It’s been 3 months since I wrote about my 2018 resolutions and explained how I intended to make 2018 the year of discipline. Thus far, that’s gone sort of well—but not as well I would like.

I’m killing it on one resolution, doing fine on another, and not so well on the third. I’m also a bit surprised at how the success spread out. I would’ve expected myself to have made more progress on the failing resolution, and less on the successful one. I guess sometimes we really don’t know ourselves as well as we think!

Here’s how the year of discipline is going so far.

Resolution 1: Save An Extra $200 A Month

This is the resolution I’m doing well at: I’ve actually saved twice this amount over the last 3 months! This was surprising to me at first, but it’s also the most passive resolution on my list. I just have to choose to not do things (i.e., spend money) rather than actively invest my time in an activity.

When you’re doing well with a resolution, your plan moving forward is pretty simple: keep calm and carry on! Of course, you want to be mindful of the factors that contribute to your success (in my case, discipline and less nights out) so you don’t lose sight of them when you start to work on other resolutions.

Resolution 2: Write 500 Words Every Day

Surprisingly, I’m not doing so well with this resolution. I started the year off completing my 500 words pretty easily. But as travel, work, and other plans started to materialize, I gradually fell off the wagon. In fact, I don’t think I’ve worked on my creative writing at all in the past month!

Obviously, I need to do some reprogramming here. When you’re struggling with a resolution, the first step is to dig into why. Is it because you’re not inspired enough? Are you too bogged down with lower priority tasks and errands that your need to clear?

I’m not sure why I’m not acting on this resolution daily right now. But as soon as I figure it out, I’ll have a plan in place to get back on track.

Resolution 3: Reclaim My Time and Money

Thus far, I’m doing OK with this resolution. I’ve been successful at the money part of the equation, exceeding my goal of banking an extra $200 a month. My random bar nights and extravagant purchases have definitely declined, which makes me happy on the whole.

The time aspect has been less successful. I’ve been falling back into my trap of Netflix binges and splurges at the bookstore. While these things are important “me” time moments, they don’t push me closer to the resolution I’m failing at above. The plan here is to try and cap the amount of shows, books, and other content I consume in a week so that I can make time to create.

For resolutions that you’re hitting about 50/50, your next steps should be a combination of what you do for failing and succeeding ones. For example, make sure you hone in on what’s helping you be successful and don’t lose sight of those traits. But you’ll also have to make room to incorporate new habits that’ll help you turn the failing pieces around. It’s a tough balance to strike!

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