Bunq Metal Card Review 2022 [Tested By Experts]

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bunq is a Dutch bank and mobile payment provider. bunq announced their new bunq Metal Card which is made of titanium and offers bunqs premium bunq Gold service for free.

bunq was founded in 2014, it’s currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and has roughly 100 employees. It serves 1,500,000 customers and provides bunq Premium service for free.

bunq offers bunq Banking with a mobile app for managing your money, bunq Business Banking, bunq Creditcard, and bunq Metal Card. bunq was founded in 2014 by Ali Niknam, Jasper Groot, and Victor Zappe. In May 2017 it made bunq Premium service free and bunq Gold available for bunq credit cardholders.

bunq is currently valued at around 200 million euros. bunq Metal Card costs 49 euros per year, the service costs 369 euros per year. bunq Gold is bunqs answer on premium banking and gives you bunq Premium service for free. With bunq Gold you can:

  • Request a PIN code of 4-8 digits for your bunq/debit card.    
  • Request an email notification when your bunq/debit card is used abroad.    
  • Get bunq marketing material to use for work purposes (business cards, letterheads) before everyone else.

bunq Metal Card which is very similar to the bunq Creditcard but made out of titanium instead of plastic. The bunq credit card has 1-year of free bunq Gold service, the bunq Metal card costs 49 euros per year for bunq Gold service.

You have to pay €49 per year for using your bunq Metal card, however, if you are a bunq customer bunq will add this cost to your bunq Card balance after the first year. bunq Gold service is free for bunq customers, but bunq Metal cardholders have to pay €79 per year, including bunqs bunq Marketing material and a few other bunqs Gold features.

bunq Metal Card has no transaction fees worldwide and bunq will replace it once every 12 months. The bunq Card can be used at any ATM worldwide and there are no transaction fees when you use the bunq metal card to pay online or at POS.

Who Is bunq For?

bunq is for anyone who wants bunqs Premium service for free. bunq Metal Card is for people who want to use their credit card worldwide without transaction fees, but don’t need bunqs Gold services. If you pay online or at POS with your bunq Metal Card bunq won’t charge any transaction fees.

bunq’s Current Rates

For bunq customers, the bunq Metal card has no added fees, but there are some costs that apply if you’re not a bunq customer. One of these costs is the bunq Metal card’s €2 shipping fee, which bunq charges you every time you order another bunq Metal card.

This doesn’t cost bunq customers anything extra because bunq adds this shipping fee to your bunq Card balance after the first order. There’s also an €8 bunq Card management fee that bunq charges. After those costs, you can see bunq’s current fees for bunq Metal cardholders below:

  • bunq Metal card (€399)
  • bunq Insurance (€0)
  • bunq Platinum features (€0)
  • bunq Card management (€0)
  • bunq Metal card shipment (€2)
  • bunq Pay fees (variable depending on how bunq Pay is used by the shop/website where you use it; bunq doesn’t charge merchants anything to receive money)
  • bunq Auto top-up (€0 for bunq accounts)
  • bunq Gold fees (variable depending on how bunq Gold is used by the bunq customer)

How Can I Add Money To The Metal Card?

You can add money to your bunq Card balance by adding a Giro account or bunq Business account as a bank account with bunq. Cards are automatically topped up when the balance is low.

bunq users can also add a bunqs Giro or bunq Business account as a bank account with bunq, which will allow you to automatically top-up your bunq Card.

Is bunq Metal Card A Credit Card?

No, bunq Metal card is a bunqs debit card. bunq Debit cards have no interest rate and can’t be used to borrow money from bunq.

What Are The Advantages Of Using The bunq Metal Card?

With the bunq Metal card, you don’t have to pay transaction fees when you pay online or at POS in bunqs marketing material. The bunq Metal card has a titanium exterior which makes it more sturdy than the bunq Creditcard, this prevents scratches and damages that can occur with normal plastic cards.

You also have bunqs marketing material that’s included in bunq Gold service for bunq customers, making the bunq Metal card more appealing to bunq users.

What are the disadvantages of using the bunq Metal card?

You have to pay €49 per year for using your bunq Metal card if you’re not a bunq customer. There are some costs that apply if you’re not a bunq customer, such as bunq’s €2 shipping fee and bunq Card management fee.

