Best 1080p 144Hz Monitors In 2021 [Top Rated Models]

If you’re looking for the best 1080p 144Hz Monitors in 2021, then you are at the right place. Having a visually impressive gaming experience is not only based on the top-notch graphic specifications and hardware of your gaming system. It also requires you to have a brilliant display monitor that can churn the best out of your system’s capabilities.

In recent times, the 4K screens with up to 300Hz refresh rates are the best in the market. They definitely pair well with the best graphic cards and give you a visual treat while you game. But well, they are still getting into the market and hence, cost a bomb.

The 1080p Full HD monitors with 144Hz refresh rate hit the sweet spot by balancing the capability of clarity in resolution and operating at high refresh rates when pushed by the graphic cards.

The better advantage with these monitors is that you can even pair them up with budget gaming personal computers and still experience good visual qualities.

Getting one of the best 1080p 144Hz Monitor gives you the advantage of smoothly running games at high refresh rates with full HD output affordably.

Affordability will be out of the question for a long time for 4K gamers as with full HD displays; you can expect great visual output even with graphic cards like the Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti, which is not the case with 4K displays.

Since these monitors are popular, there are tons of options available in the market. Which one do you choose? This list of the Best 1080p 144Hz Monitors in 2021 will help you make the right decision.

Best 1080p 144HZ Monitors In 2021 — Detailed Reviews

1) AOC C24G1

AOC C24G1 24" Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor, FHD 1080p, 1500R VA panel, 1ms 144Hz, FreeSync, Height adjustable, VESA, 3-Year Zero Dead Pixels Black
  • AOC Gaming 24" Class, 23. 6" Viewable AOC Gaming monitor with 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution
  • 1500R curved monitor (VA panel) wrapping around your vision for an immersive gaming experience
  • Rapid 1ms (MPRT) response and 144Hz refresh rate with AMD Free Sync for smoothest competitive game play

The AOC C24G1 is an affordable Full HD curved gaming monitoring offering pretty impressive gaming specs at this price tag. You get a 24 inch VA Panel display with a super-thin bezel of only 0.4 inches.

Now you can mount multiple displays without any bezel distraction. You get complete 23.6 inches of the viewing area. It boasts a 1500 R curved display compared to the usually seen 1800 R curvature.

This extra curvature wraps the monitor around you, putting you in the middle of your intense gaming action. This brilliant display is mounted on an ergonomic stand that allows for height adjustment.

You no longer have to move your head around to get to the right viewing position; the stand will do that for you. The body is done in black with a matte red honeycomb strip running along with the bottom bezel.

At the back, too, there’s a little design done with the red color. There is a tiny triangular power button on the right bottom that allows you to turn on and off the monitor. Coming to the technical specifications.

The AOC C24G1 gives you a 144Hz refresh rate with 1 ms MPRT. This means you are going to experience a complete lag-free visual experience without any glitch at all.

This kind of smooth, lag-free display allows you to have the fastest and most accurate responses with your mouse and keyboard, especially while you are e – gaming.

Your fact-paced gaming experience goes to a whole new experience with the AMD FreeSync Premium technology. This tech automatically syncs your Monitor’s refresh rate with the GPU’s refresh rate.

This ensures that you do not experience any tear, lag, or blurriness in your gaming experience. It provides you a fluid display experience even during the most demanding situations.

You get a minimum 120Hz refresh rate to keep your gaming experience life-like and sharp. Frame rate drops are taken care of by the latest LFC feature. Eye strain and fatigue will be no issue with the AOC Flicker-free technology.

The monitor uses a backlight Direct Current panel to reduce flickering light levels and eases the strain your eyes would experience.

  • AMD Free Sync technology for a lag-free experience.
  • 144Hz refresh rate with 1 ms MPRT for a fluid-like experience.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • Brilliant color configuration
  • No USB port nor speakers.

2) AOC G2490VX

AOC Limited Edition G2490VXS 24" class Frameless Gaming Monitor with Silver Stand, FHD 1920x1080, 1ms 144Hz, FreeSync Premium, 126% sRGB / 93% DCI-P3, 3Yr Re-Spawned zero dead pixels Black
  • 24" class (23.8" viewable) AOC gaming monitor with 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution VA panel
  • Limited edition black frameless monitor design with silver stand.
  • Rapid 1ms response (MPRT) and 144Hz refresh rate with Adaptive-Sync for smooth competitive gameplay

Yet another frameless super-thin bezel display monitor from AOC. The AOC G2490VX packs a VA Panel 24 inch display with a 23.8-inch viewable area. It is packed in a 3 side ultra-thin black bezel with a little thicker bottom bezel in red.

