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When it comes to buying the best slim watch, it is very important to get into the details of it at very first. There are various kinds of varieties under the category of watches which you may find in the market.

Starting with the new generation we would often find smart-watches in trend which are very useful and beneficial amongst the youngsters these days. But the slim watches which are also called the ordinary watches which were the very popular ones in the 20th century are still making a good place.

Slim watches for men are very attractive and look classy when they wear it. You may have seen people wearing huge and heavy watches these days but when you go for choosing the slim watches it gives you a different vibe!

They offer you with quartz due to its solid measure dimensions and some of them also offer you with the mechanical dimensions which are also very suitable.

The special features which the brand or the model provides you with are also required to be considered. So, here are some of the best slim watches provided below which all come under 9mm and are very affordable. Let’s get them in details!

Recommended Requirements

Model Name/Number

  • Brand
  • Strap material
  • Display Type
  • Movement
  • Special Features

So, these are some of the requirements you should look upon while you tend to find your best match of the watch. Don’t just go and lookup for the price.

Although, price is the thing which be considered but as you are aware that, higher the price better is the quality and better the longer period will be of your product.

If you do not look for this considered thing mentioned above then it will be a problem to you at some point of time in terms of durability. So, do consider these required things when you tend to choose your desired watch.

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1. Casio A700

Casio A700W-1A Digital Unisex Watch Retro Stainless Steel LED A700 New Original
  • Features: Alarm,Date Indicator,Water-Resistant, Case Size: 37.4×35.5×6mm, Dial Color: Black, Brand: Casio
  • Water Resistance: 30 m (3 ATM), Case Material: Plastic, Movement: Quartz, Model: A700
  • Band Material: Stainless Steel, Watch Shape: Square, Type: Wristwatch
  • Model Name/Number: GA-2000-1A2DR
  • Brand: Casio
  • Strap Material: Stainless Steel
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Movement: Quartz

Casio is the very oldest brand which is still used by many people. It is an everyday watch which one can use for their necessity. It gives a perfect look of the retro world and is also designed in that manner.

It is the thinnest watch you would ever get to date. It has a very good outing surface with a slim body shape. If we compare it with the other model of the same brand (Casio) then it is slimmer than any of the others.

Also, it comes under 6mm as compared to others which offer you an 8mm depth. It is very comfortable to wear as it has flat surfaces which can comfortably fit on your wrist.

When coming to its specifications, you should have the proper details of it before you tend to buy it. The case of it comes with a resin and acrylic crystal material and is water resistance which is the most important thing to be considered.

It has a silver coating which looks very attractive and gives it a retro look. It is the most affordable digital watch you will ever find for men. There are also many improvements made to this model as we high up the generation.

This gives you a proper high quality finishing with the movement of quartz. Mostly it comes with a two color choice: Gold platted and silver platted , depending upon the choice you make.

It has a diameter of 33mm with a depth of 6mm. You will find it very attractive as it gives a look like a bracelet with the stainless steel coating over it. This also offers you with the LED backlight which is again a highlighted feature of the watch.

2. Junkers Bauhaus

Junkers 6944-5 Junkers G38 Series Quartz Mens Watch
  • Black Leather strap
  • Stainless-steel case, Black dial
  • Quartz movement
  • Model Name/Number: G-38 6946-3
  • Brand: Junkers Bauhaus
  • Strap Material: Leather
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Movement: Quartz

This is one of the most popular brands which you will get in the marketplace. This watch looks very classy when you come to talk about the formal attire you wear.

The catchy part of this is that you can choose between the diameters of it which is 40mm and 38mm meaning you can choose the size which you desire for your wrist.

The depth of the case is measured 10mm for every model which is covered with the domed glass. It is a German-made watch which can beat any other watch when it comes to the look of the watch.

It has a movement of the quartz which is of the Junkers Bauhaus range. Moreover, it also comes with a mechanical movement. It has a very brilliant geometrical thing which makes it look even more cool and attractive at a glance.

It has a high quality and the power indicator is also a very good touch given. It is built with a very excellent feature which is it has Anti-Scratch glass made up of hesalite Crystal.

They provide you with the category of Aviation/Space and classical. The dial of this watch looks very pretty with the leather band of the watch. The detailing of the dial is given very perfectly with every small notch.

When it comes to the choice of the people, it comes with a variety of styles and color of the watch. They also provide you with beautiful dial color you would ever wish: Beige, Silver and Anthracite.