What is the difference between the bunq Metal card and bunqs Gold membership?

bunqs Gold membership gives you bunqs Gold features, bunqs Platinum gives you insurance for free. If you want the bunqs Gold membership, you have to pay a €49 monthly fee. With the bunq Metal card, you can use your credit card worldwide without transaction costs, and bunq won’t charge you any extra fees.

What bunq support is available for bunq Metal cardholders?

You can contact bunqs customer service center on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and during that time get in touch with a bunqs Customer Service Agent. You can contact bunq Gold customers on the bunq customer service line, or by calling +31 686 656 656. You can also contact bunqs customer service through live chat, phone, or email. bunq’s Platinum feature gives bunq Gold members product support, phone, and email customer service, or access to the bunq Lounge for bunqs metal cardholders.

How long does it take to receive a bunq Metal card?

bunqs Metal cards are sent within 5 days after the purchase was made. The bunqs bunq Card management fee is €2, which will always be deducted from your bunqs balance.

Is bunq metal card contactless?

Yes, the bunq Metal card is contactless. You can make online payments with bunqs bunq Metal card within the bunq iOS and Android apps by placing your finger on the card reader.

How do I get a free Metal Card?

You can get a bunqs bunq Metal card for free by spending at least €999 in bunq’s marketing material. You can also win bunqs bunq Card through bunq competitions or contests that are held online.

Can I withdraw money with the bunq Metal card?

Yes, you can withdraw cash with your bunqs Metal card at bunq partnered ATMs. Withdrawals fees apply and might vary from ATM to ATM.

Can I use the bunq Metal card in shops?

You can top-up your bunq Card with cash or debit at bunq’s bunqs bunq bunqs bunq bunqs bunq Metal card is not used to pay for goods or services.

Do I have an overdraft on the bunq Metal card?

No, bunqs metal cardholders cannot borrow money from bunq. You can’t use a bunqs Metal card to buy something that’s more expensive than the bunq balance in your account.

Is there a bunq Metal card app?

There is no bunqs Metal card app. bunq encourages customers to use the bunq Gold card for online payments.

Is bunq a real bank? Is bunq legit?

bunq is not a real bank and bunq metal card isn’t a prepaid debit Visa card. bunqs cards can be used worldwide for online and offline payments, but the purchase limits depend on your bunqs balance.

Will my new Gold status be activated immediately after I am approved for the bunq Metal card?

bunqs Gold status will be activated instantly after bunq decides to offer bunqs Metal card to you. A bunqs Gold member can use bunqs Gold benefits immediately but must wait for the physical bunq Card to arrive before they can use the bunqs Platinum feature.

Does my new bunqs bunq Metal card have an expiry date?

bunqs metal card doesn’t have an expiry date. bunq bunqs bunq bunqs bunq Metal card is a physical card and can be used as long as it’s not damaged or worn out.

Can I use my new bunqs Metal Card online?

Newly issued bunqs bunq bunqs bunq Metal cards are not used for online payments. bunq encourages bunqs bunqs bunq bunqs bunq Gold cardholders to use the Platinum feature for online purchases.

What types of payments can I make using my bunqs bunq Card?

bunqs metal card is a prepaid debit Mastercard, so bunqs uses bunqs. You can also top-up your bunq balance, withdraw cash and make online payments to bunq customers or merchants who accept Mastercard.

Can I activate my bunqs bunq Metal card as a stand-alone payment option, as an alternative to my Gold card?

No, you cannot use your bunqs metal card as a bunq Gold card. bunq Metal card cannot be used for online purchases and is only used to make secure offline payments.

Can I use my bunqs Metal Card at an ATM?

Yes, you can withdraw cash from bunqs Card by visiting a partnered bunq Cardholders can withdraw cash at bunq partnered ATMs for a small fee.


bunq Metal card is a prepaid Mastercard and can be used to make online and offline payments. The bunqs Card has no monthly or annual fees, but there are other fees related to the bunqs that need to be considered before applying for the bunqs metal card. If you are a bunqs Gold cardholder, bunq recommends upgrading to the metal card holder so you can enjoy bunqs benefit.

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