These thin bezels allow you to mount multiple monitors without any bezel distractions. The bottom bezel holds 5 button joystick for on-display control. This gets rid of those ugly tacky buttons in most monitors.

You get adequate connectivity options with one display port, one HDMI port, and a line for audio. Besides this, the body has the standard VESA mounting option that lets you choose from any mounting frame you want.

This flat screen Full HD display is mounted on a sturdy stand with no movement options. Coming to the technical aspect of this monitor. You get a brilliant color gamut (92.85% DCI-P3 and 125.95% sRGB) that accurately produces life-like images with perfect color reproduction.

Your first shooter gaming experience will take a huge leap forward with the 144Hz refresh rate ensuring you don’t miss even a millisecond of action.

The 1 ms MPRT (response rate) allows your mouse and keyboard response to get more accurate and deadlier. Get ready to experience a smoother than ever, completely lag-free e-gaming experience with these fast response and refresh rates.

You can experience a complete life-like gaming experience without any lag, tear, and blurriness with the AMD FreeSync technology. This tech automatically synchronizes the monitor’s refresh rate with that of the GPU for a completely smooth, lag-free intense gaming experience.

The fast-paced gaming experience will improve drastically with this Sync tech. You get the fastest frame rates and no laggings nor stuttering input from your mouse because of the adaptive Sync ready monitor.

Sit back and get ready for the smoothest gameplay ever with the AOC G2490VX. You no longer have to worry about eye strain or fatigue while you game for long hours because of the AOC Flicker Technology and AOC LowBlue Mode.

These two together create the safest display for your eyes. The AOC Flicker tech uses Direct Current backlight technology to provide a flicker-free display output, easing it for your eyes.

The LowBlue mode reduces the emission of blue light, which is considered really harmful for the eyes.

  • AMD FreeSync tech for auto sync of refresh rates.
  • AOC Flicker Tech and LowBlue mode for your eyes’ safety.
  • 144Hz refresh rate with 1 ms MPRT for a lag-free experience.
  • Ultra-thin bezels.
  • No screen adjustments.

3) Asus TUF VG279QM

ASUS TUF Gaming VG279QM 27” HDR Monitor, 1080P Full HD (1920 x 1080), Fast IPS, 280Hz, G-SYNC Compatible, Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync (ELMB SYNC), 1ms, DisplayHDR 400,
  • 27-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) Fast IPS gaming monitor with ultrafast 280Hz refresh rate (overclocked) designed for professional gamers...
  • ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync (ELMB SYNC) technology enables ELMB together with G-SYNC Compatible, eliminating ghosting and tearing...
  • Certified as G-SYNC Compatible, delivering a seamless, tear-free gaming experience by enabling VRR (variable refresh rate) by default

The ASUS TUF is a display monitor meant for gamers who want the perfect viewing experience throughout. It is packed with features to fill gaps that most monitors fail to do.

The monitor has a stunning 27 inches full HD 1080p display with ultra-thin bezels that brings maximum viewing area. This enables you to view each and every corner of the map and to shoot the scene without squinting your eyes or focusing on one corner.

This one is designed for intense gamers. The TUF comes with a 280HZ refresh rate with a 1ms response time, ensuring that you do not miss any scene.

This kind of refresh rate is a huge benefit for online shooter games because you will be the first one to view any changed scene. There is a lot of technology packed in this display.

The ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync reduces the tearing of images, eliminates ghosting, and overall improves the whole image processing. The TUF is Nvidia G-Sync Compatible certified.

This means there will be no tear at all, and varying refresh rates would be managed well. The G – Sync automatically adjusts the monitor’s refresh rate with that of your GPU to prevent any lag or disturbance in the overall image quality.

The display produces accurate colors and delivers brilliant contrast with the High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. There is a professional color gamut, and the color production meets the requirement for getting Vesa Certified DisplayHDR 400.

