Amazon Credit Card Review 2023 (Tested By Experts)

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A credit card is a payment device like credit cards (or debit cards), which uses the method of payment known as "credit". Credit cards are used by people to buy things on credit. It's just like borrowing money. The seller draws some amount from your account each time you use it until you repay that amount with interest.

What is an Amazon credit card?

Amazon credit cards can be used to buy anything from Amazon. However, Amazon does not provide you with a physical Amazon credit card. It only provides an account where you can keep your money and attach it with one or more Amazon accounts at a time.

So, if you have any Amazon cards attached already, Amazon credit cards can be used to shop virtually everything Amazon has. Amazon credit cards are only available to Amazon account holders, who have a payment method attached already. If you don't have an Amazon pay account yet, you just have to create one via the Amazon website first.

How do you apply for an Amazon credit card?

You simply have to sign up for an Amazon pay account by creating an Amazon account. Once your Amazon account is active, you can attach the Amazon payment method with the Amazon credit card application.

After attaching an Amazon credit card, you have to enter the credit card information on the Amazon website. This information has to match with your actual physical credit card data otherwise it won't be accepted by Amazon.

If Amazon finds your Amazon credit card application suitable, Amazon will verify your Amazon payment method and Amazon account. Once verified, Amazon sends a message to your email address or you can log in via the Amazon website to check whether Amazon has activated your Amazon cards for shopping or not.

Once activated, no additional confirmation from Amazon is required. Amazon sends you the Amazon credit card payment method details. It is your duty to keep Amazon credit card details safe and sound.

Amazon will never ask for Amazon credit card data and Amazon refund requests due to any reason whatsoever. So, be careful while sharing Amazon cards online or offline with anyone.

How to find the Amazon Credit Card expiry date?

Amazon sends messages to your registered email address regarding any changes in Amazon refund policy or Amazon payment option, so you better check your Amazon email account regularly.

Amazon sends an alert message to your Amazon registered email address before the Amazon credit card expiry date too, so you better look for that info from the Amazon website. In case you don't find any such alert, then there's nothing to worry about the Amazon credit card expiry date.

Amazon sends the credit card balance checker link to your registered email address one day before the Amazon credit card expiry date, so you better use the Amazon credit card balance checker link for Amazon refund inquiry if there's any amount left in Amazon account.

How to redeem Amazon gift cards?

Amazon's website gives you multiple options to redeem Amazon gift cards. Amazon sends Amazon gift cards code to your Amazon registered email address as soon as Amazon account balance becomes zero.

Amazon attaches Amazon credit card with your account automatically if you don't attach Amazon credit card/ Amazon gift cards manually. In the attachment message, Amazon gives each and every detail about Amazon credit card terms and conditions.

Amazon credit card terms and conditions

Before using the Amazon website or Amazon credit card you should know about Amazon refund policy in detail, which includes complete information about how much time it takes for Amazon to process refunds, Amazon refund limit, Amazon terms and conditions for Amazon refund, etc.

  • Amazon gives you certain rights and takes away certain other rights. You can't send Amazon money, sell/ buy Amazon products, or Amazon credit cards using the Amazon website. Amazon can't be used for sending Amazon money or Amazon products. You can only use the Amazon website and Amazon credit card for shopping at Amazon online store and nothing else.
  • Amazon doesn't give any warranty for goods received from Amazon, so don't expect anything like that from Amazon. You can't return Amazon gifts unless Amazon gift cards balance becomes zero. Amazon sends Amazon credit card terms and condition details to registered email address before attaching Amazon credit card with Amazon account, so read Amazon terms and condition details carefully.
  • Amazon gives you the right to claim a refund only when the Amazon product received is different from what was ordered, doesn't have any issue but you don't want Amazon product, Amazon delivered product very late or Amazon refused to deliver Amazon product. Amazon doesn't give refunds for Amazon products that are not in an appropriate condition, are damaged, or are used already. Amazon keeps the right to claim payment from you if Amazon requests it.
  • Amazon keeps the right to ask for additional details about your purchase when required. You can't dispute Amazon credit card payments or Amazon refund transactions. Amazon has the right to modify Amazon terms and conditions at any time, so you better check Amazon terms and conditions details before using the Amazon website/ Amazon credit card.
  • The age of the account holder should be more than 18 years in most cases. People having age below 18 years are not eligible for Amazon credit cards.

