Does Walgreens Cash Checks In 2023? [6 Cash Checks Places]

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Navigating the world of check-cashing can be tricky, especially if you're unsure where to get your check cashed quickly.

One place that might come to mind is Walgreens, a convenience store known for its widespread locations and extended hours. But does Walgreens cash checks?

Let's unpack that and delve into the facts so you can better plan your financial errands. After all, knowledge is power - especially regarding your hard-earned money!

Does Walgreens Cash Checks?

No, Walgreens does not offer check cashing services. Walgreens is primarily a pharmacy store that provides products and services related to health and wellness, including prescription medications, health information, photo services, and many consumer goods.

While some pharmacy stores provide financial services like check cashing, Walgreens is not among these. Customers looking to cash checks can consider banks, credit unions, or other retail stores that offer this service.

It's also worth noting that policies can vary by location, so it's always a good idea to call ahead to the specific store you plan on visiting.

Will Walgreens Offer Check Cashing Services in the Future?

Currently, Walgreens does not offer check cashing services, and no official statement indicates they will provide this service in the future.

This absence is likely due to the potential risks and minimal profits associated with offering such financial services.

Walgreens focuses on its primary business: pharmacy, health and wellness products, and convenience services.

It is recommended to contact other financial institutions or dedicated check-cashing establishments for such needs.

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6 Places To Cash Checks 24-Hour Near Me

6 Places To Cash Checks 24-Hour Near Me

Even though Walgreens doesn't cash checks, don't worry! Several reliable, 24-hour check cashing services are available in various locations across the US. Let's dive into the details of these services and understand how to use them.

Community Financial Service Center

Community Financial Service Centers provide various financial services, including 24-hour check cashing.

Their professionally trained staff can handle all types of personal, payroll, government-issued, or more checks.

With countless branches nationwide, finding a convenient location should be easy. CFSC prides itself on efficient service and ensures that the process will be quick and hassle-free.


Another great place where you can get your checks cashed around the clock is Walmart. As one of America’s largest retail corporations, Walmart offers check-cashing services anytime during store hours - some are even open 24/7!

Remember to consider your check type, as Walmart has policies about what types it will cash. The fees are also affordable - starting at $4 for checks under $1,000 and $8 for anything above.


Kroger is a chain supermarket known for its versatile services. Kroger stores across America provide quality grocery shopping experiences and convenient check-cashing services with competitive fees that are often cheaper than local banks.

You can get your checks cashed at their customer service desks during store hours - some locations even do this 24/7!


Payomatic, a New York-based financial service provider, tops the list for quick and efficient check-cashing services.

Being New York's largest provider, 'round-the-clock services are available at most of their locations. Many customers commend Payomatic for its convenient, fuss-free environment.

They accept many check types, from payroll to government, including insurance and money orders! Head over with your endorsed check and valid ID to get your checks cashed quickly.

PLS 24/7

If you're looking for a place with minimal waiting, PLS 24/7 could be your go-to! Specializing in financial services round the clock, PLS offers fast check cashing services anytime in participating locations across many states.

Notably, PLS accepts all types of checks—personal or business checks—they've got you covered. The beautiful part is that they have shorter lines than many banks, which could save up on your time.

Speedy Cash

Known for their quick payday loans, Speedy Cash also offers various financial transactions such as title loans and installment loans, and yes, they do cash checks, too!

Speedy Cash ensures the process is hassle-free and quick by providing immediate access to funds from your cashed check.

This lets you pay bills on time or fund immediate needs without worrying about bank delays. They also offer an online app, making transactions easier even on the go!Why Is Walgreens Check Cashing Service Not Available Now?

Why Is Walgreens Check Cashing Service Not Available Now?

Why Is Walgreens Check Cashing Service Not Available Now

Check cashing services can be quite precarious and thus necessitate a detailed infrastructure for appropriate monitoring and management.

Managing these systems would detract from the main operations of businesses like Walgreens, which focus on retail.

While offering check-cashing options sounds ideal for customer convenience, it isn't as simple for Walgreens due to several factors.

High-Risk Service

Offering check cashing services opens up a business to significant financial risks. Checks might bounce, and fraud issues could cost the business large amounts of money.

The banking industry regulation also puts heavy scrutiny on businesses offering such services. Dealing with these risks would strain Walgreens' resources and detract from its prime focus: being your go-to convenience store.

Lot of Scams

Unfortunately, the prevalence of financial scams involving counterfeit checks has been at an all-time high in recent years.

Criminals have become all too skilled at creating fake checks that appear completely legitimate, fooling even the most attentive cashiers into accepting them as genuine.

Old and Outdated Method

Check cashing is often seen as an older financial method that doesn't align with current trends in digital transactions.

Because our society is so technology-driven, many prefer online transfers or using apps like Venmo and PayPal.

Compared to these, cashing a physical check can be cumbersome, requiring more time and effort, such as visiting a physical location.

Very Low Benefit

Not only is it old-fashioned, but check cashing also tends to have very low benefits for businesses like Walgreens.

The process can pose security risks due to the higher chance of fraud. Moreover, the profit generated from this service is often negligible after factoring in operational costs such as employee wages, transaction fees, and potential losses from returned checks.

When looking at these factors collectively, it's no wonder why many businesses opt out of check cashing services.

How much does it cost to join Walgreens?

Joining Walgreens is completely free of cost. Interested individuals can sign up on their website or through the official Walgreens mobile app.

Post sign-up, users can conveniently explore and shop from a wide array of products available. Walgreens also has a 'Balance Rewards' program where members can earn points on various purchases, which can be used for future discounts.

This program also has no affiliated costs, making it an added bonus for those who join Walgreens for free.

FAQs About Walgreens cash checks

Is check-cashing part of the services offered by Walgreens?

Currently, Walgreens does not include check-cashing in their line-up of services.

Can I cash my paycheck or a government check at my local Walgreens pharmacy?

Unfortunately, no. At the moment, Walgreens does not provide any check-cashing facilities.

Are there plans for Walgreens to start cashing checks in the future?

There have been no official announcements from Walgreens regarding adding a check-cashing service.

Why doesn't Walgreens offer check-cashing services like some other retailers?

Check-cashing involves certain risks and minimal profit margins, which might be why Walgreens does not offer a service.

Can personal checks be cashed at any point at Walgreens stores?

Neither personal checks nor other types can be cashed at any branch of Walgreens.


While Walgreens is a convenient go-to for numerous everyday needs, check-cashing is not currently featured among its services.

The reasons driving this are unspecified but can be expected to line up with the general risks and low profitability associated with providing such facilities.

However, fret not! There are ample alternatives accessible for your check-cashing needs 24/7 across America, such as Walmart, Kroger, and Community Financial Service Centers. Navigate with the knowledge now and choose the best fit for you!

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