5 Great Doctoral Scholarships Education 2020

What Is A Doctoral Scholarship?

Let us first understand what a doctoral scholar means which will further help us in getting a better understanding of what a doctoral scholarship means. The students who are working on their PhD degrees are known as doctoral students are working to get a doctorate degree in their respective field of education.

The students who have completed the complete course work of their respective courses have cleared all their examinations and are now working on their thesis/dissertation are known as a doctoral candidate or a PhD candidate. The scholarship that these students get is known as doctoral or PhD scholarships.

Unlike student loans scholarship grants are not supposed to be paid back the students keep the grants they receive to fund the expenses of the PhD degree which can be of the duration of 3-5 years the duration of the PhD degree differs from country to country.

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Great Doctoral Scholarships Education

Why Should Students Go For A PhD & Apply For Doctoral Scholarships?

Professor Daniel Drezner of Tufts University once said, “Should you get a PhD? Only if you are crazy or crazy about the subject.” no truer words have been spoken because a PhD degree is not only mentally demanding but also it demands a lot from the students physically as well as in terms of finances.

A PhD is the highest academic achievement in any field of education. The individual who have earned themselves a PhD help themselves a right to be referred to as a doctor in their respective field of education. Only the students who wish to acquire in-depth knowledge and carry out the required researches in their respective field should pursue a PhD degree.

A PhD degree will surely cost a fortune to the individual which can discourage many deserving and capable candidates from pursuing the degree hence in order to encourage the individuals to pursue the PhD degree in their respective field of education many governments, federal, private and educational institutions offer PhD or doctoral scholarships to the individuals which help in funding and pursuing their education.

Students must apply for a doctoral or a PhD scholarship because unlike student loans the scholarship grants are not supposed to be paid back by the students. The students get to keep what they have received and use it to fund their education. This helps the students in dedicating all their time and efforts to their respective PhD programme rather than having to work part-time to pay-off their student loan.

Difference Between A Doctoral Scholarship, Fellowship & Grant.

Scholarships, fellowships and research grants are the three most common ways of funding your doctoral study. Let us find out the basic differences between each of them.

PhD/Doctoral scholarships- These are sponsored by educational institutions, business and sometimes by non-for-profit organisations. It must be noted that each provider has a different set of criteria that the applicant must fulfil. The money received from scholarships can be used to pay tuition fees to buy the coursebooks etc. Many scholarships are mostly meant to be for undergrad students. Whereas the fellowships are mostly meant to be for students who are going for their Master’s or PhD degree.

PhD/Doctoral fellowships- Fellowships completely fund the entire doctoral study. It encompasses the scholarship as well as the grant. Fellowships can help to pay-off the entire tuition fees and sometimes a yearly stipend.

PhD/Doctoral research grants- Students have to apply for research grants on the similar manner in which they apply for scholarships. The state and federal governments offer research grants. The money that is received as a research grant can help to financially aid your research work.

How Do You Get A PhD/Doctoral Scholarship?

As mentioned above scholarships are provided by educational institutions, business organisations as well as not-for-profit organisations. Each sponsor/provider has their different set of criteria that is to be fulfilled by the candidate who is applying.

Many providers in the United States of America provide their scholarships to U.S citizens or other legal permanent residents. They also give emphasis on the candidate’s academic performances and their academic achievements along with their current financial condition.

PhD degrees are an expensive affair the candidate applying for scholarships must be ready to face the tough competition from other applicants.

Some institutions provide scholarships to all the students who are selected for the PhD programmes regardless of their need or merit. In such cases, the only hurdle the student might have to face is to get selected for the PhD degree programme they are looking forward to studying in. Once they are admitted in the programme they automatically become eligible for the scholarship.

5 Great Doctoral Scholarships In Education

There are many fields in which an individual can earn a PhD degree in some of them are mentioned below.

  • Social science PhD programs.
  • Humanities PhD programs.
  • Engineering PhD programs.
  • Life and Physical sciences PhD programs.
  • Educational PhD programs.

In this article, we are going to list 5 great Doctoral/PhD scholarships that students can apply for in Education in the United States of America.

1. The JCC’s North America Graduate Scholarship Program

The JCC’s also known as the Jewish Community Centre of North America Graduate Education Scholarship program gives their scholarship to 5 full-time graduate students who are eligible for the scholarship program. It is a $10,000 scholarship the time period is 1-2 years. The deadlines of the application are revealed for the next year on the 1st of September every year. The students who are pursuing an MA degree and are willing to start their careers in the JCC movement are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Applicants are expected to complete their field placement in the JCC once they are awarded the scholarship.

2. Gates Millennium Scholars Program

Founded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Gates Millennium Scholars program is the largest scholarship program in the whole of the United States. The program awards its scholarships to 1000 students every year the applications are received from 1 August up till 15 January. Students applying for the program must have a GPA above 3.3 or earned a GED and met the Federal Pell Grant Eligibility criteria for their application to be considered for the scholarship. This program is a minority scholarship program and in order to be eligible for the same, the applicant must be African American, American Indian, Asians Pacific Islander American, Hispanic American, Alaskan or Native American.

3. FTEE Scholarship

FTEE scholarships also known as The Foundation Of Technology and Engineering Educators scholarship is a scholarship program that awards undergraduate students majoring in technology and engineering education teacher preparation a scholarship of $1000.The application deadline is on 1st December. To be eligible for the scholarship students must have a GPA of at least 2.5 out of 4.0 they should be full-time undergrad students and also the members of the Technology and Engineering Educators Association.

4. TEACH Grant

The TEACH Grant is a Federal grants program to help students who are working to get their degree in teaching and education. It is also known as The Teacher Education Assistance For College and Higher Education Grant. The eligibility criteria for the scholarship program is that the student must have a GPA of at least 3.25 or above 75 percentile on their college admissions test, they must enrol themselves in a TEACH Grant-eligible program and also receive TEACH counselling and agree to sign a TEACH Grant Agreement to Serve. If the eligibility criteria are fulfilled and the students are selected for the scholarship program they are awarded a $4000 as a scholarship grant per year.

5. Roothbert Fund Scholarships

The Roothbert Fund scholarship is a scholarship provided by the Roothbert Fund INC.20 students are selected every year for the program. The scholarship grants range from $2000-$3000.The organisation provides the scholarship to the students majoring in a variety of subjects but primary preference is giving to the students majoring in Education.The eligibility criteria is that the student applying must be or should plan to be a resident of the states mentioned below

Maine, West Virginia, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, Maryland, District of Columbia, New Hampshire.

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