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    Surprise Your Friends With Your Student Loan Knowledge

    Harness the power of social media to open your friends' eyes to these useful student loan facts.
    Updated: January 12, 2016

    infographic about 25 shocking facts about student loans

    25 Surprising Student Loan Facts

    Some people want to hide from the cold, hard facts about their student loans ... but you aren't "some people." Check out these 25 surprising and useful student loan facts that you'll actually want to know—and share with others.

    Spread the word! Share your favorite facts on Twitter!

    1.  Got student debt? There are more than 100 ways to get your loans forgiven. Tweet This | Learn More

    2. You may be able to temporarily avoid interest accruing on your federal student loans by postponing payments with a deferment instead of forbearance. Tweet This | Learn More

    3. In extreme cases, student loan borrowers can reduce their payments to as little as $0/month. Tweet This | Learn More

    4. Having a public service job may qualify you for student loan forgiveness in 10 years. Tweet This | Learn More

    5. If you have an unresolved federal student loan conflict, you can contact the federal Ombudsman for neutral help. Tweet This | Learn More

    6. Signing up for automatic student loan payments may lower your interest rate. Tweet This | Learn More

    7. Don't believe the hype. In very rare cases, bankruptcy is available for student loans. Tweet This | Learn More

    8. Some employers offer benefits that can help you manage your student loan debt after college. Tweet This | Learn More

    9. You can find all your federal student loan details listed on one website: Tweet This | Learn More

    10. Loan repayment assistance programs are like financial aid after graduation, and several schools employers, and states offer them. Tweet This | Learn More

    11. You could be eligible to save up to $2,500 by claiming your student loan payments as a tax deduction. Tweet This | Learn More

    12. Studying abroad? You could still get some financial aid from the U.S. government. Tweet This | Learn More

    13. You should never have to pay for student loan help. Tweet This | Learn More

    14. If your school closes and transferring isn't an option, you may be able to get your loans discharged. Tweet This | Learn More

    15. Ignoring your student loan payments can lead to seized income tax refunds. Tweet This | Learn More

    16. There are three ways to fix defaulted federal student loans: payment, rehabilitation, and consolidation. Tweet This | Learn More

    17. Defaulted student loans could cost you up to 25% more than you borrowed in collections fees alone. Tweet This | Learn More

    18. Defaulted student loan payments can be collected straight from your paycheck. Tweet This | Learn More

    19. Payments for some private loans are due immediately after you receive them. Tweet This | Learn More

    20. Some private student loans can't be forgiven—even if the borrower dies. Tweet This | Learn More

    21. Private student loans aren't guaranteed to have the same repayment options as federal student loans. Tweet This | Learn More

    22. If you need to use private loans, shop around for the best rates and terms—you never have to accept a loan just because a lender offers it to you. Tweet This | Learn More

    23. Military servicemembers and veterans may qualify for special student loan options. Tweet This | Learn More

    24. Attention, future health professionals: There are student loan options just for you! Tweet This | Learn More

    25. If a natural disaster impacts your home, you may be able to postpone your student loan payments. Tweet This | Learn More

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