This wonderful display is mounted on a sturdy – practical stand. The stand allows you to adjust the height between 0 to 130mm, swivel it 90 degrees, pivot it 90 degrees and tilt it through – 5 degrees to + 33 degrees.

Connectivity specifications include an earphone jack, two HDMI 2.0 ports, and a 1.2 Display port. This gamer inspired laptop provides 7 pre-set display modes to enable you to choose the appropriate set up for different contents.

There is a hotkey specifically to present quick access to these modes. Dark areas in the games are lightened up to increase visibility with the ASUS Dynamic Shadow Boost.

No one can hide away in the dark from your shots with this technology enabled on your display. An exciting piece of tech is the Asus GamePlus. This is a hotkey triggered game setting that offers enhancements during your gameplay.

This has been designed based on recommendations by pro-gamers, so this one is definitely something to look out for. Lastly, long, intense gaming hours aren’t going to drain and strain your eyes.

The Ultra Blue Light technology commendably reduces harmful blue light. Additionally, the flicker-free tech prevents any form of flickering that could harm your eyes.

  • Brilliant viewing angles of 178 degrees.
  • Nvidia G – Sync Compatible.
  • Asus GamePlus tech is a much-needed tech.
  • No speakers attached.

4) Asus VG248QG

ASUS 24" 1080P Gaming Monitor (VG248QG) - Full HD, 165Hz (Supports 144Hz), 0.5ms, Extreme Low Motion Blur, Speaker, Adaptive-Sync, G-SYNC Compatible, VESA Mountable, DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI-D , Black
  • 24 inch Full HD (1920x1080) display with an overclockable 165Hz (supports 144Hz) rapid refresh rate and 0.5ms (GTG) response time
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC technology removes stutter and screen tearing for the smoothest gaming experience
  • ASUS Eye Care technology with flicker-free and blue light filter to minimize eye fatigue

The Asus VG248QG is a good gaming monitor option at an affordable price point. It comes with an impressive 24 inches Full HD 1080p display. The bezels are super thin, being only 1 cm.

This provides a wide viewing experiencing while ensuring that the bezels do not distract your game. It has a surprising refresh rate of 144Hz, which can be overclocked to 165Hz.

This is pretty impressive as it will ensure that you experience no lag in fast-paced games with intense action. You will definitely command the upper hand while playing online shooters, racing, and action games as you will not miss any action.

The 0.5 ms response time is astonishing at this price point. Your shots will be more accurate than ever. Keyboard and mouse response will be as you expect them to be.

Say goodbye to image lag, stutter, screen tearing, and experience ultimate smoothness with the Nvidia G Sync. The adaptive sync technology syncs up the systems refresh rate to that of the display’s to prevent any form of lag.

This tech also prevents random frame drops and provides a seamless and smoothest viewing experience. The Asus Extreme Low Motion Blur is a special tech that makes your gaming experience fluid.

All the images are sharpened, and blur is eliminated. Fast-paced games will look better, and you will see more details in the images. Connectivity is decent on this one.

There is provision for Display Port, Dual-link DVI D Ports, earphone jack, audio in, and HDMI v1.4. This brilliant screen is mounted on a sturdy stand. You can swivel, pivot, tilt, and adjust the height of the monitor to your preference.

The monitor is also VESA wall mount compatible. You are guaranteed the most comfortable viewing experience, not just for your neck but also for your eyes.

ASUS provides an in-house Eye Care tech and Stutter free technology to reduce strain on your eyes and fatigue. With this monitor, you also get exclusive features like the ASUS GameVisual and Game plus. Each of them providing a lot of enhancement for your image mode and game control.

  • Super Narrow bezel of only 1cm.
  • The response of time of mere 0.5ms.
  • Asus exclusive technologies.
  • No speakers attached.

5) Asus VG278QR

Asus VG278QR 27” Gaming Monitor, 1080P Full HD, 165Hz (Supports 144Hz), G-SYNC Compatible, 0.5ms, Extreme Low Motion Blur, Eye Care, DisplayPort HDMI DVI
  • 27 inch Full HD (1920x1080) display with 165Hz refresh rate (supports 144Hz) and 0.5ms (GTG) response time Perfect to gain the upper...
  • G-SYNC compatible technology supported through DisplayPort and HDMI ports provides variable refresh rates for low latency...
  • Extreme low motion blur (ELMB) technology reduces ghosting and motion blur creating a fluid gaming experience

The Asus VG278QR is built for intense gamers who game for long durations. The magnificent 27-inch display has a 1080p resolution making it a Full HD screen. The bezels are narrow, thereby increasing the view area drastically.

