GrabPay Card Review 2023 [Tested & Reviewed By Experts]

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Grab was started in Malaysia back in 2012 by Anthony Tan and Tan Hooi Ling. Grab has been operating in 4 countries for over 5 years now. Grab is also expanding rapidly, opening up the revenue stream to more than just transportation.

Grab is currently looking at GrabFood, GrabCar/Taxi service, GrabBike, and GrabAssist. Grab even has GrabPay which is their own wallet. Grab is now headquartered in Singapore with operating hubs in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Indonesia (Jakarta), and the Philippines (Manila).

GrabPay was launched on the 31st of March 2017. Grab claims that GrabPay will be accepted at more than 130 merchants within a year of launch and this number will eventually reach 700,000 Grab and Super App merchants. GrabPay is Grab's own wallet, the Grab brand and Grab merchant network is expected to boost GrabPay's adoption. 

Grab stated that they will adopt a "cashless society" policy in all Grab services by 2020. Grab has been working with a few merchants to allow their customers to use GrabPay.

Grab mentioned that they will expand GrabPay usage once GrabPay has stabilized and begins its rollout in the next few months. Grab is recruiting merchants for GrabPay and the Grab merchant interface has been released to Grab merchants. Grab has a location finder on their Grab website which allows users to search for locations that accept GrabPay. 

Grab claims that they have 2 million downloads of the Grab app, this means there's a large pool of users who Grab can potentially push GrabPay to rise. Grab currently has a GrabRewards program, Grab stated that GrabPay will be their main mobile wallet but also said there might be other wallets adopted by Grab to support loyalty points and coupons.

The GrabRewards program allows users to pay for rides through GrabRewards points instead of cash or Grab credits. GrabRewards can currently be used to pay GrabCar fares and GrabFood orders.

Features Of GrabPay Cards

Easy To Use

The GrabPay Card gives Grab users the ability to pay-for Grab services using the card. Grab is working with Maybank to launch GrabPay which can be used in Grab's GrabRewards program and GrabFood. The Grab app itself has very limited payment options, you can only pay for your rides with either cash or credit/debit cards. GrabPay works with GrabRewards and certain Grab services, Grab users can pay using GrabRewards points instead of cash. 


Grab will be launching a GrabPay card which will be pre-activated upon purchase and allow users to make contactless payments at merchants who accept Mastercard Debit transactions. There are two types of cards: one for GrabFood and GrabPay credits. The GrabPay Card can be used once a Grab user tops up their GrabPay Wallet. Grab users will be able to top up their GrabPay cards at all partnered Grab stores, but you can also top up your card in-app using either GrabRewards or credit/debit cards.

Low Fees

The MDR of GrabPay transactions is RM0.15, Grab users who use GrabPay for GrabFood will pay the standard Grab rates which are slightly lower than non-GrabRewards users. Grab claims that their merchants will offer discounts to Grab customers using GrabPay. 

Low Anual Charge

The MDR of the GrabCredit Card is RM0.35 with an annual fee of RM25. GrabPay will offer to Grab users rewards for using GrabPay, Grab claims that GrabRewards Points can be used in the Grab app to pay for rides and GrabFood. GrabPay will eventually be upgraded to Grab's main mobile wallet, Grab may allow GrabRewards points to be cashed in for GrabPay Credits which can be used instead of cash. 

Better Cashback

Grab stated that Grab users who use GrabPay can expect a reward incentive program that lets them save up their GrabRewards Points and convert these points into GrabPay Credits. Grab will also provide GrabPay users with GrabRewards Points for using GrabPay, Grab will be offering GrabRewards points of RM0.25 for every transaction that is made with GrabPay. 

Better Rewards

The GrabRewards Program currently has two types of rewards: the category reward and fixed reward. Category rewards are issued based on categories chosen by each Grab user, Grab claims that category rewards are usually higher value than fixed rewards. GrabRewards give Grab users the chance to earn GrabPay Credits by shopping at their Grab partners which they can use as cash or GrabRewards points instead of cash. 

Backed By Maybank

The GrabPay card will be issued by Maybank but is also available for purchase online, you can purchase GrabPay cards on Grab's GrabRewards website which you can find by tapping "Credit Card" in the GrabRewards app. The GrabPay card is available for Maybank and CIMB savings account holders, but it is not currently known whether existing Grab users will be able to use their Grab accounts to log in and purchase a GrabPay card. 

Reward per Transaction

GrabRewards members who purchase GrabPay cards will receive RM10 of credits for every GrabPay card that is purchased with a linked GrabRewards account. Grab users will be able to purchase GrabPay cards from outlets and participating Grab stores, Grab claims that the GrabRewards card is a contactless prepaid card that does not require a pin or signature. Grab users will be able to top-up GrabPay cards at all Grab outlets which support GrabPay, Grab claims that in the future they aim to roll out GrabPay in more locations.  

Easy Reward Redeem

GrabPay card users will be able GrabRewards points as a GrabPay top-up method, Grab claims that Grab users who use GrabRewards points as a GrabPay top-up method will receive 50% more GrabRewards. Grab users will also be able to link their credit cards and debit cards with their Grab account and make automatic payments using Grab's GrabPay system. Grab users who use GrabPay will be able to link their GrabPay account with GrabRewards accounts, Grab claims that this will allow them to earn additional GrabRewards points when they make GrabTransport or GrabFood transactions.

Seamless Transaction

The way the GrabPay card works are that your funds are deducted automatically when you make GrabTransport, GrabFood, or GrabCargo transactions using your GrabPay card. This is a huge convenience as you will not have to top up your GrabPay card every time you make a Grab payment, but it can lead to some unwanted costs if you do not keep track of your expenses and end up incurring overdraft fees from your bank.


