform that offers an innovative way to earn passive income. They've mapped their place excellently in the landscape of car advertising, providing drivers an opportunity to monetize their vehicles.

Their clear prerequisite criteria, transparency in payouts, and full support service make it an appealing option for both advertisers and car owners alike.

Turning your car into a moving billboard might seem unusual at first but as you've learned from this guide, it can be a lucrative opportunity just waiting around the corner!

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