What is the credit limit for Amazon Credit Cards?

Amazon credit card limit depends on Amazon terms and conditions, Amazon purchase history, Amazon credit score, Amazon payment history, Amazon credit card usage amount, etc.

The credit limit Amazon provides may vary from one Amazon customer to another. It is based on individual Amazon customers' spending capacity and their repayment capacity.

Are Amazon Credit Cards suitable for travel?

Amazon credit card is suitable for Amazon shopping only. Amazon doesn't give travel insurance or protection plans, so Amazon customers can't use Amazon credit cards for travel purposes. Amazon also doesn't provide travelers' checks, cash advances, and cash withdrawals at ATM machines with the help of Amazon credit cards.

Amazon offers credit cards for Amazon customers only, therefore Amazon credit cards can't be used by Amazon merchants. Amazon gift card balance can be checked on the Amazon website easily, but Amazon doesn't provide any online travel booking facility with Amazon gift cards or Amazon credit cards.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Credit Card:


  • Pay Over Time:

Amazon credit cards let Amazon customers buy products in installments. Amazon Prime members can use credit cards for daily Amazon shopping with Amazon Pay without paying any Amazon bills until the next month.

  • Earn Rewards:

Amazon gives rewards points since you spend money on Amazon credit cards, so you can redeem your rewards points for Amazon gift cards or cash back. Amazon rewards points can be used to purchase Amazon products, Amazon gift cards, and Amazon coupons. Amazon also gives cashback or discounts for certain types of Amazon credit card transactions.

  • Easy Payment:

Amazon credit card payment options let Amazon customers pay their bills easily at any time as per their conveniences such as online through the website, Amazon mobile app, Amazon Pay, and Amazon bill payment. Customers can use the Amazon credit card payment option at any time of the day as long as they have enough Amazon balance in their Amazon account to make an Amazon purchase.

  • Use as a Personal Credit Card:

Amazon credit cards are like regular credit cards, so can be used for various Amazon and Amazon third-party purchases. Amazon credit cards can be used for Amazon shopping anywhere in the USA and abroad where Amazon accepts Amazon credit cards.

  • Security:

Amazon credit card is also safe and secure to use since Amazon sends a one-time payment code to your registered mobile number or email id before Amazon makes any purchase from your account.


  • Unsecured Debt :

The biggest disadvantage of using a credit card is the risk of going into "unsecured debt" if you don't pay your bill on time. Unsecured debt is a debt you owe that isn't secured by any collateral, unlike a mortgage or a car loan. Amazon customers can avoid Amazon credit card debt by using Amazon credit cards only for Amazon purchases and pay their Amazon bill immediately in the next month.

  • Scams:

Amazon customers should also be careful about Amazon credit card fraud because Amazon doesn't offer any Amazon credit card insurance or protection from unauthorized transactions from customers' Amazon account.

  • High-Interest Rates:

Some Amazon credit cards have high-interest rates. If you use your Amazon credit cards for a big Amazon purchase and don't pay your Amazon bill on time, Amazon may increase your Amazon interest rates. Amazon customers should only use their credit cards for Amazon purchases and pay their bills immediately to avoid high-interest rates.

  • Credit Score:

Amazon credit cards can affect customers' credit score depending on how often Amazon customers use their credit cards and if Amazon customers pay their Amazon bills on time.


Amazon doesn't offer Amazon credit cards to Amazon merchants, Amazon credit cards are only for Amazon customers. Amazon customers can check their Amazon gift card balance or Amazon Prime membership on the Amazon website easily.

Amazon is one of the most popular online shopping websites in the world with plenty of products to buy online. Amazon has a variety of features and services including Amazon Prime and Amazon credit cards which Amazon customers can use to save extra money.

Amazon offers Amazon rewards points, Amazon coupon codes, Amazon cashback, and Amazon bill payment options for Amazon customers to use with their Amazon credit card purchases.

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