12 Best CFD Signals Providers In 2023 [Top Indicators]

Updated On: 09/06/2023
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In the complex trading landscape, having a reliable resource can significantly improve your chances of achieving profitable returns. This is particularly true when you're navigating in the world of Contract for Difference (CFD) trading.

To help optimize your trading decisions based on market intelligence and technical analysis, consider engaging with the best CFD signals providers.

These platforms provide alerts to assist traders in making informed choices by giving an insightful peek into prospective market moves.

If you're new to this game or even an experienced trader, acquiring the right tools, such as accurate CFD signals from competent providers, can make your journey in this intricate trading arena less daunting and potentially high-yielding.

12 Best CFD Signals Providers In 2023

These platforms are at the top in providing reliable and profitable CFD signals. When utilizing these tools, consider their credibility, user reviews, and performance history before deciding to subscribe or join. But remember that even with the best signal provider, there's always a risk involved in trading.



Regarding reliable CFD signal providers, eToro certainly tops the list. This well-regarded social trading platform leverages a community of traders’ experience to generate signals that can guide your investment decisions. Using a design similar to social media channels, eToro encourages interaction and collaboration among traders.

Founded in 2007, eToro offers an extensive educational resource selection that can help novice traders understand the finer points of CFD trading. Their robust platform training makes it possible to advance from a beginner to an intermediate level or even become an expert.

What sets eToro apart is its CopyTrader feature; this allows you to mirror the trades of successful users, automatically replicating their actions in real time. Thus, besides its robust interface for experienced traders, eToro makes it more effortless for beginners to make informed trading decisions.

Key Features

  • CopyTrade Function: This tool facilitates the automatic mirroring of established traders’ moves.
  • Social Trading Platform: Encourages interaction and knowledge-sharing among traders.
  • Extensive Learning Resources: A comprehensive repository of educational materials is available for trader reference.
  • Wide Range of Instruments: Provides access to different CFD markets, including forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and stocks.
  • Regulated Platform: Ensures user protection as it adheres strictly to international financial standards.

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1000pip Builder

1000pip Builder

Another trustworthy name in the realm of CFD signals providers is 1000pip Builder. Their expert trading team, helmed by Bob James, an accomplished trader with over a decade of experience in financial institutions in London, ensures you receive trading signals meticulously assessed on vital technical criteria.

1000pip Builder’s service centers around offering highly rated forex signals carrying potential on any platform - their typical trading signals have reached target gains of 600 to 1000 pips per month.

As a member, you receive updates via email, SMS, or through their dedicated members' area. Suitable for all types of traders irrespective of experience – the beginner or the seasoned player - this platform’s straightforward step-by-step instructions help make potentially profitable trades.

Key Features

  • Experienced Hands: Led by Bob James, with over ten years of experience.
  • Highly Rated Forex Signals: Typical monthly target gains run from 600 to 1000 pips.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Detailed instructions for implementing signals are provided, making it suitable for beginners.
  • Multiple Communication Channels: Updates are shared via email, SMS, and a members-only area.
  • Performance Tracking: Tracks performance to maintain transparency and build user trust.



ForexSignals.com is another significant player in the lineup of the best CFD signals providers. Since 2012, this platform has served the trading community, placing immense focus on education and skill building besides signals provision.

Their services thrive on transparency, showcasing live trades and performance records of their signals providers, thus offering you inherent trust in their service. The platform also stands out with its interactive trading room feature, where trades are performed and analyzed live.

Emphasizing community learning, the platform provides access to trade discussion rooms where you can learn from traders worldwide. With these features, ForexSignals.com is more than just a signals provider; it's an environment dedicated to trader growth and proficiency.

Key Features

  • Transparency: Showcases live trades and performance track records of their signals providers.
  • User-friendly Interface: Offers a clean layout that’s easy to navigate even for newbies.
  • Live Trading Rooms: Provides real-time insights into how professional traders execute their trades.
  • Educational Resources: Extensive library for trading knowledge enhancement, including webinars, video tutorials, courses, and market analysis.
  • Community Learning: Access to trade discussion rooms enables learning from global traders.
  • Comprehensive Market Coverage: Extensive coverage of forex pairs and other financial instruments for diversified portfolio options.
  • Customer Support: Reliable customer service that quickly resolves queries.