You can view a lot more than usual with this one. The side bezel packs the quick control buttons with the markings visible from the front. On the back, you get a 5-way joystick for all monitor controls.

You are never going to miss one frame, even with the most intense games, as the 144HZ refresh rate can be overclocked to 165HZ. Partnering this with the 0.5ms response time gives you the complete overhand in online shooters, racing, and action games.

Your shots, mouse clicks, and keyboard hits will experience no lag on the screen whatsoever with this kind of set up. The G-Sync compatibility ensures there is no lag in the viewing experience.

The Monitor auto-adjusts its refresh rate to that of the GPU and prevents any stutter. With no stutter and lag, you will never miss out on any action: any more ghosting and any more motion blur in intense games with the Extreme Low Motion Blur technology.

Get ready for a complete fluid-like gaming experience with no mishits and shots with these technologies. The GameFast Input technology boosts up the input speed of your hardware compared to most other monitors.

This wonderful display is mounted on a sturdy stand. Motion is ample with it. You can swivel it for 90 degrees, pivot it around for 90 degrees, tilt it through -5 to +30 degrees, and adjust the height between 0 to 130mm.

Connectivity is ample with this one. You are provided with HDMI v1.4, Display Port 1.2, Audio in, Earphone jack, and DVI-D. Asus finally provides 2W stereo speakers to completely immerse you in your game without having to connect to external speakers.

The speaker provides an adequate audio experience. This is a great feature on this monitor. No stress and strain for your eyes as ASUS comforts them with the ASUS Eye Care. The No stutter tech, along with the Blue Light Protector, provides a comfortable display for your eyes.

  • 2W stereo speakers.
  • Asus Eye Care and other in-game techs for the enhanced gaming experience.
  • GameFast Input technology.
  • Unique design for the air vent and wire management.
  • Lack of storage due to the 256 GB SSD.

6) Sceptre E225-1658A

Sceptre E255B-1658A 25" 165Hz 144Hz 1ms AMD FreeSync gaming LED Monitor 2x HDMI 2.0 1x DisplayPort RTS FPS Build-in Speakers, Machine Black, Metallic Black
  • 165Hz 144Hz refresh rate pushing beyond the standard 144Hz, 165Hz gives gamers an edge in visibility as frames transition instantly,...
  • 1ms playing Fast action games and watching action adventure movies always require fast and accurate Pixel response from an LED.
  • AMD FreeSync with FreeSync, gamers now enjoy smooth video and seamless on the spot movement through their fast paced games.

The Sceptre is a brilliant budget-friendly option for intense gamers who are looking for a monitor that can match their intensity. The brilliant 25 inches Full HD 1080p screen has a super-thin bezel along the 3 sides with only a little thickness at the bottom.

You get maximum viewing area because of these bezels. Fast-paced games are going to be your throne with the 144HZ refresh rate with can be overclocked to 165HZ. No blurring of images and rapid frame transitions will be handled smoothly.

This gives you an edge over your competition during first-person shooters, online shooters, racing, and action games, as you will receive all frames accurately without any lag. Fluidity is a gift that you get with the 1ms response time.

The superfast accurate response by the pixel takes your action games and movies to the next level of the viewing experience. This quick response time ensures no ghosting nor blurring during intense and rapid-paced games.

The clarity and precision of the display’s response improve your shooting, keyboard, and mouse accuracy. You definitely will have the upper hand during online shooters and action games.

The AMD Free Sync prevents tearing, lagging, and blurring of images by adjusting and syncing refresh rates between the GPU and monitor. This stunning display is mounted on a sturdy stand that is VESA mounting compatible.

So set up the monitor that is most comfortable for your sight. Connectivity is decent enough with HDMI, Display, and Earphone ports. Finally, there is no need for external speakers to connect to your game.

The inbuilt speaker does a decent job and will immerse you in the games. However, do not expect the quality of an actual gaming speaker or an external speaker, but it definitely does the job.

To ease and enhance the gaming experience, the inbuilt Game Mode provides various pre-set modes to match the gaming scene. To keep your eyes free of fatigue and dryness, the Spectre has provided flicker free tech to prevent image stuttering and reduce eye strain.

