How To Extend The Life Of Your Laptop? [Complete Guide]

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By: Michael Restiano
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It's time to talk about laptop care. Most people don't realize how delicate their laptops are, and the proper care is rarely taken for them. This article will teach you what you can do to extend the life of your laptop and some things that you should avoid doing to keep it running smoothly for longer!

How to Extend the Life of Your Laptop?

Treat it gently

The first thing that you should do to extend your laptop's life is to treat it with care. Do not drop, bump or shake your laptop when in use. This can cause internal damage to components and hard drives resulting in a loss of data!

If this happens, ensure that you have backed up any important files before attempting computer repairs yourself. A simple solution for preventing bumps during the transportation is using a padded carrying bag which will also protect from liquids such as spilled drinks.

It's best to avoid exposing your laptop screen directly to bright light sources such as sunlight or lamps because these may strain eyesight over time. Additionally, try not to keep laptops on soft cushions where they might accidentally turn themselves on by pressing buttons underneath them.

Lastly, never leave your laptop in a car or other places that are extremely hot because this can damage the computer's components resulting in irreversible data loss.

Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can also cause permanent damage, which will be very expensive for you to fix! That's why it's essential always to have proper care when using laptops.

It is advisable not to place anything on your laptop while working with it because there could be chances of overheating and frying internal parts .

Always keep an eye out for any unusual behavior by knowing how warm the bottom side gets during operation. If necessary, use additional cooling devices such as fans or refrigeration if heat problems become persistent enough!

It sounds extreme, but at least you'll have peace of mind knowing that you've done everything possible to keep your laptop working properly.

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Charge it only up to 80%

The next thing to do to extend the life of your laptop is to avoid overcharging it. Charging a battery up to 100% might seem like the best way, but doing so can cause permanent damage that will reduce its ability to store power and eventually stop charging altogether!

Once this happens, you'll have little chance of reviving your dead laptop unless you replace all internal parts with new ones, which comes at an extremely high cost.

Therefore, always remember not to charge laptops beyond 80%. If there's no possible way to avoid leaving the computer plugged in overnight, make sure to use the "hibernate" or "sleep mode" function rather than the traditional shutdown.

This allows hardware components such as hard drives and processors to go into a low-power state while still receiving a trickle charge from the battery. This ensures that you can keep working without worrying about draining your laptop's life too quickly!

I also recommend always use an original charger provided by computer manufacturers because third-party chargers might not be compatible with all models and could result in overheating or physical damage .

If these options aren't available, it is best to consult professional technicians who will share their knowledge on whether using non-original parts is safe or not for any particular model of laptop.

Lastly, it's essential to understand how lithium-ion batteries work so we know when they are likely going dead and why charging them doesn't prolong their lives as much as people think.

If your laptop shows signs of age, such as reduced battery life, you should be able to restore it by calibrating or recalibrating the battery.

Use its original charger.

If you're still not convinced about buying the OEM charger, I highly recommend using original chargers whenever possible. If it is inconvenient for some reason, using third-party ones will only prolong your computer's life by a minimal amount of time but also avoid any damage that might happen if the laptop malfunctions during charging.

It is easy to forget these simple tips when we are so used to seeing our laptops working all the time correctly! But knowing how much they mean in extending their lives can help us appreciate them more and take proper care of equipment, always putting user safety first.

That way, manufacturers won't trick consumers into spending hundreds on unnecessary repairs or replacement parts because most problems can be prevented with regular maintenance. What do you think?

Keep it cool

Another essential step you should take to extend your laptop's life is making sure it doesn't overheat or get too cold. If overheats, chances are that parts such as batteries and processors will suffer permanent damage.

To prevent this from happening, make sure not to block air vents with anything, keep computers away from heating units like radiators, and never use laptops on soft surfaces such as carpets or beds because there's a high chance they'll obstruct proper airflow!

Additionally, avoid placing them in closed spaces where the temperature might spike up quickly due to lack of ventilation so computers can dissipate heat effectively.

If necessary, consider using additional cooling devices provided by manufacturers but remember that these products reduce overall performance, thus decreasing its life expectancy further down the road!

Last but not least, always check your battery life before using the laptop for extended periods to make sure it doesn't die too quickly! For this purpose, most laptops have built-in indicator lights that tell how much power you've got left or software programs such as Battery Health which allows checking status on Windows PCs.

If there's no way to get access to the original charger, I recommend looking into third-party products explicitly designed for prolonging the lifespan of batteries.

Clean your device regularly

Lastly, it would help if you kept your laptop clean by cleaning it regularly. This might seem obvious, but many people often forget this vital step of extending the life of their laptops! You can use simple household products for this purpose or specialized computer cleaners available on the market today.

Suppose you are looking for an easy way to keep your laptop clean without any risk of damaging it. In that case, I highly recommend getting a simple microfiber cloth and simply wiping down the surface with water or some cleaning product designed specifically for this purpose!

However, there's no need to rush towards buying specialized cleaners if standard household products do their job just fine, most likely.

This is why it is essential to try out different options before feeling like nothing works that isn't trustworthy. Most problems can be fixed by doing so rather than shelling out money on expensive computer repair services that might not even fix them completely.

Furthermore, taking proper care means more time spent enjoying technology instead of worrying about repairs and replacements, so investing wisely will pay off many times!

Upgrade when necessary

When it comes to laptops, most problems are caused by lack of proper maintenance or old age rather than malfunctions that are true for desktops. While once parts become obsolete, they need to be replaced with newer ones to extend lifespan, there's no way around this rule!

Suppose you want your laptop to last longer. In that case, it is essential to make sure everything works properly and to use the right equipment, which means buying accessories compatible with each other and choosing components suited for tasks performed on the computer throughout its life.

If, when purchasing the device, was told about specifications required for daily activities, consider adding more RAM if needed. These upgrades could significantly prolong the time between replacements if the manufacturer didn't increase the compatibility list yet!

However, any additional changes should be done according to professional guidelines to avoid damaging the device further down the road. With that being said, if you are looking for an easy way out, then consider getting an extended warranty at least until the manufacturer's warranty expires.

Many companies offer this type of service today, which allows covering repairs or replacements no matter what happens! This is why I recommend reading warranties carefully before choosing one because some plans don't cover accidental damage. In contrast, others might not be valid in case the product was bought used second-hand online.