How To Transfer Money From Venmo To Cash App? (2022)

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You must be looking for the answer to the query of "how to transfer money from Venmo to Cash App?" So, well, you are here, and we will provide you with the entire details and answer your questions at every step.

You may be very well aware that both of these things are different platforms (Venmo and Cash App). People often find ways how they can share or transfer their money from Venmo to the Cash App.

To transfer the money, you will require two methods to do it, mentioning which: you will have to create a direct deposit for your Cash App account and, secondly, link a mutual bank account on both the platforms (Venmo and Cash App).

These two are the simplest method on the query "how to transfer money from Venmo to Cash App." So, let’s get to know it in detail.

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What exactly is Venmo?

To know it is a direct word, it is known as the payment application which can be used by both android and iOS users. You can easily pay, transfer or receive money through this app. But to be more specific, this can only be used by the citizens of the US. Therefore, you can use this for your payment purpose, and it is quite easy to handle.

How to transfer money from Venmo to Cash App?

Coming to the discussion of the main topic which we have considered is how you can transfer your money from Venmo to Cash App. Well, as we have mentioned earlier, we have two ways to do it. Therefore, we would be dealing with it in a detailed manner. So, let’s get into it.

Create a direct deposit for your Cash App account

To transfer your money from Venmo to the Cash App, you will have to create a direct deposit for your Cash App account by finding out the account and the routing number of your Cash App account. You must be now wondering as to how you can do that. So, here are few steps on how you can work for that, just get all the points cleared, and your work will be done.

Finding your Cash App account and the routing Numbers

  • Step 1: Open your Cash App on your device.
  • Step 2: After opening it, find a tab with having dollar sign on it, tap it to enter the My Cash border.
  • Step 3: You will see a Cash tab with a dollar sign. Click on it.
  • Step 4: You will see ‘Get Account Number’; click on it.
  • Step 5: You will then get a notification; just click on the ‘Enable Account’ tab.
  • Step 6: After that, you will get a ‘Copy Account details’ tab; click on it.
  • Step 7: Here, you will get ‘Copy Account Number’ and ‘Copy Routing Number.’ Click on it, and you will get the required things.
  • Step 8: At the end, add that account and routing number to your Venmo.

How to enter them into your Venmo app?

Here are the following steps which will help you to do so:

  • Step 1: Open your Venmo app; you will see three lines at the top of the screen; click on them.
  • Step 2: You will get the settings option there, search for ‘Payment Methods’ and then click on ‘Add bank or card’ and select your bank.
  • Step 3: After selecting your bank, they will ask you for the verification which you have to complete.

Also, if you want you set up your direct deposit, then you can simply use your cash card for that purpose. As mentioned above, the steps are simple; you will just have to enter the information on your cash card or get scanned.

Now, the time comes when you can easily transfer your money from Venmo to the Cash App. As you have linked your Venmo with the Cash App, you can now simply deposit your money from your Cash App account.

Link a mutual bank account on both the platforms (Venmo and Cash App)

This is the most convenient step which you can opt for, as this is very simple. You will just have to link your Venmo and Cash App to one bank account. To know how you can do this, go through the steps which are given below.

Transfer the balance of your Venmo to your bank account

  • Step 1: At first, add a bank account that you want to link with the Cash App.
  • Step 2: You will have to go through the verifications.
  • Step 3: Now is the time where you will have to transfer your balance to the bank account.
  • Step 4: Open the Venmo app, find the three lines on the top of the page, and click on it.
  • Step 5: Click on ‘Transfer Money’ or ‘Transfer to the bank.’
  • Step 6: Enter the balance amount which you want to transfer and select whether you require instant or 1-3 Business days.
  • Step 7: Make a choice whether your card or bank account should do the transaction.
  • Step 8: After doing the entire process, click on the ‘Transfer’ button.

Therefore, you are done with the process; now, you will have to switch to your Cash App.

How to add the transferred amount to the Cash App?

Here are the following steps you will have to follow to add the transferred money to your Cash App.

  • Step 1: Go to your Cash App, click on the Balance Tab and select add cash.
  • Step 2: Enter the amount which you want to add to your balance and then click on ‘Add.’
  • Step 3: They will ask you for the verification, which you will have to do by using your touch ID or the pin number.

So, this is how you can transfer your money from Venmo to the Cash App. Do make sure that you get your Cash App and Venmo linked to a mutual bank account, or it will not work.

Final Words

So, here we come to a conclusion. We have provided you with the proper step-by-step information on the query "how to transfer money from Venmo to Cash App?" Do make sure you go through the entire step properly.

Otherwise, you will face many issues, or your money would not be able to transfer. Remember that linking your bank account is necessary; without that, you cannot do what you require.

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