Top 5 Christian Scholarships In 2020 [Detailed Guide]

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What are the Faith-based scholarships?

Higher education has become an absolute necessity for getting started and surviving in today’s extremely competitive world. The more formal education you have, the more degrees you have increases your chances of getting an edge over the others. Though higher education is something every individual must look forward to pursuing, the fact that getting a higher education is a huge financial investment and can easily cost a fortune to the individual pursuing higher education as well as their family.

To make sure that the financial investment factor that plays a huge role in opting for higher education does not discourage bright, aspiring, intelligent, and talented students, financial aid in the form of different kinds of scholarships are provided by my many institutions. These institutions can be education, medical, government-owned, private institutions, business enterprises, or religious institutions.

The scholarships that are provided by religious institutions are known as faith-based scholarships. These scholarships are mostly provided for the development of the youth in the religious community, and also to help individuals who want to study theology related to their faith or if they want to pursue an education in the field that helps them learn more about their religion, its history and also if their education is driven by spiritual inquiry.

If an individual is deeply involved in serving their religious community, participates in faith-based activities, or is looking forward to pursuing their career in the ministry are considered to be an excellent candidate for faith-based scholarships.

All About Christian Scholarships

As the term itself suggests Christian scholarships are provided to the individuals who practice Christianity and are active members of the church. These scholarships are provided by churches, other religious community groups, faith-based private organizations businesses, and colleges that are known to have a religious background.

Before applying for the Christian scholarship the student must figure out the college they want to go, to pursue their higher education. If the college that they are willing to study in already has a religious affiliation or a religious background then there are high possibilities for the college to accept and in some cases award a religious or a Christian scholarship to their students.

If the college the individual has chosen for their higher education has a secular background then, the student must find out about the religious studies department, on-campus ministry, theological seminary, etc. Get in touch with the people who can help them in finding out which scholarships and grants can help them in getting into college.

Factors to consider when choosing a college as a Christian student

The percentage of Christian students on the campus.

Students who deeply believe in their faith might want to get along with students having similar religious beliefs. Students can find out about the ratio of students who follow Christianity in their prospective college with the help of online surveys they can also contact the prospective institutions with which they are looking forward to associating themselves with the gather the necessary information as it a far more reliable source of information.

What Christian student groups are available on the campus.

Christian student groups are active across many college campuses in the USA. If the student wishes to associate themselves with these groups they can get the information about the same from their prospective college.
The harmony between your course material and your faith.

If the students are not comfortable with their religious beliefs being challenged then they must make sure that the socio-political environment of the college and their college course are in harmony with their religious beliefs.

Possibility of attending religious services on the campus or in a nearby community.

Christian colleges are known to have a chapel on campus and catholic students are supposed to offer their prayers and services there. Most of the secular colleges to have an on-campus chapel for catholic students to offer their prayers. If your prospective college does not have an on-campus chapel then the students must make sure that there is a place to offer their prayers and services in the nearby community.

College options for Christian students

Christian students might want to go to a college not only to fulfill their academic but also religious needs it is because of this reason students may want to find out more about the college options that are specifically available for Christian students.


Christian schools are known to provide a religious foundation for a traditional school course. On the other hand, Bible schools/seminary are known to educate and train students who are looking forward to pursuing a career in the Christian ministry as a pastor, missionary, or biblical studies teacher.


Secular schools do not affiliate themselves with any religious belief whatsoever, but many of these secular schools in the USA are known to have a Christian heritage. All the state/public schools are secular schools.


Denominational schools or colleges affiliate themselves with a particle religious denomination. These schools are known to combine academic studies with religious values and are attended by both religious and secular students.


Non-denominational also combines academic studies along with spiritual values like the denominational schools and colleges but they do not affiliate themselves with a specific faith or religion.

Top 5 Christian Scholarships

Top 5 Christian Scholarships

Scholarships are a stress-free way of supporting a student’s education as the student does not have to worry about paying back the money received through scholarships like in the case of student loans. The student must keep in mind that every scholarship provider has its own set of demands, rules, terms, and obligations that one must fulfill in order to be considered for the scholarship.

In the case of faith-based scholarships or Christian scholarships, it is necessary for the student to show the utmost respect and dedication towards their faith and the services of their religious community.

Listed below are the Top 5 Christian scholarships in the USA.

1. Christian Ministries Dependent Grant

The Christian Ministries Dependent Grant is specifically meant for the students who are looking forward to transferring to Roberts Wesleyan College as the school offers the Christian Ministries Dependent grant to the students whose parents are working full time in the Christian Community service. The grant received through this scholarship is of $1000 and the deadline for application varies from time to time.

2. Young Christian Leaders Scholarship

In order to be eligible for the Young Christian Leaders Scholarship, the student must be an active member of the local church and have a GPA ranging between 3-4 and also be a permanent resident of New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut. The grant provided is worth $1000 and the deadline for the application is on the 15th of every month.

3. American Baptist Financial Aid Program

The American Baptist Finacial Aid Program is a renewable scholarship for the students who have been an active member of the American Baptist church for at least a year and are looking forward to going to an accredited institution in the USA as a full-time freshman in the fall. In order to renew the scholarship students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75. The grant amount of the scholarship varies and the deadline for the scholarship is on the 30th of April every year.

4. Samuel Robinson Award

The Samuel Robinson scholarship is a renewable scholarship that is granted every year to 25-30 Presbyterian students who are looking forward to attending a Presbyterian related school or college. The amount of the scholarship grant is up to $4000 and the deadline for the scholarship is on the 1st of June, 1st of September, and 1st of December. In order to renew the scholarship, the student must maintain a GPA of 2.5 and above.

5. Lutheran Student Scholastic and Service Scholarship

The Lutheran Student Scholastic and Service Scholarship is granted by The Bethesda Auxillary every year to 5 Seminary or Postgraduate students, 5 college and university students and, students focusing on intellectual and developmental disabilities. The grant money of the scholarship amounts to $3000. The deadline for the application is on May 15, 2020. To be eligible for the scholarship students must be active members of the Lutheran congregation and have a GPA of a minimum of 3.0.

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