How To Check Computer Specifications? [Windows10, CPU, & More]

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You may be thinking about why it is important to look on with the detailing of the computer's specs. Many of you upgrade your system so that it works in a better condition, for that you must know about the detailing of your components.

Many times your system gets damaged or stops working; you should know exactly the details of the component that is being settled.

Also, if you tend to sell your system, you should have a better knowledge of the specs of each component. If you have no idea about it, then don’t worry, we have some information about your concern. Let’s look into them.

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How To Check Basic Computer Specs

To check on the overall specs of your computer in windows 10, you will just have to follow the simple steps.

1. Click on the windows tab on the bottom left-hand side corner.
2. Click on settings and then on the ‘System’ bar.
3. Below, you will find an option for ‘About.’

From these steps, you will get an overall idea of your PC specs.


It is very well clear to everyone that the Processor (CPU) is the most important component in your system. Everything depends upon the processor you are using. If you have windows 10, then to check on with the detailing, you just have to follow some of the steps.

1. Look for the windows tab and right-click on it.
2. In the menu, select ‘system.’
3. In that sub-options, click on ‘Device Specifications’ and then click on ‘Processor.’

There you will find the information. This is how you will get to know which processor your device is using. This is the easiest step you can do on Windows 10 device for your specs.


The steps which were mentioned above to find out the CPU specs were very easy and convenient. Similarly, you can check the specs of your Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). It is very important to know about the Graphics in your system. To find out the specs, do follow the simple steps mentioned below.

1. As you did for CPU, similarly, right-click on the windows tab.
2. In the menu, select ‘Device Manager.
3. In that sub-option, click on ‘>’ this arrow next to the ‘Display adapters.
4. Below the drop-down, you will get to know which Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) your system is using.

These are steps as to how you can check the specs of your GPU. Here are some of the points which you should consider on. Firstly, if in your ‘Display Adaptor’ you get a drop-down tab, then your PC has integrated graphics as well as a dedicated stand-alone graphics card.

Also, if there is only a dedicated graphic card available in your system, it is more powerful than comparing them (integrated graphics and stand-alone graphics).

On the contrary, if your processor is Intel, then it is sure that you will have an integrated graphics card in your system.
Therefore, these are some of the important specs you should know about the Graphic Cards.


Checking on with the specs of your motherboard will be a bit tricky part. But you don’t have to worry; we will provide you with every step. For checking on your motherboard, the simplest way is to open up your device and look into the motherboard itself.

It is very important to know the brand and the model number of your motherboard. If you have an obscure motherboard, then it sure that you will have a brand of ASUS, Gigabyte, or MSI and will have a model number consisting of some letters and numbers.

If you find a problem to check on with this, then follow up the simplest steps to know the necessary.

1. Search ‘System information in the search tab and click on it.
2. On the ‘System information tab, click on the ‘System summary.’
3. On the left-hand side, check on with the ‘Baseboard Model,’ ‘Baseboard Name,’ ‘Baseboard Manufacturer.’

You will get the entire detail of the specs you wish to obtain for the motherboard in your system.


Checking on the specs of RAM is a very simple way to find out. You just have to follow the procedure which is being given. It is as simple as you did with finding out the specs of CPU and GPU. Consider the following steps, which are mentioned below.

1. Right-click on the windows tab, as you did it in the CPU’s specs.
2. Choose the ‘System’ bar from the menu.
3. In ‘system,’ below the CPU, you will get the RAM detailing.

This was the simple step to know about the details for the RAM in your system.

Hard Drive

Checking up on your hard drive is the easiest step, as we did it for the other components. Just follow up the simple steps which are mentioned below.

1. To check on the space of the hard disk, open a folder and click on the ‘This PC’ bar.
2. Look on to Drive C, where you will be given how much space is left behind and how much total of it you have.
3. After that, right-click on Drive C and select properties, where you will get the detailed information.

By going on in the properties section, you will get the details of how much the total space of the hard drive is, how much the space is free for you to use up, and the other important detailing.

If you want to know whether your Hard Drive is SSD or not, then open the disk defragment and optimize the drive tool. Below the Media type option, you will get to know whether it is SSD or not.

Final Words

To find up with the article which is covered with every step so that you can look at the specs easily without any trouble. Make sure you check on this s it helps you know your system better.

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