Why You Should Learn The Language of Financial Aid [COMIC]

Last Updated on September 21, 2020 by Mike Restiano

Today marks the beginning of March, and the SALT™ Blog is celebrating by flipping our content switch from “love” to “hate.”

OK, “hate” is too strong a word. What we really mean is that we’re going to talk about some financial topics that may not sound fun but are necessary to ensure a successful future. (Don’t worry, we’ll make them fun … ish.)


First I would like to mention a conversation created by a blog.

Parents: We won't be able to pay $70,000 per anum for our daughter education.

College representative: Don't worry Medallion University provides financial aid based upon your family’s financial need.

Parents:  Oh, that is interesting. Someone told me that Medallion University was need-blind, so I just figured you didn’t care if we couldn’t pay that much.

College representative: If your daughter is admitted to Medallion University, we will calculate your expected family contribution.

Parents: Well, we contribute to our church but we have never made a contribution to Medallion University, but someone told me this is expected in order to get in.

The above conversation shows, how we can speak different languages in English. The parents are concerned about the future of there while looking at their capability. On the other side, the so-called College Representative is speaking the "Language of Financial Aid"

Prepare yourself when it comes to FAFSA, EFC, COA, and a bunch of other fun acronyms. Check out saltmoney.org.

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