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In online CFD trading, AvaTrade has carved out a renowned name for itself since 2006. This Ireland-based broker blends sizable market access with a robust offering of trading platforms, thus tailoring a well-rounded experience for traders at different proficiency levels.

One impressive aspect of AvaTrade is its assortment of automated trading software that lets users copy the trades of seasoned traders. These include options like ZuluTrade and DupliTrade, widely recognized in the industry for their performance.

As a highly regulated platform with affiliates globally, AvaTrade engenders confidence by maintaining transparency and fairness in its operations.

Its dedication towards user education is also commendable; with interactive video lessons, webinars, and insightful educational content, you're in for an enriching trading journey ahead.

Key Features

  • Assorted Trading Platforms: Provides access to multiple automated trading platforms.
  • Copy Trading: Enables users to mimic seasoned traders with software like ZuluTrade and DupliTrade.
  • Broad Market Access: Offers diverse CFD asset classes, including forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, indices, etc.
  • Regulated Platform: Operates per international financial standards, ensuring user protection.
  • Educational Resource Library: Extensive depositary of educational content assisting users in enhancing their knowledge.
  • Customer Support: Reliable 24/5 customer support service ready to tackle any issues or queries.

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In the arena of CFD signals providers, Deriv.com stands tall as an innovative and trader-centric platform. Founded in 2000, the company has weathered the storms of the financial market and emerged as a trusted leader in online trading.

With over two decades of service, they offer intuitive platforms (DTrader, DBot, DMT5) designed to cater to traders at various proficiency levels.

Deriv.com provides a wide range of markets for CFDs, such as forex, commodities, synthetics, and cryptocurrencies.

They house over 100+ assets across different classes – flexibility at your fingertips! Deriv.com also offers free educational resources, including video tutorials and webinars.

Offering an array of tools such as MetaTrader 5, Smart Trader, and Binary Web Trader, Deriv.com ensures you have the right arsenal to navigate complex CFD landscapes easily.

Key Features

  • Multiple Trading Platforms: Includes DTrader, DBot - an automated trading bot platform, and DMT5 (MetaTrader 5) for seasoned traders.
  • Free Educational Resources: Free educational resources like webinars and video tutorials.
  • Wide range of Markets: Offers scope to trade across asset classes, including forex pairs, commodities, synthetic indices, and cryptocurrency.
  • Trusted Leadership: A trading platform with over two decades of experience & trust in global markets.
  • 100+ Asset Classes–: Provides choice with access to over 100 financial instruments available for trading.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Quick and reliable assistance available round-the-clock for traders.

Learn 2 Trade

Learn 2 Trade

The next stop on our list of top CFD Signals providers is Learn 2 Trade. This UK-based company lends a unique approach to trading signal delivery.

Unlike other providers offering algorithm-driven signals, Learn 2 Trade’s team includes professional human traders who analyze and generate signals.

While this feature can enhance the quality of the signals, it's equally beneficial for learning purposes.

You receive signals and gain insight into what prompted these signals recommendations. Hence, it's a suitable platform if you intend to learn the intricacies of CFD trading.

Providing up to 10 daily forex signals, they maintain transparency by cataloging their success rates on their website. They offer both free and premium services, making it accessible to a range of traders with different budgets and experience levels.

Key Features

  • Human-Trader Led Analysis: Traders can have faith in the analysis carried out by experienced human traders.
  • Real-Time Signals Updates: Regular signals alerts aid timely decision-making.
  • Learning Oriented: The platform imparts useful trading knowledge to its users.
  • Transparent Delivery: The site maintains past performance and hit rates transparently.
  • Free & Premium Services: Offers accessibility depending upon budget constraints and trading requirements.



Born out of the desire to create an online and mobile platform where newbies could follow expert traders, ZuluTrade has become one of the most favored CFD signals providers. Founded in 2007, it is among the pioneers of copy trading platforms. The platform allows traders to imitate skilled traders' strategies, thus serving newbies looking for experience before setting their trades.