  • In-built speakers.
  • 165HZ refresh rate along with 1ms response time.
  • VESA mount compatible.
  • No adjustment in the stand.

7) Sceptre E248B – FPT168

Sceptre IPS 24” Gaming Monitor 165Hz 144Hz Full HD (1920 x 1080) FreeSync Eye Care FPS RTS DisplayPort HDMI Build-in Speakers, Machine Black 2020 (E248B-FPT168)
  • up to 165Hz Refresh Rate: Pushing beyond the standard 144Hz, 165Hz gives gamers an edge in visibility as frames transition instantly,...
  • IPS Panel: The IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel cannot be beat when it comes to consistently delivering top color performance and sharp...
  • AMD FreeSync: With FreeSync, gamers now enjoy smooth video and seamless on the spot movement through their fast paced games. FreeSync...

This budget-friendly gaming monitor has a good configuration to support intense gaming sessions. The monitor has a 24 inch IPS display with 1080 p resolution making it a full HD gaming monitor.

The IPS panel constantly produces top-notch colors and generates sharp visibility. This also provides a wide viewing angle. The edgeless design with nearly no bezel on the three sides completely immerses you in the games and movies.

The almost no bezel display gets rid of any distraction caused by them. Even if mount an additional monitor is mounted, there will be no disturbance, and there will be a seamless viewing experience.

The 144HZ refresh rate that can be boosted up to 165HZ provides a smooth gaming experience. Fast-paced games will be rendered smoothly without any lag. There will be no frame drops and no tearing of images.

The super-fast response time produces accurate pixels to prevent any form of blurring or stuttering. Be sure there will be no ghosting of characters on your screen.

The Sceptre is equipped enough to immerse you in a super smooth-fluid gaming experience. The AMD Free Sync syncs up the graphic card’s frame rate to that of the monitor’s refresh rate, providing you a seamless, blur-free, and smooth gaming experience.

First-person shooters, online games, and races are yours to conquer with these techs that minimize blurring and tearing of images. Shots will get more accurate, mouse and keyboard hits will respond faster; overall, your gaming experience will become more fluid.

This brilliant display is mounted on a sturdy stand with minimum adjustment options. However, this one VESA wall mount compatible, allowing you to fix the monitor the way your eyes like them.

Connectivity options are done pretty well in this one. There are three HDMI ports that support 144HZ output and one HDMI/Display port that supports the 165HZ output.

The audio port enables you to connect to your speakers or headphones. Coming to audio, this monitor provides a decent in-built speaker. It is nothing great, and definitely, there is a need for external speakers to immerse themselves in intense games.

The speaker is decent enough for con calls and workshops. Your eyes will be safe during gaming marathons with the Blue light shift and stutter-free technology.

  • Edgeless display design.
  • 165HZ display output port.
  • Inbuilt speakers.
  • Minimum adjustment options.

8) MSI Optix G27C2

MSI Optix G27C2 27 Inch 1ms 144Hz Full HD Curved Gaming Monitor with Adaptive AMD Free Sync and Wide LED Anti-Glare Screen 1920 x 1080p
  • The curved advantage — This 27-inch 1800R curved MSI gaming monitor with Full HD (1920 x 1080p + 16: 9 aspect ratio) delivers...
  • AMD free sync — Adaptive free sync technology matches the refresh rate of your pc GPU to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering to...
  • Refresh rate — 144 hertz refresh rate delivers seamless, anti-ghosting action from frame-to-frame. Vesa mounting - Requires special...

The MSI Optix takes the gaming experience to a whole new level. The brilliant 27 inches 1080 p full HD display creates an immersive gaming experience. The slightly curved screen puts you in the center of all the action and blocks the world out.

Get yourself into the action completely with the 144HZ refresh rate on this brilliant curved display. A wide viewing range of 178 degrees enables viewing from various angles.

The ultra-thin bezel creates a disturbance-free viewing area and supports distraction-free multiple screen mounting. The refresh rate renders images quickly without any frame drops. Fast-paced games are handled well without any issues.

This, paired with the 1ms response time, gives you a complete upper hand in any gaming marathon. First-person shooters, online racing, and action are going to be your forte as the brilliant response time, and refresh rate increase your input speed.