It comes with a diameter of 40mm and a width of 10mm in depth. It has a very well construction in a stainless steel range with a Ronda 515 Swiss quartz movement. It is well defined with its water resistance factor and are designs with a mineral crystal glass giving it a perfect look.

3. Lorus Field Watches

Luminox Atacama Field Automatic XL.1907.NF Mens Watch 44mm - Military Watch in Silver/White Date...
  • The Atacama Field series, inspired by one of the driest places in the world - the Atacama desert in Chile is designed for extreme...
  • Technical Specifications: 200 meters / 660 feet / 20 ATM water resistant, Extremely robust sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective...
  • Lighting Technology: Green and orange Luminox Light Technology on dial ring and minute and hour hands (LLT) - LLT: Self-powered...
  • Model Number: RXF41AX7
  • Manufacturer: Lorus
  • Strap Material: Nylon
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Movement: Quartz

Another interesting watch which comes in line is of Lorus which is a subordinate of Seiko. This is affordable and looks very great when you tend to wear it. They manufacture two best watches which are still on trend in the market.

When it comes to the wearing part, it is very much comfortable to your wrist and is best fitted to your slim watches category. It is not so heavy and is a small watch when compared to other big and heavy watches.

This has several varieties, including one with the titanium made design which is off course expensive but it worth the value. The another one variety is made up of Stainless steel which is also very classy and has Lumi Brite on its dial giving it a perfect touch.

It has a simple case provided to you with a very simple design of the watch including the crown guards with a very small look. The band of this watch is very comfortable to wear with rigid texture.

Coming to its important features, it offers you with the 100mm of water resistance, which is a great recording given to you. As mentioned that it comes in two different varieties but they almost look similar if we compare them because both of them have silver cases with the cream-colored dial inside it giving it a simple look.

It comes with a diameter of 36mm and with a width of 8mm in depth. The material of the brand which is used here is of Nylon. The display which is given to this particular watch is of Analog display which is common to every watch. The case of this watch is corrosion resistance and has a ability to last a longer period of time.

4. Junkers 60862 Chronograph

Junghans Form C Chronscope Quartz Matt Silver Watch | Blue Calfskin 041/4775.00
  • Featuring a Blue Band, Silver-tone Case, Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal
  • Model Name/Number: Junkers Bauhaus
  • Brand: Junkers
  • Strap Material: Leather
  • Display Type: Chronograph
  • Movement: Quartz

If we go by the look of it don’t you think it looks so cool? Well, yes it is somewhat different from any other watch in the market. It is important to know that these chronograph watches are very hard to find, so here the Junkers have provided you with this.

This fits under your covering of the slim watch you would ever get. This comes with a depth of 10mm including the doomed glass which looks very thin when you wear it on your wrist.

As we have mentioned you with the previous Junkers which is also a type of this brand but slightly different just because of its different feature which we talked about.

This is also made from German as we mentioned the previous variety. This is very lightweight as compared to other watches and also has a good built quality. The dial looks very cool as it has the color black in it, giving it a very perfect look one can ever imagine!

This comes with a diameter of 40mm and height of approx. 10.6mm. It has a black leather strap and as mentioned above has a display type of chronograph. The glass which is made up of is the plastic material and comes with a stainless steel case.

Like other watches this is also water resistance which is the savior of any watch you tend to buy. It offers you with the black dial giving it a very superior look one can afford.

The shape of it is round which looks very attractive and also simple. The type of its clasp is Tang Buckle and the material of its case is acciaio INOX. It also provides you with the stopwatch inbuilt in it which is its special feature.

5. Casio MQ-24

Casio Men's MQ24-7B2 Analog Watch with Black Resin Band
  • Round watch with logoed white dial featuring Arabic numeral markers
  • 35 mm plastic case with protective resin glass dial window
  • Quartz movement with analog display
  • Model Name/Number: MQ-24-7B
  • Brand: Casio
  • Strap Material: Plastic
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Movement: Quartz

As we have discussed earlier that Casio is a very oldest brand but still giving its best in the market till date. So, this is another variety of the watch which the brand offers.

Unlike the previous one, this is an upgraded version of the watch which the brand offers their customers. Due to the up gradation of every type of watch, this brand is growing in the market and touching the peak.

This is affordable to your range and gives it a simple but great look to your wrist. Also, it fits to your list being slim fitted with the stainless steel band of it with a simple dial which looks very stylish.