Unlike other signals providers, ZuluTrade provides a unique rating for each trader based on their trading history. This calculation includes parameters like drawdown statistics, ROI, and follower count. This insight can guide potential followers in choosing which investors to imitate.

What distinguishes ZuluTrade from competitors is its comprehensive risk management tools, including ZuluGuard, which offers automatic protection that acts if a trader’s behavior deviates from the usual pattern.

Key Features

  • Social Trading Platform: Provides a user-friendly environment beneficial for copy-trading.
  • Robust Risk Management: Employs automatic protective systems such as ZuluGuard.
  • Investor Rating System: Users can evaluate traders based on a unique ranking system.
  • Customizable Settings: Users can adjust settings tailored according to personal trading approach and risk tolerance.
  • Compatible with Several Brokers: Offers compatibility with many brokers, enhancing trading flexibility.



If speed is your need, then Pepperstone could be the right choice. Renowned for its ultra-fast execution of trades, this Australian organization has been at the forefront of delivering top-notch CFD services since 2010.

The platform focuses on low-cost pricing and high-grade technology while providing direct access to multiple liquidity destinations in the forex markets without dealing desk intervention.

Having a competitive edge in today's trading world is critical, and Pepperstone gives precisely that with its razor-sharp spreads and impressive technical analysis.

Its user-friendly interface and excellent customer support make it a popular choice among traders worldwide. Plus, Pepperstone is regulated by esteemed global bodies like the FCA (UK) and ASIC (Australia), adding much-needed credibility to your trading journey.

Key Features

  • Ultra-Fast Execution: Lighting fast execution speed ensures you never lose out on trades due to time lag.
  • Superior Technology: Uses the latest tech advancements for more precision in trades.
  • Low-Cost Pricing: Aims at providing the best services at a minimal cost.
  • Regulated by FCA and ASIC: Adds a layer of credibility for users.
  • Excellent Customer Support: Accessible help when caught up with issues or questions.
  • Variety of Trading Platforms: Gives access to MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader platforms.



No doubt, 3Commas is a powerful ally in navigating the unpredictable world of CFD trading. Offering a suite of comprehensive tools, it's designed with both beginner and advanced traders in mind. Launched in 2017, 3Commas’ goal has always been to simplify complex trading strategies and make them accessible to users on various levels.

This CFD signal platform incorporates an intuitive interface that makes trading seamless for users. One standout feature is its SmartTrading tool, bringing over 20 key trading functionalities under one roof. It effectively combines monitoring third-party signals with layout customization and portfolio management features.

On top of that, their Marketplace offers traders a multitude of signal providers to choose from; you can select based on individual performance stats and user reviews.

Key Features

  • SmartTrading Tool: An advanced tool offering over 20 multi-purpose trading functionalities.
  • Marketplace: Provides access to several third-party signal providers under one umbrella.
  • Intuitive Interface: Offers an easy-to-navigate platform benefiting both newbies and seasoned traders.
  • Automated Trading Bots: These bots help automate your trade decisions based on preset rules or strategies.
  • Portfolio Management Features: Track your trades efficiently all in one place.
  • Transparent Provider Performance Stats: Allows for informed decisions when choosing a signal provider.

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PipsAlert is another trusted name when it comes to reliable CFD signal providers. Established in 2018, PipsAlert aims to level the playing field for novice and experienced traders.

Unlike other providers focusing solely on Forex, PipsAlert offers signals for various markets, including Indices, Cryptocurrencies, and Commodities.

Signals are provided by a team of over 15 traders who have dedicated their time to finding valuable opportunities within these markets.

Their user-friendly interface allows traders to receive updates regarding price fluctuations and market changes via emails or directly on their mobile app.

Ultimately offering them an edge by equipping them with actionable insights and prompt notifications about potential investment opportunities.

What makes PipsAlert particularly effective is its focus on transparency. They issue monthly results publicly for users to understand the company's trading efficacy accurately.

