Amazon Shopper Panel Review 2023 [Is It Worth Your Wait?]

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If you're keeping tabs on new ways to earn rewards online, there's a good chance you've already heard about the Amazon Shopper Panel. Regarding reward-earning platforms, Amazon is one of those names that instantly piques our interest for obvious reasons.

I mean, who doesn't constantly search their site for deals and place orders now and again?

But the question remains – is it worth your focus? This is precisely what I will answer in this Amazon Shopper Panel review.

The panel caught my attention initially due to its aesthetically pleasing interface and the promising offering of cash rewards.

It's relatively new in the market, having just emerged in 2020. But as a curious reader, I couldn't resist trying it, and today I'm eager to share my insights with you. With so many scam platforms, figuring out if joining this panel makes sense is essential.

What Is The Amazon Shopper Panel?

What Is The Amazon Shopper Panel?

As the name suggests, the Amazon Shopper Panel is an invite-only program with a golden opportunity to earn Amazon money or contribute to charities.

It's all about sharing receipts and answering short surveys to improve product offerings and enhance ad relevance.

You'll need to download the app on your mobile to get started with this program. Currently, the Amazon Shopper Panel is only available in the United States. After downloading the app, you'll join a waitlist.

Yes, that's right—a waitlist. Though this might initially sound intimidating, don't fret! Despite being a waitlisted program, many users have reported quick acceptance.

You'll be notified via email once you've been accepted.

Here's where it gets interesting: You can submit shopping receipts from not just Amazon but also from other places outside Amazon.

In return for sharing this information, users can earn monthly rewards.

The idea behind accepting receipts from outside Amazon is twofold.

It allows users to earn extra money and helps widen Amazon's understanding of consumer shopping habits across different platforms—even competitors—to enhance their product offerings and make their ads more relevant to shoppers like you and me.

How Does Amazon’s Shopper Panel Work?

Earning with the Amazon Shopper Panel is relatively straightforward. You must upload receipts of your purchases, and you get $10 in exchange for 10 eligible passes.

It's as simple as that! This balance can be used on Amazon or donated to a charity of your choice.

Occasionally, you also get the chance to participate in surveys and earn extra income!

The catch here? You can share receipts from all places—grocery stores, drugstores, department stores, and even entertainment outlets within the U.S.—except for a few.

Regrettably, Amazon places several of its stores on the ineligible list. This includes receipts from Amazon, Whole Foods, Amazon, Amazon Books, and Amazon Four Star.

To upload receipts, use the Shopper Panel app or email them to (ensure this email address is associated with your Amazon account).

Your submitted purchase data is typically reviewed within about 6 hours.

Remember—the more you share, the more you earn! But remember to count your monthly uploads since there's a cap of 10 monthly receipts.

Can You Join The Amazon Shopper Panel?

Can You Join The Amazon Shopper Panel?

The Amazon Shopper Panel, an exclusive platform, requires potential members to meet a few critical criteria. First, you must be 18 or above to get on board, and an active Amazon account is a prerequisite.

Everyone is welcome to join the waitlist via the 'Amazon Shopper app, but entrance into the program isn't guaranteed.

This is because your access is determined based on specific reward methods—the higher these are (encompassing receipt sharing, survey completion, and ad verification), the larger your chances of acceptance.

Check your eligibility when applying for different programs under the Amazon Shopper Panel.

Once you apply to join from the app or via email notification, you’ve placed yourself in line for a potential slot—which becomes available as the program expands or as inactive participants drop off.

Take note that inactivity on your part or non-compliance with panel guidelines might result in losing access. Always stay engaged and adhere strictly to guidelines!

How Can You Earn From Amazon Shopper Panel?

Now that you're familiar with the Amazon Shopper Panel, it's time to shift gears and focus on understanding the three primary means of earning from this program: Surveys, Uploading Receipts, and Ad Verification.


The first way of earning rewards is by participating in short surveys. Yes, it's as simple as it sounds!

Amazon regularly notifies panelists about available surveys around product preferences and shopping experiences. Rewards get credited directly into the user's account upon completing these surveys.

