When I was a recruiter many years ago, LinkedIn wasn’t as popular as it is now—and even then, people were using it to find job candidates. Now? Data suggests that 86% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find viable job candidates.

Since this usage continues to grow, it makes sense that LinkedIn is a great place to find (or be found for) new employment. As a self-employed individual, I’ve even had recruiters for clients reach out to me via LinkedIn. The key is to make sure recruiters can find you—and are impressed by what they see. Here are three tips to ensure both happen.

1. Use The Space You Have Available

Common wisdom tells you to keep résumés to one page. Well, that doesn’t necessarily apply on LinkedIn. That’s because LinkedIn uses a built-in search engine to display profiles based on recruiter’s search queries. For its algorithm to find you, you need the right content in your profile—a lot of it.

Of course, there are right and wrong places for longer content. For example, your profile’s headline needs to be short and concise. Your summary also doesn’t need to be the equivalent of four pages. That’s because recruiters skim these areas. But in your job descriptions, you have more space than you would on a paper résumé. Take advantage of this.

While building out in-depth descriptions, make sure you sprinkle the appropriate keywords throughout your profile. These terms are what recruiters search for. To find them, look for job postings related to what kind of employment you’d like and find the words they consistently use and repeat. Once you’ve identified these, use the same keywords in your profile.

2. Keep Your Profile Updated

This may seem like common sense, but it’s easy to forget to update your profile. I know because I struggle with it. I am guilty of neglecting my LinkedIn profile for months at a time.

If you want traction on your LinkedIn profile, you need to keep it up-to-date with your most current job responsibilities, work samples, etc. That’s why I set a reminder every quarter to review my profile and make any necessary updates.

3. Write Posts To Grow Your Influence

LinkedIn has its own publishing platform where you can write articles, grow a following, and get seen. Many business owners use it for marketing and to drive traffic, but it’s also a great tool if you’re seeking attention from recruiters.

Here’s why: People don’t just want to hire anybody anymore—they want to hire thought leaders. Thought leaders are visionaries. Specifically, they usually find some sort of unique angle, solution, or opinion to issues within their own industries and then they publish them.

This is exactly what I did with my own website, which is a major reason why I get so many business opportunities. LinkedIn allows you to do this in its own platform, connecting these articles to your profile—and connecting you with recruiters.

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