It gives you a very beautiful look with the bracelet type you want it. The Casio watches comes in very varieties, as the Casio MQ-24 offers you with two different color variants and with different styles of its bracelet.

This comes at a very affordable cost with the best quality you would ever get. The material of the band is plastic as mentioned above with a band width of 16mm. The diameter tends to follow up at 34mm with a thickness of about 8mm.

The display type of this watch is given to be the Analog which is common amongst any of the watch. This watch is also water resistance (50m) as others which are the most common feature you will get in any watch these days.

This gives you a beautiful look with the dial which is of black colored and the outer which is the band of silver outlook. Also comes with different variety which is black band material with the white dial giving it a simple and classy look.

6. Seiko SUP872P1

Seiko Solar SUP872P1 Men's Flat & Light
  • Case
  • - Case Material: Stainless Steel (brushed/polished)
  • - Case Shape: Round
  • Model Name/Number: SUP872
  • Brand: Seiko
  • Strap Material: Leather
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Movement: Solar

Seiko is also a brand that is reaching a peak in the market. This watch also comes under the category of the slim watch with a mechanical movement on it. It has a very simple dial but looks very elite once you wear it.

It has a special feature of the solar-powered model with a simple look in a solid package. This offers you great finishing at the case with a smooth covering.

The dialing inside is given with the thin hands and hour markers which look very decent when you wear it over a formal wear. This is very durable and also affordable at the cost you tend to but it.

It gives you a very ancient look or you can call it a retro look you want with the beautiful covering of the golden touch it has provided. It has the best features which would make your money worth the value and the quality of it.

The band color is black and the band material is made up of leather giving it a very classy look. The Bezel function is stationary and the material is fixed with gold-tone.

The diameter of the case is 38mm and the thickness is 6.5mm and the band width is 20mm. The dial color of the watch is pretty white which looks very classy when you wear it with a formal wear.

The crystal material is made up of Scratch Resistant Hardlex which is a great feature which is embedded. The display of it is provided with the Analog type as provided to other watch and the clasp is of tang Buckle.

It offers you with the hour, minute and solar powered as its special features and the movement provided is solar.

7. Sea-Gull ‘Ultra-Thin’ Automatic Watch

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  • Model Name/Number: 819.332
  • Brand: SEA-GULL
  • Strap Material: Leather
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Movement: Automatic Self-wind

This is another watch brand which works very smooth and functions at an automatic movement. This also fits under the category of your slim watch with a construction of stainless steel.

This watch is beautifully designed by the best manufacturers of the world, it has provided with the mechanical movement which is the effectively built.

The specification of this watch is quite attractive if we talk about the price specs, provided with the sapphire crystal, vph movement and the water resistance capacity which is 3bar. These all are the basic specs which should be considered.

Now coming towards the design which is built, we talk about the case which is at a point of 8mm steel case. The design is re-built from the Nomos models, which are more expensive and have taken from many other designs of watches too.

Talking about the size category, we arrive at the range that the diameter of the dial tends to be 39mm. The size of the band is also very important to consider, although the size of the band is the only thing which matters in terms of size.

So, the band length which is measured is 21cm and the width of the band is measured to be 21mm as well. Therefore, it has the equal range of the size of the band of the watch.

The material of the case which is built-in is of stainless steel. As the name is given with the tag of Automatic watch, you must have surely guessed it correct that the movement is Automatic self-wind.

The clasp type which is provided by the watch tends to be Push button hidden clasp. The material of the dial window which this brand offers you is sapphire crystal which looks very descent when you wear it.

8. Casio Edifice EFR-S107D1AVUEF

Casio Men's EFR-564D-1AVCR Edifice Analog Display Quartz Silver Watch
  • Imported; Edifice; Stopwatch; Flat Bezel Design; 100-meter Water Resistance; Date Display; Stainless Steel Band
  • Screw Lock Back; Mineral Glass; Silver Bezel; Regular Time Keeping
  • Quartz Movement
  • Model Number/Name: ERF-S107D-1AVUDF
  • Brand: Casio
  • Strap Material: Stainless Steel
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Movement: Quartz

Now you must be thinking that why again the same brand we are considering right? This is because we told you before that this brand keeps on upgrading their products with better specification again and again.

This is another fantastic watch which suits your requirement of slim watch. This watch is very different from the previous model which we mentioned.

The above models were made up of stainless steel but which were not fully embedded with the stainless steel body. Here, is the catch the entire body is made up of stainless steel giving it a very cool look.