Uploading Receipts

Earning method number two is about snapping pictures of your purchase receipts and uploading them onto the app.

This strategy applies to your Amazon receipts and those from other retailers, making it a compelling reason to join this program.

It's a win-win situation where you are rewarded for improving Amazon’s services!

Ad Verification

And finally, we arrive at Ad Verification - an easy and exciting way to rack up extra rewards.

Panelists sometimes get asked to confirm whether they've seen specific online ads. Honestly, that's all there is to it!

What Rewards Do You Get On Amazon Shopper Panel?

What Rewards Do You Get On Amazon Shopper Panel?

So, you've signed up and been accepted into the program. You're shopping regularly and saving your receipts diligently. Now comes the all-important question: what rewards can you expect?

To start with, Amazon Shopper Panel requires you to upload ten monthly receipts to unlock rewards.

Earn as much as a dollar per receipt - this rate is higher than many other apps of a similar kind out there.

Yes, for every receipt you upload, whether from Amazon or elsewhere, you earn one dollar (up to 10). The process is simple: shop anywhere, save your receipt, take a picture, and upload it to the app.

This opens the possibility of earning potentially $10 per month or $120 annually simply in Amazon money which you can spend on directly.

Aside from this, there are also short surveys about brands and products on Amazon that pay.

Unlike typical market research surveys that might disqualify you after lengthy questionings if you don't meet their targeting criteria, these surveys are quick and straightforward, with just a few questions and no disqualifications.

Whenever these survey opportunities arise, you will receive notifications so you don’t miss out on any chances to earn more.

In terms of estimated annual earnings from the program (thanks to both receipts uploads and survey participation), users could earn between $120 to $150. It sounds like an ideal way to fund part of our holiday shopping on Amazon while discovering new products!

Amazon Shopper Panel Reward Option

The Amazon Shopper Panel is not just about earning rewards for yourself. You also have the option to do some good by donating your tips to a selection of reputable charities.

When you accumulate rewards using the panel, they are readily available to be used automatically during your next checkout on Amazon, or you can save them for future purchases.

You'll love this feature if contributing to a cause is more your style.

Upon signing up for the program, you can select from various charities such as The Alzheimer's Association, the American Cancer Society, The Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, Habitat For Humanity, and Feeding America.

Here's the best part: Amazon sends 100% of your money directly to your chosen charity. Meaning all proceeds from this endeavor reach those who need it most.

And what if you choose the Amazon Balance reward? You should receive it within 48 hours at the beginning of every new month, as long as you have uploaded at least 10 receipts in the previous month.

Through this program, there's a way for everyone to benefit and make their shopping experiences even more rewarding.

How To Earn More On Amazon Shopper Panel?

How To Earn More On Amazon Shopper Panel?

One way to boost your earnings on the Amazon Shopper Panel is by completing surveys.

The surveys are conveniently quick and usually only consist of 1-3 multiple-choice questions – they won't take up much of your time.

Completing these surveys will earn extra cashback, enhancing your total earnings.

Here’s a tip: Contrary to what one might assume, scanning more than ten monthly receipts won't increase your earnings!

Yes, it sounds counter-intuitive—the more effort you put in, the higher the returns—but this isn’t quite how it works here.

So there's no need to go receipt-crazy; stick to ten or less per month for a reasonable and rewarding experience. Your time will be better spent—trust me on this!

Is Amazon Shopper Panel Legit?

Every penny we invest in an online platform depends on its legitimacy, and rightly so. So, the question arises, is the Amazon Shopper Panel legitimate? In short, yes.

Amazon, the e-commerce giant we all know and trust, runs this program. It provides users gift cards or the option to donate earnings to a charity by simply uploading their shopping receipts.

Many users vouch for its authenticity, and you can find numerous positive app reviews and payment proofs online.

This fact helps reinforce the validity of this platform. One central platform where it's being widely discussed is Reddit, which contributed significantly to spreading awareness of this program.

Now let's talk about an area creating some unease among interested participants—the waitlist duration.

While reports suggest certain users get accepted swiftly despite being on a waitlist, others may have to wait patiently before they can start earning.

