Current Bank Review 2022 (Comprehensive Guide)

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About Current Bank

Current Bank is a large financial services company that provides three different products. Current Bank has been in the banking business for several decades and today offers state-of-the-art web, mobile, and software solutions for its customers.

Current Bank prides itself on researching new technologies to provide high-quality solutions to meet customer needs. Current Bank employs over 10,000 people and has assets in the billions of dollars.

Current Bank provides top-notch customer service and strives to provide superior products at all times. Current Bank is dedicated to its customers above all else, even over profitability.

Current Bank also has several high-profile executives that manage different parts of Current Bank’s business. Current Bank has a history of rapid and continued growth and expansion and is one of the most well-respected names in banking today.

Current Bank will continue to grow as its three product lines become more popular with current and potential customers. Current Bank’s mission statement indicates that it “strives to provide superior products at all times.”

Pros and Cons of Current Bank


No monthly fees: Current Bank provides a Current Debit Card to all customers that allows them to access their Current Account. Current Account balances never incur monthly fees, even if they fall below the minimum amount needed in order for a customer to avoid paying monthly fees.

Low or no overdraft fees: Current Bank also doesn’t charge its customers for withdrawing more money from their account than is in it. It offers free overdrafts up to $100.

Instant Money Transfer: Current Bank also offers Instant Transfer, which allows Current Account holders to instantly transfer money worldwide.

Debit Card Benefits: Current Bank offers Debit Rewards to Current Account holders. Current Debit Rewards allow Current Account holders to receive 1% back on every purchase they make with their Current Debit Card.

Up-to-date technology: Current Bank is constantly researching new technologies to provide the best possible experiences for its customers. Current has recently launched Current Mobile, which provides Current Account holders with access to most Current Bank services at all times with the convenience of using a smartphone or tablet computer.


Lack of personal touch: Current Bank caters largely to business customers and Current Account holders that require technology-based solutions. Current Bank has a tendency to lack the personal touch that some Current Account holders might prefer from their bank.

Low-interest rates: Current Bank doesn’t offer much in the way of high-interest returns for Current Account holders with large balances. Current Bank’s high-interest Current Savings Account only offers 1.5% interest on balances of $10,000 or more. Current Bank’s Current Market Account is another Current Account option that has higher rates of return, but it requires a balance of at least $100,000 to avoid monthly fees.

Overdraft only up to $100: Current Bank offers free overdrafts, but Current Account holders can only have a negative Current Account balance of up to $100. Current Account holders will incur overdraft fees if their Current Account balance goes below zero and they make a transaction for more than the amount in their Current Account.

International Fees: Current Bank charges Current Account holders $20 for every ATM withdrawal they make that’s overseas or international. Current Account holders can avoid these fees by making all their withdrawals with the Current Debit Card.

Is Current Bank worth it?

In general, Current Bank is a great bank that provides many options for Current Account holders of all kinds. Current Bank caters largely to businesses and offers a large number of technologically-based services for its customers.

Current Bank offers a large variety of Current Accounts that are rated highly, but Current Bank is lacking in the interest rate department. Current Bank has a wide variety of Current Accounts to fit any Current Account holder’s needs and Current Bank provides technological solutions for its customers’ problems.

Is Current Bank safe and secure?

Current Bank also provides Current Account security through Current Bank’s Current Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which means that Current Bank customers can shop safely online.

Current Bank also offers account security by allowing customers to add a Current VISA Debit Card spending limit, so if the Current VISA Debit Card is ever compromised, other purchases cannot take place above the Current VISA Debit Card spending limit.

Current Bank also provides Current Wallet, which allows customers to use Current Wallets to store all their payment information in one place and requires a Current PIN or fingerprint to access.

Who can open an account in Current Bank?

Current Wallet is available to customers who are 18 years old or older, Current requires all customers to be at least 14 years old to have a Current Debit Card.

Current Bank also requires Current Account holders to have earned any income in the past six months before they can open Current Savings Current Accounts.

Features of Current Bank

  • Free online signup: Current Bank Current Account holders can sign up for Current Bank easily and quickly online through Current Banking.
  • Teen Banking: Current Bank Current Account holders can open Current Accounts for children between the ages of 14 and 17 with Current Bank.
  • Fast direct deposits: Current Bank Current Account holders can receive direct deposits in as little as one hour.
  • Strong Current Visa Debit Card: Current Bank Current Account holders can use the Current VISA Debit Card to make purchases wherever Current or Current Bank is accepted–even internationally.
  • Current Bank Security and Privacy: Current Bank Current Account holders have Current Bank Current Wallet, Current Current Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, Current Current Chip Security and Current PIN or fingerprint access to their accounts.
  • Limits on Current Account withdrawals: Current Bank Account holders can make as many Current Account withdrawals as they want without Current Bank limiting their Current Account withdrawal amounts.
  • Techonological Advancement: Current Bank provides technological solutions for business customers.
  • Services Offered: Current Bank caters largely to businesses and Current Bank offers various options for Current Account holders of all kinds.

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