Top 5 Best Software For Law Students In 2022 [Detailed Guide]

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By: Michael Restiano
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It would be very beneficial for any student if a particular work is being organized in a proper manner. Also, it is challenging for law students to get all the juggled up things in one place.

There are so many documents, files, drafts, and daily life responsibilities that should be organized properly. Therefore, there are many applications or tools, software, apps, and laptops of law students that will help them fight with their workload at best.

It is very beneficial if you use all the resources to perform better for your progress. This article will give you some of the ideas of the software, for law students which you should prefer for your success.

List Of 5 Best Software For Law Students In 2022

1. PDFelement

This is one of the most important software which a law student should have. Basically, it is a PDF editor toolbar that helps them to download any PDF from the internet, and simply they can edit the document.

Law students generally use PDFs as they mostly rely on the information which is given in detail in PDFs format only. Therefore, they require which simplifies PDF management to all the extent. This PDFelement pro comes at a subscription for $9, and the standard version will cost you around $6.


  • It can form various files only by merging the PDFs.
  • You can easily sign a required file digitally.
  • You can simplify editing all the scanned images and documentation by optical Character Recognition.
  • You can modify the texts, images, or other elements by using robust editing.
  • You can make annotations to PDF documents with the help of some tools provided there.

2. Dropbox

This is basically a cloud storage system which is very important for working with all the documentation and legal-related works. This allows the association of the files from your desktop to a cloud database.

Talking about the use of this for law students, they can store all the notes, files, coursework, and slides here. They can simply access these files from any other location using other digital devices, which would be very suitable for studying anywhere you want. It cost around $11 for plus and $27 for professional versions.


  • It can be accessed offline.
  • All the data or any other related things get automatically updated.
  • It has automatic backup options.
  • 256-bit AES encryption protection.
  • You can easily access it with other devices as well.

3. RefME

It is used for storing all the footnotes and references, which law students use. For law students, Research work, composing articles or essays, coursework in their devices are common; therefore, they use this to gather the citations, footnotes, and endnotes.

The most attractive thing this gives us is that you can scan the barcodes from the information you quoted before. Also, there is no cost of using this software; it is free of cost.


  • There are various options for the styles and format for the citations.
  • You can easily collaborate.
  • You can export all the citations to other apps as well.
  • Synchronization of saved references with all the devices you want.
  • You can also scan the barcodes here.

4. Dictamnus

It is a beneficial app for law students as many times you don’t attend the lectures or are not able to keep up with the notes, then Dictamus can help you a lot with managing all this stuff you are caught in.

It turns your phone into a Dictaphone, wherein you can easily record all your lectures, which you have missed out on. This can help you work with your things later when you start the preparation for your studies. It will cost you around $16.


  • You can simply record it in the background.
  • It easily deletes and moves sections in a dictation.
  • It provides you with AES-128 encryption.

5. Black’s Law Dictionary

This popular software can help you with your vocabulary. This tool benefits you with all the law-related words which you should know about. It gives you all the terms, including the obscure words that are very common. You can easily search the terms and get to know about them. It costs you $54.


  • It comes with more than 50,000 words or your reference.
  • It contains many corresponding terms and expressions.
  • It also contains a wide appendix on the lawful abbreviations.

Final Words

The entire article is covered with all the required software a law student must-have for their betterment. There are many other software and applications also, from which you can benefit from your studies. For proper management, all these tools should be taken into consideration.