Mouse hits, keyboard hits, and shots are more accurate and responsive. Getting the images first and with immense clarity puts you at a great advantage. The wide color gamut allows for more accurate and vivid color production, giving you an accurate representation of the scene.

The monitor being AMD Free Sync-enabled creates a tear-free image production experience. Blurring, tearing, and stuttering will be of the past with the auto-adjusted refresh rate.

MSI Gaming center provides 7 pre-set display modes to choose from to match the gaming scene accurately. And with the FPS Sight Toggle, your aiming is enhanced because of the front sight overlay.

This is a big benefit in games that have small or no crosshair. The display is mounted on a stylish and firm stand with minimum adjustments. It is VESA mount compatible but needs a special wall mount by MSI. Connectivity options are decent.

Get geared for gaming marathons, and stop worrying about your eyes. The anti-glare screen, along with the stutter-free technology, will keep your eyes away from strain and fatigue.

This is not it; the MSI Gaming OSD provides ample assistance while your game, and there are various on-screen customizations available to meet your visual requirement.

  • Curved display for immersive gameplay.
  • AMD Free Sync.
  • FPS Sight Toggle tech and various MSI specific features.
  • Minimum adjustment setting for the monitor.

9) Acer XFA 240

Acer XFA240 bmjdpr 24" Gaming G-SYNC Compatible Monitor 1920 x 1080, 144hz Refresh Rate, 1ms Response Time with Height, Pivot, Swivel & Tilt, Black
  • 24 inches Full HD (1920 x 1080) widescreen TN G SYNC compatible display
  • 144 hertz refresh rate using display port | Response time: 1ms. Input voltage: 120 volt AC, 230 volt AC
  • Height, pivot, swivel and tilt | viewing angles: 170° horizontal and 160° vertical

This is one of the best budget monitors you can hunt in the gaming world. It packs everything an intense gamer would need. The display provides top-notch visuals on its 24 inches 1080p full HD display.

The bezel is narrow and provides ample viewing area. The 144HZ refresh rate provides a lag-free imaging experience. Intense and fast-paced games will run smoothly without any frame drops.

There will be no tear in images, no blur, and no stuttering. Adding to this, the 1ms response time makes your shots more accurate, and keyboard hits more haptic. This response rate renders even the fastest transitions smoothly.

First-person shooters will seem easier since the content will faster than it does for others. The Nvidia G – Sync compatibility adjusts the monitor’s response rate to the refresh rate of the GPU.

This gets rid of all the lag and image tearing. The rich color production will definitely unleash the gamer in you. The monitor is equipped with two speakers of two watts each.

This means you don’t have to attach any external speakers to get into your gaming experience. For connectivity, you get an HDMI / MHL port, one Display v1.2 port, and one DVI port.

This beautiful monitor is mounted on an ergo stand that enables you with a lot of adjustment options. You can pivot it 90 degrees, swivel it, adjust the height and also tilt it. There is also an option to mount it because it VESA wall mount compatible.

This means the monitor can be mounted and adjusted the way your eyes love them. You will never get tired of gaming marathons. Acer packs a lot of features to save your eyes.

The low dim technology, blue light filter, and ComfyView enhances the screen’s light and keeps it safe for your eyes. The Acer Eye Protect’s Flicker-less tech doesn’t allow for any flickering and hence prevents eye strain.

  • The Acer Eye Protect Technology.
  • Nvidia G Sync compatibility at a budget price.
  • Ergo stand and VESA mount compatibility.
  • Limited ports.

10) Asus TUF VG249Q

Asus TUF Gaming VG249Q 23.8” Monitor 144Hz Full HD (1920 X 1080) 1ms IPS Elmb FreeSync Eye Care DisplayPort HDMI D-Sub, Black
  • 23.8-Inch full HD (1920x1080) IPS gaming monitor with fast 144Hz refresh rate designed for professional gamers and Fast paced gameplay
  • Asus extreme low motion blur (elmb) technology with 1ms MPRT to further reduce ghosting and motion blur
  • Free Sync technology to eliminate screen tearing and choppy frame rates

The Asus TUF VG249Q is an impressive gaming monitor with good specifications to meet intense gamers’ needs. It has a brilliant Full HD 1080p 23.8-inch display with an IPS panel.