Grab warns GrabPay Card users that credit card companies will not cover any overdraft costs which are incurred from using the GrabPay card, Grab claims that Grab users must remember to keep track of their expenses and manage their GrabPay card funds accordingly. Each Grab user who gets a GrabRewards Card will automatically receive RM10 GrabRewards Credits for every GrabPay card that they purchase, Grab also claims that Grab users will receive 10% of their GrabPay transactions as GrabRewards credits.

Pros & Cons Of Using GrabPay

Pros Of GrabPay

No Extra Fees

With GrabPay there are no extra fees to pay besides the normal transaction fees which apply to each Grab service you use GrabPay for. 


Grab claims that GrabPay is free to get and easy to use, their security features are state-of-the-art and it is also secure by design which means that your information will not be compromised or misused.

Also, Grab requires you to add your full name and a valid email address to your GrabRewards account, Grab claims that this is the only way for them to monitor your credit card transactions if you make Grab payments using your credit card.

Grab requires you to add your full name and a valid email address to your GrabRewards account, Grab claims that this is a security measure that allows them to validate your GrabPay card transactions.

Programs Offered

Grab's Rewards system is a loyalty program that includes GrabPay and GrabTaxi, Grab claims that there are no other similar programs in Malaysia at the moment. 

Cash Carrying

Grab users who use GrabPay will not have to worry about carrying cash or pre-loading their GrabPay card before they make a Grab payment, but it can get expensive if you are not careful about how many GrabPay credit card transactions you make.

Cons Of GrabPay

Bit Expensive

Grab's Rewards system is unique to Grab, but the GrabRewards system can get expensive for frequent Grab users who do not earn enough GrabRewards credits to cover their expenses.

Cash Grabbing

Although Grab claims that GrabPay is cashless Grab users who use GrabPay will still have to pay the standard GrabFare in order to get any earnings in their GrabRewards account after making a Grab payment, these fees must be covered by the money in your credit card or debit card which you linked with your GrabPay account, Grab claims that Grab users will not earn any GrabRewards credits if they do not cover this fee which can get expensive since Grab charges RM0.25 for every GrabPay transaction made.

Adding Card Details

Grab's GrabRewards program is cashless, this means that you will not be able to make a Grab payment if Grab is unable to find your GrabRewards credit card or debit card on file which you added with GrabPay. Grab claims that Grab users must remember to add their credit cards and debit cards into GrabPay before making Grab payments, otherwise, they will not be able to make any Grab payments until the problem is resolved.

FAQs On GrabPay

What are the GrabRewards points earning rates for GrabPay Card users?

Grab claims that GrabRewards points are earned for GrabPay transactions in the form of GrabRewards Credits. GrabRewards Credits do not expire and Grab users can redeem their GrabRewards credits for cash or Grab vouchers.  Grab claims that GrabRewards Credits are earned at a rate of 1 GrabRewards credit for every RM6 spend with GrabPay.

What is the withdrawing cash GrabPay limit?

Currently Grab has not made any public announcement about their GrabPay credit card withdrawal limits, but it is likely that their withdrawal limits will be based on your payment method GrabPay withdrawal limits, Grab claims that their withdrawal limits are different with every payment method Grab users use to make Grab payments.

Where can I get a GrabPay Card?

Grab currently has two cards in Malaysia, Grab claims that these cards are available in various banks throughout the country including Maybank, Public Bank, and CIMB.

What bank charges does Grab add to each GrabPay transaction?

Grab currently adds 11 GrabPay transactions made using GrabRewards credit card or debit card to GrabRewards accounts at no charge, Grab claims that Grab users can add GrabPay transactions via their Grab app.

How does the GrabPay card work?

Grabs GrabPay card works like a regular credit card or debit card, Grab claims that Grab users must add their GrabPay cards into GrabPay before making Grab payments in order to earn GrabRewards credits from all of your Grab transactions.

How do I add my GrabRewards Card to my Grab account?

To add GrabRewards to Grab, you must first choose the GrabRewards credit card or debit card that you want to link with your Grab account. You can then enter your GrabPay card details into Grab and then verify that you own the GrabRewards credit card or debit card by entering in the 3-digit CVV number on the back of your GrabRewards credit card or debit card.

What are the GrabRewards redemption rates for Grab Pay users?

Grabs GrabRewards redemption rates are different with credit cards and Grab vouchers. Grab claims that Grab users can redeem GrabRewards credits for cash or Grab vouchers at varying rates depending on the payment method used to make their Grab payments.


Grab pay card can be used anywhere you want through Master Card. Grab claims that Grab users can use GrabPay anywhere that accepts MasterCard. Grab pay card has a high credit limit, Grab claims that it is based on your income and GrabRewards history.

Grab pay card comes with GrabRewards, Grab claims that you will earn 1% from all of your GrabPay transactions and GrabRewards Credits from GrabFare transactions.

Grab claims that Grab users can also earn 1 GrabRewards credit for every RM2 you spend using GrabPay, Grab claims that Grab users will also get extra 1% cashback on all of your GrabFare rides and 2x GrabRewards credits for each GrabPay transaction made with GrabRewards GrabRewards credit card or GrabRewards debit card.

Grab is very flexible, Grab claims that you can add GrabPay into your Grab app, and Grab will automatically link all of your GrabPay transactions to your GrabRewards account for you to redeem later, Grab also claim that there are no hidden charges and fees when you use GrabPay.  So it will be a great choice to have Grab Pay Card.

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