Interestingly, you might not immediately realize when your status changes from waitlisted to active within the program due to the app interface's subtlety — but keep an eye out for an email notification.

User Reviews

Let me share some reviews from users who believe Amazon Shopper Panel is legitimate and an excellent way to earn rewards.

  • Mary S. - "Amazon Shopper Panel " has been fantastic for me. I was surprised by how fast I got pulled off the waitlist. Now, I submit receipts, take quick surveys, earning every month! It’s fun, easy, and legit.”
  • Tim C. – “I am hooked on the Amazon Shopper Panel! Not only am I earning rewards with my regular shopping, but it also feels good knowing that my receipts can potentially help improve my future shopping experiences. Plus, the option to donate earnings to charity? A big thumbs up from me!”

From these reviews, it's clear most are having positive experiences with this program.

My Verdict On Amazon Shopper Panel Review

My Verdict On Amazon Shopper Panel Review

Since I started using the Amazon Shopper Panel, I've found that scanning my monthly shopping receipts can cover, if not surpass, the cost of my Amazon Prime membership.

Through this program, potentially earning up to $10 monthly is highly achievable. That's enough to offset your Amazon Prime membership fees and even have a little extra left over.

The beauty of it is that it offers such a simple and quick method to earn some extra money.

All it takes is snapping a picture of your receipt from any retailer, uploading it onto the app, and waiting for the reward credits to roll in.

I highly recommend trying this program if you're looking for some straightforward ways to pocket extra change or mitigate additional online spending.

However, remember that even with such programs, finding different avenues to maximize our earnings should always be on our radar.

So here's my sage advice: Combine the usage of the Amazon Shopper Panel with other passive cash-back apps.

Remember all those benefits you can reap from using your credit cards too!

By employing this intelligent strategy, you're increasing your chances of maximizing potential earnings while shopping - something we all love and do anyways!

Pros And Cons Of Amazon Shopper Panel

  • Quick and easy process to upload shopping receipts.
  • High earning potential ($120+ per year).
  • Earn free Amazon gift cards for regular shopping.
  • Availability is limited to the United States.
  • Long waitlist period before gaining access.

Amazon Shopper Panel Alternatives

If you're searching for some other options apart from Amazon Shopper Panel to earn rewards, here are some of the top ones:


Considered one of the top cashback services, Rakuten gives you up to 40% back on purchases from over 2,500 stores. Vendors pay Rakuten a commission for sending traffic their way and share the commission with its users.


Ibotta is a free cash back app that helps you earn real cash for everyday purchases when you shop and pay through their app. This robust mobile app has many cash-back opportunities at popular retailers and restaurants.


Swagbucks allows users to earn points called SB, which can be redeemed for gift cards and cash. You can earn SB by doing tasks such as shopping online, answering surveys, and watching videos.

Fetch Rewards

A mobile shopping platform like Fetch Rewards earns you points on every grocery receipt you share. Accumulate and redeem points on hundreds of rewards, including Amazon gift cards.

FAQs About Amazon Shopper Panel

Can I submit receipts from retailers outside Amazon?

Yes, you can. Diverse receipt data helps Amazon enhance its product offerings and ad relevance.

What are the benefits of the Amazon Shopper Panel?

You can earn Amazon money or donate to charities by submitting receipts and completing quick surveys.

Is the Amazon Shopper Panel available outside of the United States?

Currently, no. The program is exclusively available to residents within the U.S.

How will I know if I've been accepted into the panel?

Once accepted into the program, you'll receive an email notification from Amazon.

Is the Amazon Shopper Panel available to everyone?

No, it's an invite-only program. After downloading the app, you'll join a waitlist for potential acceptance.


To wrap up this Amazon Shopper Panel review, I'd say it's undoubtedly a worthwhile endeavor for online enthusiasts who want to earn extra cash or donate to charities.

Its prompt acceptance despite the waitlist is commendable, and its capability to accept receipts from outside Amazon massifies its appeal.

So, if you're seeking an effortless income supplementing opportunity or a simple way to contribute to charities while shopping online, then the Amazon Shopper Panel beckons you! Trust me; it's worth your wait.

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