When I ran into credit card trouble, I scoured the internet looking for financial motivation. As I created a plan to get out of debt, I found numerous financial wealth quotes—and developed a real passion for them.

Here are the three most important quotes that I live by to build my financial wealth. Hopefully, they resonate with your experiences. But if not, I encourage you to find your own quotes that inspire you to achieve your financial goals.

1. “Your sense of self-worth comes from you, not the opinion of others.”

- Curtis Jackson

At times, it’s easy to believe what people say about your self-worth—and fall short of your potential as a result. For instance, a former instructor once said I would not succeed in a top-tier graduate program because I lacked the necessary analytical and writing skills.

That instructor wanted to dictate my self-worth. If I had let that happen, I probably wouldn’t have gone to graduate school and earned my master’s from a great school. Bottom line: You can’t let others tell you what you are worth when it comes to education, salaries, or anything else. It should come from you alone.

2. “The people that fail to plan are planning to fail.”

- Anonymous

Simply writing a plan is not difficult—it’s the thought behind a plan that’s hard.

Before I was in credit card debt, I never wrote a financial plan. I never took the time to figure what my financial goals would be for the next 6 months, year, or even 5 years. That failure to plan led me in a downward financial credit card spiral that became a $10,000 headache.

So, I created a plan, writing out a contract to myself to get out of debt. Having these goals helped me stay focused on my finances and prevent me from falling into more credit card debt.

3. “Millionaires know that knowledge is power, and they stop at nothing to get it”

- Anonymous

The idea that learning stops after college is ludicrous and dangerous. Gaining knowledge is a continuous habit. Without a commitment to learning, you can fall for get-rich-quick schemes—like I used to.

For instance, I attended a free “flipping homes” seminar a few years ago. After the seminar, I bought its $200 course—only to later found out the information was available online (and it wouldn’t make me a millionaire in less than a year). I fell for the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” seminar, too, but at least avoided its $500 seminar that would “make me rich overnight.”

This is not to say you should avoid seminars. You just have to be wise with your money and determine if the knowledge you’re gaining is valuable or false promises. After reading financial books and articles, I realized wealth is a gradual process that is best done when speaking with licensed professionals with careful planning. It does not happen overnight.

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