This is of Edifice series and have designs take up or have inspired from the racing cars. This is one of the very good things which are derived; you may have also seen the Casio edifice tags in the racing cars of the Formula one car.

Talking about the features of the watch, it has water resistance of about 100m of water and has also provided you with the anti-scratch protection by covering it with the Sapphire crystal around it.

If we talk about the feature of the watch which includes flat bezel, date display, one touch 3-fold clasp, Sapphire glass. These are all its basic features to be considered.

Talking about the size of the watch, the band width of it is measured to be 22mm and the case diameter is 42.5mm. The shape in which the watch is made is round which is common to every watch but because of its body’s material it looks great when you wear it.

The dial color of the watch is black which looks beautiful with the stainless steel body. The display type is provided to you is Analog. So, this can be another Casio model you can go for.

9. Frederique Constant Slim Line FC-220NV4S5

  • Model Name/Number: FC-220NV4S5
  • Brand: Frederique Constant
  • Strap Material: Leather
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Movement: Quartz

Looking at the watch, it looks so decent and goes with the perfect outfit you choose. If we talk about the look of the watch it gives you a very classic look to wear.

Also, it fits into your slim watch category which is a perfect match for your elite events you tend to attend. The features which this includes comes with the sapphire crystal embedded with the brown crocodile strap on the watch which looks very elite when your wear it with any desired outfit.

Around the watch main thing which looks very classy is that gold color way on it which gives it a perfect touch of the brand. This is a Swiss-made watch including all the small detailing which you consider.

You are also provided with the date calendar here, which gives you double benefit of viewing the time and the date as well. As it gives you with the size you want, starting with the case sizes which includes, the diameter tends to be 37mm and the thickness mentioned is 5mm, coming to the band length which is considered is the width is 20mm.

The clasp type which this offers you is Tang Buckle. The material which is used in the dial window is sapphire crystal which is very way good to look. The band material used here is yellow gold plated which gives it the best touch.

The color of the dial here in this watch is mentioned to be gray or off-white. The special feature which this model gives you is the quartz movement of it. It also has the water resistance up to 30meters.

These are some of the important details which are considered when you tend to go for the list you require of the slim watch.

10. Citizen BJ6500-12L

Citizen Eco-Drive Chandler Quartz Mens Watch, Stainless Steel with Leather strap, Weekender, Brown...
  • 46mm Case Diameter
  • Japanese-quartz Movement
  • Water resistant to 50m (165ft: in general, suitable for short periods of recreational swimming, but not diving or snorkeling
  • Model Name/Number: BJ6500-12L
  • Brand: Citizen
  • Strap Material: Leather
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz

Talking to the last one which we choose the best slim watch is this Citizen model which looks very decent and beautiful when you wear it. This is casual wear you can have it in your closet if you are looking for a slim watch.

This also looks very fashionable when you tend to wear it on your wrist. The band of this is fitted with the Leather Nato strap, which gives you the aesthetic vibes. The material used for the dial window is mineral and the clasp is mentioned to Buckle.

The shape of this watch is made round so that it looks very decent and beautiful when you wear it. Now talking about its case material and size, we have here the material of the case which is built-in tends to be stainless steel.

The size of the case is mentioned in measures of the diameter of about 40mm and the thickness tends to be 8mm. As we have mentioned the band of this watch is made up of leather which looks so classy and is also very comfortable when you wear it.

There is no accurate or any exact size provided to this band of the watch but the bandwidth is measured to be about 20mm, whereas the length is desired to be the normal men’s band length.

The band color of this watch is brown as it is made up of leather so the common color tends to be brown. The color of the dial which looks very beautiful with the brown combination of the band is blue.

The material of the Bezel is also provided with Stainless steel and the function of it is stationery. This provided you with the water-resistance of about 165 feet which is also a very good feature of this watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the important things to remember when you want to buy a watch?

The important thing which you should always keep in mind is that; make a list of what you actually require in your watch. Then compare all of the watches which are there in your list. Compare the features and the functions. Also, make sure you look into the merits and demerits of the watch.

2. Whether leather bands are durable or Stainless Steel?

Giving you the comparison between the two would not be a good thing because both of them have their different features. It depends upon how you tend to take care of your watch.

Final Words

These were important and the choosing the best slim watch we would recommend to you. They come to the best ones which we have given you in the above article. You just have to make a good choice for your need.

Even the required things are mentioned above with all their merit and demerits to it. It would be pretty obvious that you will get some of the things cleared when you look upon the details which we have provided to you!