Key Features

  • Wide Market Range: Provides signals for forex and other CFD markets like Indices, Cryptocurrencies, and Commodities.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Offers convenient email alerts and functions via a mobile app.
  • Experienced Team: Contains a dedicated team of more than 15 traders constantly anticipating valuable market opportunities.
  • Transparency: Publicly announces monthly results showcasing its performance record.
  • Options for Custom Packages: Users can subscribe as per their individual trading preferences; options include ‘Intruder,’ ‘Venture X,’ ‘Sapphire,’ and ‘Enterprise.’

Mindful Trader

Mindful Trader

Utilizing a resource like the Mindful Trader is integral to your CFD trading journey. This platform, driven by Eric Ferguson's 20+ years of experience in systematic trading and market analysis, provides reliable trading signals that help determine optimum market entry and exit points.

Mindful Trader specializes in end-of-day S&P 500 signals—a strategy where trades are performed just before the New York Stock Exchange closing bell rings—which lessens risk exposure in overnight trading.

These insights are based on sophisticated statistical methods and strategic data analysis, fostering confidence even as you navigate complex markets.

While providing users with practical designs for risk management, it also disseminates valuable trading education content via blogs and newsletters—indispensable resources for novice traders and experienced market players alike.

Key Features

  • Experienced Leadership: Provides expert insights derived from over two decades of Eric Ferguson's expertise in systematic trading.
  • End-of-Day Signals: Specializes in providing precise S&P 500 signals just before the NYSE closes.
  • Sophisticated Analytical Methods: Uses carefully crafted statistical methods for generating reliable signals.
  • Risk Management Design: Offers strategies to manage risk levels effectively in your favor.
  • Educational Resources: Provides comprehensive learning content through blogs and newsletters ideal for beginners and seasoned traders.



Investing in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies can be intimidating, especially for beginners. GSIC, short for "Getting Started In Crypto," presents a unique solution to this challenge. It offers a stepping stone for novice traders on their path to crypto trading.

As a comprehensive guide to crypto trading, GSIC provides cutting-edge algorithms that produce accurate signals based on market trends and history.

Their service helps remove the guesswork from crypto trading by anticipating potential shifts in the market. This data-based approach helps new and seasoned traders make informed decisions more accurately.

From cryptocurrency basics to advanced trading strategies, GSIC simplifies your journey into the vast realm of digital money investment.

Key Features

  • User-Friendly Interface: The well-structured layout makes it easy for users of varying skill levels.
  • Signal Notifications: Users receive push notifications on potentially profitable trade opportunities.
  • Educational Resources: These offer a deep dive into cryptocurrency basics and advanced trade strategies.
  • Data-Based Approach: The sophisticated algorithms generate accurate signals based on market trends and history.
  • Community Access: Connects users with other traders through the forum, fostering knowledge sharing and discussions.
  • Crypto Alerts System: Receives alerts about significant changes in crypto prices or market conditions.

FAQs About Best CFD Signals Providers

What are CFD signal providers?

CFD signal providers offer trading signals to guide traders on when to buy or sell a CFD. These signals are based on various market analyses and indicators.

How do CFD signal providers determine their signals?

Providers use technical, fundamental, and sometimes sentiment analysis to determine trading signals. They may also use algorithms and machine learning models.

Are all CFD signal providers reliable?

Not all providers are reliable. It's essential to research and choose providers with a good track record, transparent methodologies, and positive reviews.

Do I need to follow every signal provided?

No, traders should use signals as a guide and combine them with their own analysis and risk management strategies.

Are there free CFD signal providers?

Yes, some providers offer free signals, but assessing their quality and reliability is crucial before relying on them for trading decisions.


Choosing the right CFD signals provider is fundamental to your trading success. It's crucial to consider their reliability, track record, customer reviews, and cost before selecting.

The providers listed above have been thoroughly tested for their performance and reliability, making them stand out in the CFD trading market. However, conducting research and due diligence is always a good idea, as individual trading goals vary greatly.

Regardless, having real-time access to accurate CFD signals can significantly simplify and enhance your experience in navigating the complex world of financial markets.

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