The panel produces accurate colors with millions of pixels. Contrast and brightness are well balanced, and pictures look life-like. Fit between 3 super-narrow bezels, with the bottom one being a little thick.

This provides for a wide viewing area without causing any distraction during intense matches. Combing more displays wouldn’t be an issue as the narrow displays provide a seamless viewing experience.

The bottom bezel has 5 buttons for in-game control, on monitor controls, and turn on/off. Fast-paced games will be your forte with the 144HZ refresh rate. This loads fast transition without any lag.

You will definitely not miss any moment nor experience frame drops. First-person shooters, online games, and races will be easier to read as your screen will load all the fast-paced action superfast.

Bundled with the ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur tech, that gives a spontaneous 1ms response rate ensures no tearing and blurring of images. Your shots, mouse action, and keyboard hits will be more accurate.

No more ghosting and no more motion blur with this sort of configuration in your monitor. The AMD Radeon Free Sync tech automatically adjusts the response rate and refresh rate to provide a tear-free experience.

This also completely eliminates the choppy frame rates. The TUF is mounted on an ergo stand that is really sturdy. It provides the freedom to swivel, pivot, tilt, and adjust the height of the monitor.

A unique feature – the shadow boost tech enhances the viewing experience during dark scenes. The image is auto-adjusted, and the dark areas are brightened up without overexposing the brighter patches.

The best part is that you do not need external speakers to start gaming. The bundled stereo speaker provides a decent audio experience while you game or enjoy a movie. Do not expect it to perform like an external speaker, but it definitely does the job.

Long gaming marathons are yours to conquer. The Asus eye Care is a bundle of technologies that ensures that the display in no way harms your eyes. It blocks out blue light and prevents stuttering from preventing eye strain.

  • IPS panel for accurate pixels.
  • Stereo speakers.
  • Asus Eye Care tech.
  • Old tacky buttons on the bottom instead of the latest joystick version.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1) What is screen-tearing?

Screen tearing is when you see a partially new frame before the previous frame is gone. This happens when the GPU’s refresh rate is not in sync with the Monitor’s response rate. This was quite common in the old consoles and monitors.
The AMD Free Sync tech has solved this problem by automatically syncing the GPU and Monitor.

2) Why go for 144Hz when 240HZ is in the market?

240Hz monitors are definitely new in the market and definitely more powerful. They are so much faster but will demand higher-end graphics cards to render the images.

They generate better frames, but on the downside, they use TN panels that are known to have poor depth in color and bad contrast levels. It is better to go for 144HZ since they are light on the pocket and yet the IPS panels provide better images. The tearing is managed well with the AMD Free Sync tech.

3) Which is the better curved or flat-screen?

A curved screen puts you in the center of the gaming experience, eliminating all distractions. They also provide wider viewing angles. They provide a real immersive experience.

The flat screen, on the other hand, has a straight view and does not wrap around you. The viewing angles vary based on the panel. They are immersive as well but don’t make you the center of the gaming experience.

However, they are no specific merit or demerit to create a better choice. It is up to your personal need and experience demand.

4) What is overclocking?

Overclocking literally means to go over the time limit, i.e., to go beyond the component’s clock rate. This enables you to outperform the component’s capability and enjoy have a better experience.

Most monitors allow you to overclock a 144HZ refresh rate to 160HZ or even 200HZ. It is better to go for a monitor that allows you to overclock; this will ensure your gaming experience is never interrupted with frame drops.

5) What is the difference between TN and IPS panel? Which is better?

TN stands for Twisted Nematic. They use something called active 3D stutter to produce double the information and content compared to other panels. TN panels have faster response, are a little cheaper, and are mostly seen in 220HZ display.

IPS stands for In-Plane Switching. They produce more accurate color colors and better contrast. They are mostly used in the rendering industry because of accurate image production. They have an equivalent response time to the TN panel. They come slightly expensive and mostly available with a 144HZ display.

Final Words

The 1080p 144Hz market is really a competitive one. Finding the Best 1080p 144Hz Monitors in 2021 can be a real challenge, but it is worth it since you save money and get better image quality as compared to the 240Hz monitor.

The AMD Free Sync manages the image tearing problem pretty well, so you shouldn’t really face problems with the 144HZ screens. If you are on a tight budget and need a good one go for Asus monitors as they offer outstanding specs for a quite low price tag. If you have deep pockets, choose MSI.

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