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How To Activate American Express Business Card? American Express is one of the most reliable credit card companies in the world. It has its headquarters in New York City and operates in most countries of the world. American Express focuses on providing a range of services for small to large-sized businesses.

Business owners can choose from a wide range of products that suit them the best - from charge cards, credit cards, and rewards cards. The main advantage that American Express offers is flexibility as well as tailored products.

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If you have opened an American business account, then you must know how easy it is to activate your Business Card. Most of the American Express cards require activation, and there is nothing much to worry about.

How To Activate American Express Business Card?

Activate via Phone Call:

This is the easiest way to activate your card. You can activate your card by using the telephone number listed on your card. Call up to speak with an agent who will not just help you activate your Business Card but also ask for any other information required by the company.

  1. Dial the number that is listed on your card
  2. You will be asked to provide some personal information such as - Name, Address, etc.
  3. An activation code/ password will also be provided. This is important, and you should not lose this. Provide it to the agent while activating your card so he can complete the process in a few minutes.
  4. In case you fail to provide the code, your account will be closed, and a new card will be issued to you with a fresh number. But when you call up American Express, they will ask for the number of your previous card. If the number is correct, then they will provide an activation code that you can use while activating your new card.

Activate via Email:

This is a more convenient way of activating your business card, especially when you are on the move and not at home or in your office. You can activate your card by emailing

The company will reply with an activation code that you can use to activate your business card. The only disadvantage here is that the reply might take up to 24 hours, so you cannot be sure when you will receive it.

Activate via USSD Code:

This is a more complicated way of activating your Business Card and should be used as a last resort. First, you will need to dial *#808# and then type in the USSD code which you received with your card.

Note: There is another way of activating your card using a mobile application such as AmEx Mobile or Bluebird Mobile, but this method is not very common and should be avoided as it is less secure - since the person handling your account knows your banking information.

How To Apply For Amex Business Card?

You must be 18 years old and above with a good credit record. You should also have an active business for at least three months. Ensure you meet all eligibility criteria before applying for the Business Card, as it is important to maintain your relationship with the bank.

The documents required for application may include:

  • Business certificate (if applicable)
  • Proof of income (business)
  • Tax returns (if applicable)
  • Financial statements
  • Proof of address
How To Apply For Amex Business Card

Application form, You can download the application form from the AmEx website or call up to request one. You will need to fill in the business information, including the business name, contact details, legal structure, and many others.

Follow our guide on How To Fill in American Express Business Credit Card Application to make sure you complete all the required fields correctly.

When your application is approved, you will receive your card within two weeks at the address provided in the application. You can also request a replacement if you do not get it within that time frame.

How Do You Get Approved?

If your application gets declined, make sure you review the reasons why - it might be because of an error in your financial data or a lack of self-employment history. It's also possible that there are problems with your credit report - read our tips on how to maintain a good credit score.

If it's because of past problems with the bank, you will have two options: close your current account or wait until 3-months have passed since your last charge off/bankruptcy. In general, American Express is more likely to approve applicants who have been turned down by other banks.

How Many Days Does It Take To Get A Business Card?

Business credit cards have a hard limit of 2 per business. If you have been denied, please wait 3-6 months and try to apply again. Have a credit card from another bank first before applying for a business card as a backup.

Credit Inquiries will be combined if you are going through the application process at the same time for a business and personal card. If both applications are approved, you will receive one or two hard pulls on your credit report (depending on the bank).

It is recommended to apply for a business card after you close your existing cards - including student cards, if applicable.

Why Do You Need A Business Card?

A business card can help you manage your expenses better by providing special features that will help you track your spending. Business cards also come with many perks, including free extended warranties and travel insurance.

Plus, they have much higher credit limits than personal cards, so you have the ability to spend freely without going over the limit or missing a payment. Most importantly, you can keep your business and personal finances separate, which is very important for maintaining good credit.

Is Amex Business Card Safe To Use?

Of course, you can always get in touch with American Express to check the safety of your card. But it's best if you keep an eye on your account, too - read our tips on how to monitor your credit card used for that.

For online shopping, especially, be sure to use a secure connection (look for HTTPS://) and check for any unusual charges on your statement. Avoid using public Wi-Fi for online transactions thanks to the high risks of data theft.

Is AMEX Credit Card safe

AmEx Business Cards are also eligible for purchasing items on Amazon, which makes it even more important to have the best security in place.

How Is The Customer Support Service Of Amex?

You can contact the customer service team by phone, chat, or in a branch. They are often short in personnel in branches, but they will try to provide you with the best service possible.

If your issues cannot be resolved in a branch, you can escalate it to a higher level for further investigation - note that this process may take a longer time.

How Is The Customer Support Service Of Amex

For more serious problems, you can call their helpline with your card details to discuss it in private. In general, American Express is very easy to deal with - as long as you have funds available to pay the bill. Just remember not to contact them after 9 PM on weekdays or weekends except for urgent matters.

AmEx Business Cards also have a special concierge service that is available 24/7 for those who need extra help. You can contact them by chat or phone if they are not able to solve your problem before it escalates to the customer support team.

For emergency situations such as stolen cards, missing funds, and overdue payments, you can use their emergency line for immediate assistance.


In general, American Express might be a little harder to get than other cards, but the benefits that come with it can help you build your business.

If you keep an eye on your account and stay informed about any changes to their policies, American Express will be a great addition to your wallet.

This article is for informational purposes only and not to be used as professional advice. These suggestions are not comprehensive and do not cover all possible use cases. Please consult a financial advisor before making any financial decisions.