Chime Temporary Card 2023: Unavailable, Daily Limits, & ATM

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Are you looking for Chime Temporary Card? You know that feeling when you're excited about the idea of using a new card, but once you actually have it in your hands it's kind of disappointing?

That was my experience upon receiving my Chime card. It looks so sleek and modern on the website—but as soon as I got it I noticed some things were not as advertised.

I was most disappointed with the inability to set up a temporary card. If I ever lose my card, I would like this option to be available in case it takes longer than expected for me to order a replacement.

What Is Chime?

Chime is a prepaid MasterCard that offers several features, including easy-to-use budgeting tools and automatic saving. They advertise themselves as having no monthly fees, free direct deposit, free cashback rewards on spending, and no over limit or late payment fees.

The "no fees" are one of their biggest selling points—you might expect the card to exist as a competitor for Simple, but it seems that most of their fees are comparable to or worse than other prepaid cards.

Chime offers two types of cards: one is tied to your Social Security Number (SSN), and the other is issued by an employer. It would be simple enough to switch over to the second type if you no longer want to use your SSN.

what is chime?

However, there is one major drawback: the second type of account does not seem to be allowed to set up a temporary card in case it gets lost or stolen.

Another interesting thing about Chime is that they will automatically 'round up' small purchases and deposit the spare change into a savings account.

This doesn't mean that the change is automatically withdrawn from your checking—it is a separate saving account tied to your Chime account, and you can transfer it back over whenever you please.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Chime?

No Monthly Fees Or Overdraft Fees:

In my opinion, this was one of the biggest selling points. The only fee I was able to find relating to your checking account was a $2 fee for out-of-network ATMs. All other standard bank fees still apply, but Chime has waived them.

Automatic Savings:

Although it will not withdraw the spare change from your checking account, it does automatically add money to a separate savings account. This does not require any action on your part, and you can transfer this money back at any time.

What are the benefits of chime

Spending Tracking:

One of the nice things about Chime is that it will send you an email every month summarizing your transactions for easy tracking/budgeting purposes.

Easy Direct Deposit:

You can use your employer's existing direct deposit program to sign up for Chime, which will allow you to avoid the hassle of setting up a direct deposit with a new bank.

What Is Chime Temporary Card?

  • If you use your Social Security Number (SSN) to sign up for Chime, they will assign you a temporary card number. This is essentially useless—the only way to get your real card number is through the mail, which takes 2-3 weeks. And even after this point, it doesn't seem possible to set up a temporary card number.
chime temporary card
  • If you are using your employer's referral code, they will assign you a temporary card number—but it seems to be possible to set up a secondary temporary card number for free on the website. This is what I did—I had no problems setting up this second temp card on Chime's website.

Important Things:

When you first receive your Chime card, it is important to know that there are some things you cannot do with - or even on - your new account.

You can't use your Chime card anywhere until about two weeks after you sign up for it because apparently, it takes that long to get the card in the mail. (I got mine by four days, but I'm not really complaining about this one.)

The other thing you can't do is link or unlink bank accounts, sync cards, or do much of anything else with Chime until about two weeks after signing up because it needs to finish processing your information and verifying your account.

When it comes time to link a bank account, however, Chime will let you link two checking accounts and two savings accounts per Chime card - that means all four of those free accounts can be different banks if you want them to be.

Why Might Your Chime's Temporary Card Be Unavailable?

Daily Limit Exceeded:

The reason your Chime Temporary Card is unavailable is that a daily limit of $2,500 has been reached. Be sure to deposit enough money into the linked bank account for your direct deposit, and you should be able to get that card working again in under 24 hours.

Transaction Failed:

Sometimes, this error will appear when trying to add certain banks, but the error message doesn't tell you which bank it couldn't verify. Just try one of your other banks, and if that transaction fails too, Chime will ask you to remove the bank account completely and re-add it.

Daily Limit Exceeded:

This error is the same deal as the first one, except this limit applies to the entire account and not just one card. You'll receive this error when you try to add or move more than $2,500 across all of your cards in a single day. Just wait and try again in 24 hours, and everything should work fine.

International Purchase:

Some banks will give you this error when trying to make an international purchase. I've never run into this one, but if it does come up for you, Chime recommends calling your bank and verifying the purchase on their end.

Blocked Account:

Some accounts will be blocked as a security measure. Unfortunately, there's no way around this but to unblock your account. Chime recommends calling your bank and asking them to unblock the payment method on their end if you can't figure it out yourself.

How To Use Your Chime Temporary Card?

The best thing to do is use your Chime temporary card as you would use your primary checking debit card. This way, you'll have the opportunity to get used to how it works and what places are available for cashback or ATM withdrawals before actually getting your permanent card in the mail.

As of now, you can't really simulate spending your Chime card everywhere, but here are four methods that should work.

Use It At Stores With Cashback.

Some stores are set up to offer you cashback when you use your debit card - these are usually smaller shops or mom-and-pop places. Chime doesn't have a list of all the available cards, but if you search for cash back debit cards or bank debit cards, you should be able to find a list that tells you which stores support those.

Use It At Specific ATMs.

Some banks and credit unions offer ATM fee refunds if you use their ATM network - this is usually an excellent way to save money on your transactions. Just find your bank's ATM network, and then find the closest ATMs to you.

Use It At Specific Restaurants Or Stores That Offer Discounts For Using Debit Cards.

You may have noticed some places offering you a discount for using cashback - usually 5% off your total purchase price if you use cash instead of credit. A lot of stores do this, and Chime has a list on its website. You can also just search around for "cashback bonus" or something similar to find more places that offer discounts with debit cards.

Use It At Specific Banks' ATMs.

Most banks and credit unions charge a fee to use their ATM, but some charge a lot less than others. It never hurts to go with the bank that charges less, especially if you have an account there already.

How Do Banks Work With Chime?

I've been wondering how the whole linking process works for a while now - does Chime just grab your debit card information from each bank and then automatically link it to your account?

How Do Bank Work with chime

While Chime does get at least some of the information on its own, you will have to manually go in and link it yourself. To be honest, this may take more time than it's worth - but if you don't want any weird issues like having your bank accounts blocked or messed up, sending money between them, etc., you might as well take the time to link everything yourself.

What's Next?

While Chime is young and still growing and evolving, I think that what they offer is already solid enough to keep it afloat in its current state - especially with its ATM network connections and fee-free checking. I highly recommend giving Chime a try if you're looking for a new bank with low fees and good customer service.

How To Contact Chime Customer Support?

Lastly, if you have any questions about Chime's service or want to be sure that they're on the up and up, all of their customer support options are available on their Contact Us page.

They have everything from phone calls to live chats to emailing them via form letters or emails. This makes it simple for people who need to contact Chime quickly to quickly get the help they need.


Chime is an innovator in the world of banking, and I think it'll be interesting to see where they go from here. They've already made some waves in the industry with their innovative features and good practices, so I don't see them stopping anytime soon.

To wrap everything up, Chime is a great option for people who are looking for a low-fee, low-hassle banking option. Checking accounts are generally free to open and maintain, fees are virtually nonexistent, and customer service is helpful and easy to get a hold of.

I highly recommend checking out Chime if you're looking for a new bank! You can sign up at You know that feeling when you're excited about the idea of using a new card, but once you actually have it in your hands, it's kind of disappointing? That was my experience upon receiving my Chime card.

It looks so sleek and modern on the website—but as soon as I got it, I noticed some things were not as advertised. I was most disappointed with the inability to set up a temporary card.

If I ever lose my card, I would like this option to be available in case it takes longer than expected for me to order a replacement.

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