Top 5 Great Music Scholarships In 2021 [Detailed Guide]

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Many studies and researches have shown that music can heal 97% of people if they feel unconscious or stressed. Many music composers and artist give their life in the field of music. People now can even study the language of music. It is not just because of the competitors in today’s world but a love for music that drives them passionate about their goal.

So, to achieve your goal you can apply for many music scholarships. As scholarships help you in your financial requirements it will also help you develop your future better. You can also apply through educational loans but then you have to repay the amount with interest, so it is very beneficial if you apply for the scholarships.

So, let’s get to know about some music scholarships which the USA provides to the students.

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Top 5 Great Music Scholarships – Ultimate Guide

Great Music Scholarships

1. Berklee College of Music Presidential Scholarship

This institute is in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. This is a private college of music. The college was established in 1945. This institute offers courses with contemporary and historical styles of music types. This college basically provides you with a Merit-based scholarship. Applicants have to go through a live audition.

The selection process goes as -the top student or the musician will receive the scholarship. The scholarship includes the tuition fee, rental expenses, etc. Now, the student having the best grades or say the highest merit-based result will be given the award. Also, they will see the financial need of the student and can award them too. The college also plans performance programs across the country. Students who perform the best are then awarded the scholarship.

2. Augustana University Pro Musica Scholarships

This university is in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the United States which is a private university. This university was established in 1860. This university provides many scholarships which include the Pro Musica scholarship too which is for the students who are passionate about music. Basically, this area offers scholarships to students who are very good at instruments or vocals.

The applicant has to go through a live audition to give the best of them. They select by observing the talents and potential of the student. The scholarship provides you with the tuition fee, etc. Students who will excel in all the required things will get the scholarship and will be awarded. The deadline for this to apply is 2nd January 2021.

3. Bemidji State Music Scholarship

This is a public university in Bemidji, Minnesota, United States. This university was established in 1919. Here, students are given a music scholarship if they excel in the required things which the university wants.

The university selects the potential and dedicated students for the scholarship. The applicant has to give an audition and have to submit an application form. It will be a live audition or you have to give an on-campus audition. Also, one can apply online by sending their live recordings to the head.

Now, the scholarship will be provided to the deserving student. The scholarship includes your tuition fee, etc. The deadline for this to apply is 31st January 2021.

4. Presbyterian College Music Scholarship

This is a private college located in Clinton, South Carolina, United States. This was established in 1880. This is basically a Liberal Arts college nut also provides music scholarship from the music department of the college. The students here pursue music by learning the language of music and performing in different areas.

To apply for this scholarship all you have to do here is submit the application form and also you have to go through their audition round which they will handle and observe your talent. Scholarships will be given to the students based on their performances. The scholarship provides you with the tuition fee, etc. The deadline for this to apply is 30th January 2020.

5. John Lennon Scholarship

This scholarship is partnered with the BMI Foundation which was established in 1997. This scholarship was made in memory of the excellent songwriter – John Lennon. This scholarship is open to student songwriters and composers of contemporary musical genres.

The eligibility criteria for this scholarship are that the applicant should be a current citizen of US College. Also, your age must restrict between 18 to 24 years of age. The process will be – you have to submit them a song for the competition and keep in mind that it should be the original song. You have to compete with different levels of competitors in the competition.

Scholarships totaling $20,000 will be awarded for the competition, which will be included in your tuition fee, rental expenses, etc. The deadline for this to apply is 22nd January 2021.


You can apply for these scholarships mentioned above if you meet all the eligibility criteria given by each of the universities or foundations. These scholarships will help you grown in your music world if you are very passionate about it. But you should be able to challenge yourself in every aspect to win over it.

This maximizes your money and helps you with financial aids. With the perfect music scholarship, you achieve all your goals which you dream about.

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